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  • Contains mature scene!!   Shouting was followed by the sounds of barricades was being broken. A furious shout came as a heavy weapon hit on the wooden reinforced board. The strikes were wildly cheered. They had lost some comrades to the archers that still tried to stop them, but it didn&rsq...
  • October 8
    Posted by Delta
      And so, we finally get to the famed Legion sword, the symbol of the Legion. Despite its prevalence in popular culture, there never was the Legion sword; only a Legion sword for you see like the Legion itself, the design of the sword is adaptable to whatever the Legion might face. In fact...
  • Breakfast was kept simple, just a bowl of porridge with fruits and berries; anything heavier might upset the stomach. Usually breakfast in House Martellus was a noisy, chaotic affair filled with laughter and jokes but now, even a snuffed forge was livelier. Aeda couldn’t found within herself...
  • The crazed reaver came at him laughing for some blood lust. Teldryn grunted, changing his stance. He focused on the reaver. Judging the reaver’s poise, he was eager for battle, but if he had killed many the older mer wasn’t sure. There had been been such enemies before and those batt...
  • September 25
    Posted by Delta
    Spectres are immaterial beings that walk between planes of Mundus and the Aetherius. Due to their nature, they often require more than force of arms alone to vanquish.   ************************ Ghost   Arkay, grant them your protection; May they rest in everlasting peace. - Ark...

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