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    Profile: Idhea DeSele

    Idhea DeSele

    Basic Information
    Sex: Male...  more
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    Last Post by Vezrabuto
    April 12

    The Role Play Help Thread

    This thread is simply to ask/answer any questions about role playing in Skyrim and other TES games.
    Anyone can chime in with answers; the more ideas the better! Try to stay on topic as much as possible; threads like this can get unwieldy fast if a lot of ...
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    Last Post by Zonnonn
    May 23, 2017

    Quick Jump Into Roleplaying

    Hey everyone, ZonnoSpark here.
    Some people find the concept of roleplaying intimidating. With profiles and guides as detailed as we have here, many people might think it's hard to participate. That's why ZonnoSpark has compiled a list of discussions an...
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    Last Post by Zonnonn
    November 25, 2016

    The Basics of Roleplaying

    Hello My Hatchlings Dragon here with the first article of the group. After much deliberation I figured that I should start from the beginning and examine what exactly is roleplay, and the basics of every roleplay from beginning to end. While most of these...
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    Last Post by AllSpark
    November 7, 2016

    Skyrim Roleplaying - Please read before posting

    Hello dear reader, ZonnoSpark here, to welcome you to the Roleplaying group, the place of TamrielVault where you can find everything and anything related to roleplaying in Skyrim, character profiles and roleplaying guides.
    To keep this group as...
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    Last Post by Mook
    April 15

    Discussion: Soul Trap and Enchanting

    So, Enchanting.  Arguably the most useful skill, yet one I find rather difficult.  From a roleplaying perspective.
    Ever since Dawnguard and the reveal of the Soul Cairn and the Ideal Masters, I can't quite forget that trapping someone's soul is...
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    Last Post by GailOlm
    April 13

    Discussion: Ideas for Roleplaying Mages

    I have seen alot about How to Roleplay Thiefs and Assassins, but i can barely find anything about Mages. 
    So i created this Discussion for everyone to Chime in and post theyre ideas and Fun little quirky things they do. 
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    Last Post by Duvain
    April 7

    Discussion: Alignments - Lawful Good

    'Ello lads and lasses, ZonnoSpark +1 back with a cheeky miniseries here. This time its about the thing that many of our characters are based around, a strict guideline for what a character should and shouldn't do, and how they feel about it. Yes my friend...
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    Last Post by Loopdiss
    April 7

    Discussion: Alignments - Lawful Neutral

    Sup amigos! Another day another discussion, this one a continuation of the current Alignments series. We've had some great responses to the Lawful Good discussion, but now we're straying in a bit more of a... neutral direction.
    Lawful Neutral
    is the poi...
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    Last Post by Zonnonn
    April 7

    Discussion: Alignments - Neutral Evil

    Who wants another discussion? I can't hear you! We're leaving the 'Lawful' alignment in the dust now (nobody likes those goody-two-shoes anyway) and moving on to the more neutral persuaded.
    Neutral Evil
    So, why would someone be Evil, but also be pretty ...
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    Last Post by Loopdiss
    April 7

    Discussion: Alignments - Lawful Evil

    The third installment in the surprisingly popular Alignments series is a little darker than the others (or is it?), as we're now focussing on the
    Lawful Evil
    ways to roleplay. Is this the traffic rozzer who insists on pulling you over 1 mile over the sp...
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    Last Post by Overhate
    April 7

    Discussion: Alignments - True Neutral

    Uh oh, seems that I got so caught up in the real world that I forgot to post this yesterday. Sorry everybody! But now I'm sure you're positively shaking with anticipation of our newest alignement
    True Neutral
    Or Neutral Neutral for those who don't know....
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    Last Post by Zonnonn
    April 7

    Discussion: Alignments - Neutral Good

    Morning roleplayers! Looks like we're continuing our series (which we're over half with) today, this time we're going to talk about the 'better' side of the filthy Neutrals
    Neutral Good
    So what's up with these folk? Are they only out to do right in the ...
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    Last Post by Paws
    April 7

    Discussion: Alignments - Chaotic Good

    This is the point I'm excited for everyone, the time where things get a little more... crazy. We're looking at rules and regulations in the distance now folks, it's time to talk about
    Chaotic Good
    And if the previous discussions are anything to go off o...
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    Last Post by Zonnonn
    April 7

    Discussion: Alignments - Chaotic Neutral

    Ugh, seems that I forgot to post this on Thursday again, I blame... someone else, it's not like I was playing Skyrim all day and just forgot or anything...
    Anywho, we're on the penultimate discussion folks! And slowly bt surely we're slipping into darker...
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    Last Post by Zonnonn
    April 7

    Discussion: Alignments - Chaotic Evil

    Our 9 week series is now at an end folks! I think you'll all agree that some great points have been made and some serious discussioning has occured, and I hope that we're all a little clearer on what the chuffin' heck alignments actually mean now.
    But I'...
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    Discussion: Do you add yourself in Roleplaying?

    What's going guys and gals, Pickle Rick here and today I have a question to ask y'all. Do you add yourself into the character you Roleplay as? Now, if you have no clue what that means then I will gladly explain. What I mean by this is do yo...
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    Last Post by Dknight0404
    April 7

    Discussion: Which Class Do You Roleplay as and Why?

    Hello fellow roleplayers, builders, writers, and who ever else. Amadeus here and this week I wanted to discuss something I have been thinking while working on my next project. Which class do you roleplay as the most and why?
    To begin this discussion...
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    Last Post by David
    April 7

    Discussion: Why do you Roleplay

    Hello fellow roleplayers, Amadeus here, the +1 in ZonnoSpark +1, and today we will be discussing an important part of Roleplaying. Why do you roleplay?
    This discussion is one I began to ask myself while I took a break from this site to deal with real lif...
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    Last Post by Wulfhedinn
    April 7

    Discussion: Character Progression

    Hello fellow roleplayers, ZonnoSpark + 1 here to talk about a part of a character that often doesn't get talked about a lot or anyone puts thought into and that being: Character Progression. Before, we start I would like to give thanks to EbonSlayer for s...
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    Last Post by Paws
    April 7

    Discussion: Psychology

    Hello fellow roleplayers, ZonnoSpark + 1 here to talk about a massive part of a character that often gets overlooked and one that should be talked: Psychology.
    Now, you have thought of your character, their name, back story, class, goal, and such forth, ...
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    Last Post by Zonnonn
    April 7

    Discussion: Unplanned Changes in Direction

    Wag1 famalam, your friendly Roleplaying host Zonnonn here with another discussion for ya. This time it's about Unplanned Changes in Direction.
    Now I'm sure we all spend far too long planning our characters to a tee, ensuring that they have a certain path...
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    Last Post by Paws
    March 27

    Discussion: Mage Grimoire (Challenge?)

     I just thought of a RP "challenge?" thingy.
    So you play a mage, and take every Magic school, so everyone could specialise in what they like. Some may want heavy illusion useage others more Destruction focus but you still have the ...
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    Last Post by Loopdiss
    March 27

    Profile: Wingdin Gaster

    (this character’s theme)
    Three men stood inside a dim, circular room, and although wind and rain could be heard from outside, not even a breeze passed through the still, quiet chamber.
     ...  more
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    Last Post by Vezrabuto
    March 27

    Profile: Vezrabuto

    Name: Vezrabuto Schwarzbund
    Aliases: Scholar of the Dead
    Sex: Male...  more