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    Questions/Requests Discussion - POST QUESTIONS HERE

    Have questions about some of Skyrim's game mechanics? Post them here, and someone can link you to an existing discussion or answer your question for you.
    For example, I might want to know some good recipes for Poisons. Someone could link me to Dragon's Al...
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    Ordinator - T&T Desk

    Or something along those lines. This discussion is based around Enai Siaion's Ordinator mod, and seeing what we can do to
    a) Try and figure out what Tips and Tricks already posted in the group don't work with Ordinator and then see if we can get said tri...
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    T&T Suggestion Box

    Hey Tippers and Trickers!
    Have any ideas on how to improve the group? How about ideas for future Field Tests or Debates? If you do, then you came to the right place. All suggestions are given consideration, so post away!
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    September 11, 2016

    Tag List

    In order to keep things organized in the group, we have implemented a tag system so you can categorize your discussions based on what kind of tip or trick it is. The potential tags you can choose from are listed below:

    Exploits – Methods of ...
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    September 9, 2016

    Rules for Posting a New Tip - READ BEFORE POSTING

    Like the rest of the site, we at the Tips and Tricks group believe in making quality content. Because of that, there are certain things we expect of tips posted in this group, so please be mindful of the rules listed below.
    1. Make sure that your discuss...
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    Last Post by Paws
    November 19

    Ordinator Tip - Infinite Energy Shield

    Hey readers, it's been awhile but I'm back with another Ordinator Tip, and this time I have a fully tested tip for you based on one of my recent characters. It's a relatively simple trick, but when using it without even getting into Apocolypse, Imperious,...
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    Last Post by Mercurias
    November 4

    Is it possible to do 3,600 damage with a single dagger strike?

    Basically, I am looking to see if I have my Skyrim math right.I am thinking of a stealth dagger user (I've never played a dedicated stealth character), who also carries a bow for long-range strikes when needed.Her two main weapons will be the Razor of Meh...
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    Last Post by Jojobobo
    November 4

    Visage of Mzund, Necromage Vampire and Fortify Destruction

    So I've done a little searching, and as far as I know this has never been reported anywhere online - either on here or any of the other Skyrim related forums. Are you ready for it?
    Using the Visage of Mzund, the damage of the ...
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    Last Post by Forsaken
    October 6

    Necronomicon Vol. 3: The NecroGrind

    Hello and welcome back everyone.  For those new to the series you can find the intro and links to all of the discussions so far here.  Those of you who have been following along will remember that last time I said I would be sharing a grinding m...
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    Ordinator Tip: Firing up yo Flames

    Yeah, yeah, not the most amazing name but I want to keep it fresh sometimes :D Anyway, today I'm going to be looking into Flames and explaining all of the perks that directly boost the damage of the spell. What I mean by that, is that I won't be looking i...
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    Last Post by David
    September 11

    Ordinator Guide: Conjuration - Creating your Skeleton Army

    So it's been a couple weeks since my last Ordinator tip but I wanted to focus on this one because it pairs rather well with a build I'm playing at the moment (in fact it's the basis for the build). In Ordinator, the Conjuration skill allows you access a n...
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    Last Post by Legion
    August 29

    Ordinator Tip - Axe Combat

    This guide is just a quick look into the Ordinator perks that deal with One-Handed Axes or War-Axes. This might not be as in-depth as some of my other guides because I feel like Axes are a bit more standard, what works with Vanilla Axes is guaranteed to w...
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    Last Post by Relycs
    August 9

    Ordinator Tip - Bladed Weapons

    This post is really a continuation of my Ordinator Tip - Using Maces in Combat which delves into the use of the Mace Perks from the Ordinator, One-Handed tree. Today I'm going to be showing off Swords as well as Daggers, in my opinion Maces are ...
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    Last Post by Paws
    August 8

    Ordinator Tip - Using Maces in Combat

    This is something that I've touched upon in my Timed Blocks Tip, but I've been playing a character that uses Maces recently (sadly I can't fit One-Handed into the character) but I wanted to see what Maces can really do once you start perking up. I'm also ...
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    Ordinator Tip - Reducing Shout Cooldowns

    So as most people know by now there are a few different ways to get a 100% Shout Cooldown in Vanilla Skyrim by either manipulating Fortify Restoration Potions or the Werewolf form transformation, but with Ordinator, Imperious and a few of Enai Siaion's ot...
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    Ordinator Tip - Performing, Dancing and Drumbeats

    So I don't really have an incredibly humorous or, honestly I don't have any sort of opening statement that I can think of. Anyway, this is just part of my recent attempt to delve into the Speech skill of Ordinator. It's probably one of the two most intere...
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    Ordinator Guide: Utilizing Timed Blocks

    Timed Blocks are a fairly simple concept that pop up in a lot of different mods since...well I guess as soon as it was possible to script it into the game. The idea is to reward the 'turtle playstyle' (crouching behind a shield for 16 years) less and to e...
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    Ordinator Tip - Shrine Blessings

    So, remember those Shrines that you run across constantly? The ones that are used to cure yourself of Vamparism, let yourself shout more often or for RP reasons? Yeah, well what if I said that these are actually badass with Ordinator as long as you take R...
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    Ordinator Tip - Crusader's Fire, a Lesson in Burning

    First of all, I recommend you check out my comment in The Ordinator T&T Desk about Crusader's Fire (on the first page, sixth comment down) which has some useful information that forms the basis for this discussion. Basically what I'm doing is ex...
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    Ordinator Tip - Enhancing Warrior's Flame

    If you've been around for the last day (yeah, that's right, day) I've been making a bit of an effort to really delve into how Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim works and looking at how insane the various combinations within the mod can be abused, or well j...
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    Dragonhide, Offensive Defence, and Non-armored defence.

    Good day to everyone. It has been a while since I was active, so I decided to return to the tamriel vault with a comprehensive topic. I made a post similar to this when the site was still hosted by ning, however that was lost as I didn't transfer any of m...
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    Tip: Safe Storage Map, Uthgerd the Unbroken's House

    So for the new Skyrim Character Building Event, I opted to do a build based on Uthgerd the Unbroken and it wasn't enough for me to just run around, only playing with Uthgerd's skills. I had to BE Uthgerd. Hang out at the Bannered Mare, live next to Amren,...
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    Last Post by Ezekiel
    May 31

    The Blood Battery aka Demonic Reserves

    Hello and welcome (again) to another trick that can make your life/gameplay/stance-gameplay/no-Alchemy-no-potion-no-restoration-builds significantly better. Recently, I played around with the Rings of Blood Magic, powerful artifacts from the Dawnguard (V...
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    Last Post by Remnud
    May 20

    Trying an Illusion mage, seeking advice

    As I said in my topic title, I am trying an Illusion mage (Primary: Illusion magic, but I might throw in some Restoration and Alteration for Wards and Healing.)
    However, I've never tried an Illusion mage before, and I am considering:
    Health / Magicka / ...
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    Dawnguard Rune Shield Without Stamina Drain

    Hey there. Not sure if this has been talked about but thought I'd mention it just in case. When using the Dawnguard Rune Shield from a hotkey slot (left or right on the D pad for us console kids) the Sun Shield effect won't work if switched back...