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    Last Post by Meh
    November 16

    Travelers Guide: Commonwealth

    Welcome, traveler, to Atom's Sanctuary! This is a place to worship and gather the knowledge of all things created by Atom when he gave birth to this world in nuclear fire. If you're willing to contribute to Atom, bring back here any books or hol...
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    Last Post by Meh
    November 14

    Fallout Roleplay Help Desk

    For when you have a question that doesn't need a whole thread of it's own, this is where to go. Whether it be to ask for backstory ideas or just how to RP out something, go ahead and ask!
    Feel free to post your questions, and feel free to swoop in and ans...
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    Last Post by DeltaFox
    October 7

    Valentine's Detective Agency

    Welcome all to the newest addition to the Fallout Hub; your place for any and all Fallout related lore, game mechanics, tips, and tricks! Grab your faded fedora and trench coat folks, because we’re going to need some detectives for our new additio...
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    Last Post by Meh
    October 2

    Ask your Fallout Lore Questions here

    If you have any Fallout Lore questions ask them here.
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    Last Post by ProbsCoolerThanYou
    August 13, 2016

    Tips and Tricks and General Rules

    Tips and Tricks
     If your post does not meet the expectations below, it may be removed. In most cases, a warning will be given. However, if the infraction is bad enough the discussion or comment may be removed immediatly.*
     The Fallout Hub ac...
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    August 13, 2016

    Fallout Roleplaying Posting Rules

    The hosts of the Fallout Hub reserve the right to remove any inappropriate comments or discussions. If the infraction is bad enough, it may be deleted without warning. Either of the hosts will send a PM to the member that posted the comment or discussion ...
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    August 11, 2016

    Fallout Lore Posting Rules

     While browsing the Hub Lore Database the hosts reserve the rights to determine the pattern of logs they judge correct based on pre-determined rules. If a member sends a log incompatible with what is requested here, one of our hosts will put himself ...
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    Last Post by Meh
    November 24

    Fallout 4 Settlement Tips & Tricks (WiP)

    (Image Credit - Jug "Eden Settlement at Abernathy Farm"
    Copying this over from T&T into the Fallout HUB - I still want to develop this into a one-stop settlement tips and tricks shop. My hope is to turn this into a resource of tips and tricks as well ...
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    Last Post by Meh
    November 21

    Travelers Guide: Goodneighbor


     ...  more
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    Last Post by Meh
    November 21

    Fallout Lore: F.E.V Part Two

                       From then to today
    References: Fallout dialogue/gameplay/events;FEV research holodisk; FEV experiment holodisk; Captain Maxson's diary holodisk; ...
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    Last Post by Meh
    November 21

    Fallout Lore: F.E.V Part One

    Origins of the F.E.V
    References: Fallout gameplay/events; Fallout 3 gameplay; Disaster relief outpost terminal entries; Fallout dialogue; FEV research holodisk; FEV experiment holodisk.
    Credits: juhoham, on deviantART.
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    Last Post by Meh
    November 21

    Brains and Brawn--Robert House

    Brains and Brawn: Robert House

    enigmatic, all-seeing, and a relic of another time
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    Last Post by Meh
    November 17

    [SPOILERS] What were your most memorable Fallout moments?

    To some of the older members around here, it's no secret that I greatly disliked Fallout 4 when it came out. The interface controls felt wacky, the roleplaying possibilities were set in stone due to Nora/Nate's backstory *cough* Secret Origins *cough*, on...
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    Last Post by DeltaFox
    November 9

    Wasteland Bestiary: Gulper

    Call Sign: Scribe WillemsLocation: Far HarborAssignment: Operation Beasts of AmericaDate: 11-4-2287
    Beast Study: “Gulper” 

    The following is an account of observations made on the creatures locally known as “Gulpers”. When ...
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    Last Post by Paws
    November 7

    Fallout Lore Event: Beasts of America

    "To defeat an enemy, one must know him."
    -Sun Tzu
    To all Brotherhood Knights and Scribes in range! A new order has been issued by Elder Maxson. From now on, Operation: Beasts of America is in full effect. Brotherhood Command knows very little ...
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    Last Post by Amornar
    November 1

    Wasteland Bestiary: Hermit Crabs

    Call Sign: Senior Scribe Lyon
    Location: Far Harbor
    Assignment: Operation Beasts of America
    Date: 10-30-2287...  more
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    Last Post by Meh
    October 26

    Wasteland Bestiary: Deathclaws

    *The following papers and drawings were found scattered across Waypoint Delta, near the Glowing sea*
    Dear whoever comes and reads this,
    We were very successful on setting up a waypoint here to patrol the Glowing Sea to find the Nukes we need for Pr...
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    Last Post by FlamezSword
    October 26

    Wasteland Bestiary: Fog Crawler


    Call Sign: Senior Scribe MarlowLocation: Far HarborAssignment: Operation Beasts of AmericaDate: 10-17-2287Elder Maxson and Senior Scribes,
    As expected, both the diversity and tenacity of the beasts in Far Harbor varies sign...
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    Last Post by MaddMannatee
    October 16

    The New Host

    Your New Host:
    Hello there travelers, mercenaries and scavangers! I just wanted to let you know that you now have a third host in the Hub. The reason I took this position is that Madd has been offline for quite a long time and Probs can...
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    Last Post by Mottyskills
    October 2

    Roleplay Profile: METRO

    "This is the way the world ends.
    Not with a bang, but with a whimper."
    - T.S. Elliot
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    Last Post by Noodles
    September 24

    Looking For Screenies!

    I plan on photoshoping something new and I'm looking for something quite peculiar in Fallout 4. Does anyone know if there's a decapitated raider sitting on a chair put into the game?
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    Fallout 4 Dead is Dead Thread

    I've been wanting to get this rolling for a while, so here goes. A good old Dead is Dead (DiD) Thread for Fallout 4.
    The basic premise of the Dead is Dead thread is to foster community involvement around the game by starting a new character and playing u...
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    Last Post by Laurence Cooper
    September 4

    Fallout Tips and Tricks Question Thread

    Is your game bugged? Need help with a game mechanic and can't find it on the internet? Need help with a glitch or exploit in-game? Drop your question in the thread below to have it answered!
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    Last Post by Legion
    August 16

    A Dossier on the Giant, Three-Legged Metal Elephant in the Room

    Sentry Bots: Their Strengths, Weaknesses, and How to Fight Them
    Sentry bots are just one of many reworked enemies in Fallout 4, and man did that rework do wonders. Whereas sentry bots were just another robotic enemy in other games, they instead a...
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    Last Post by Mottyskills
    August 4

    Fallout 4: Automatron Glitch and Workaround

    So I'm sure that not all Fallout players will check out my new build I'm working on (lol) so figured I would share a finding with the masses here so everyone could see it.  This deals with an issue in the DLC, Automatron.
    The core feature of Automat...