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Fallout 4 Dead is Dead Thread

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  • April 21

    Legion said:

    Sneak attacks. Right. So it seems like our play styles are determining perk choice. I tend to fight from a distance without suppresors, and in the case of my current character...I have a really strange build with low survivability. No Lone Wanderer, no Strong Back - just Endurance with Cannibal at the moment, and Aqua Girl and Adamantium Skeleton queued up. I'll give your approach a try next time I die. 

    Also, did you take on Hammer during this challenge?? You got some clangers to do that. Especially without any sneaking.  

    While I'd like to claim I had "clangers" large enough to take on Hammer during a DiD playthrough, I'm not taking part in the challenge. My current character has died to bandit x10, Mirelurk x2, Mutant Hound x1, Myself x20 and all the other deaths that I've forgotten.


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    April 21

    Ok that was a tad annoying

    It was all going well. I was on my way to start Unlikely Valentine, walking through the ruins of Boston when I decided to take on the Trinity Tower quest and grab Strong as a meat shield for the many Triggermen down in Park Street Station. I carefully rose up through Trinity Tower, taking out Super Mutants one by one, and - feeling very pleased with myself - starting walking towards Boston Commons with Strong in tow.

    Suddenly we were jumped by a group of Super Mutants and all hell was let loose as Strong piled into the fray. Super Mutant vs Super Mutant frenzy!! In my attempts to NOT to lash out at Strong with General Chao's Sword, I failed to kill one of the hostiles and ended up being ripped apart by a Mingum wielding Super Mutant Brute.


    Name: 'Psycho' Sam

    DOB: 4/18/17

    Class Tag: Melee Chemist

    Difficulty Level: Normal

    Level Attained: 11

    Cause of Death: Got confused between Strong and random Super Mutant Brute that I should have killed

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    April 21

    aw man - good run...unlucky for sure

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    April 21

    Welp, I got too cocky too soon. Got killed by a Bottlecap Mine through a wall -_-

    I'm gonna stick with Maria for a bit longer, I'm quite enjoying playing her. 

    Name: Maria

    DOB: 18/04/17 DOD: 20/04/17

    Level: 12

    Cause of Death: Cheating Bottlecap Mine

  • April 21

    So I took another stab with Burke 2.0 last night.  Same build set up.  I made it the roof of the museum and had the bright idea to snipe a few raiders befoe getting in the power armor and jumping down.  So I sneak up to the edge of the roof and take aim with my .38 sniper rifle.   I'm immediately spotted by a raider on the roof across the street (I had no idea one was up there) he alerts his buddies and they chuck a molly in my face.  RIP Bruke 2.0

    Name: Burke 2.0

    DOB: 4/20/17 DOD: 4/20/17

    Level: 3

    Cause of Death: Molotov

    Current tally Burke-0 Molotov-2

    So do you guys have any strategies for dealing with molotov's in the early game in SMODE?

  • April 21

    Ouch.  Don't stand in the fire to quote my old raid leader in WoW.  LOL

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    April 21
    VATS or power armor would be the best bet.
  • April 21

    Amornar said: VATS or power armor would be the best bet.

    Yeah that was my feeling, i think i need to rethink my approach to SMODE.  I err on the side of conserving all my ammo and fuel and wutnots, i think in SMODE you need to take the Indiana Jones approach to combat (bring a gun to a sword fight) and hit with your strongest attack first.

    oh and you pronounced it wrong, in Boston it's called POWAH AHMAH!! ;P

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    April 21
    Lol yeah it's a very different mindset you need to have, especially in the early game until you get some good weapons, perks and armor.
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    April 21

    Legion - I don't blame you for sticking with Maria...she seems quite the endearing cannibal :)

    Vargr - damn yeah mollys in the early going are nasty. for that particular scene...I always command dogmeat to go out in the middle of the street to soak up attention. the sniping from afar is a good plan. the other thing to consider there is the raiders usually congregate near one of the cars. Tag it with your own molly and you'll def whack a few of those guys...which should trigger the Deathclaw...who will mop up the rest. Then run into the building and minigun his face. 

    The other point I made earlier was if you have the perk points, I do have a warm place in my heart for adamantium skeleton aiding in suriviving explosions. Just anectodal, but I think it's real. 

    Oh...and run! I'm at level 10 and just cleared hangmans alley. but it took 5 assault approaches and lots of running retreats. They were hucking mollys like crazy!