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  • Mon at 7:32 PM
    Posted by Sotek
        Kodlak awoke far earlier than usual. All night he struggled to sleep and found himself waking up every half hour or so. A few times he actually sat in the hall, watching over Red and Sotek while they slept. Last year he had some doubts as to whether Sotek and Aela would survive as a ...
  • Scarface kept up the fast pace up until the stables came in sight despite everyone’s screaming. In all, it took Bjorlam about an hour to arrive at the mine with the carriage. Scarface done the whole return journey in less than twenty minutes.   Scarface slowed right down for the last ...
  •     Sotek’s eyes slowly opened as they struggled with the mornings lamps. He reached over and turned the one by the bedside table down, so he could look around the room more. Beside him lay Aela, still asleep. Sotek watched her for a few minutes as she lay there. He went to lea...
  •     Hasir stirred and opened his eyes; Inigo gasped with delight as his tail danced happily behind him. Danica turned, saw his expression and laughed, "Inigo, calm down" Danica said  "...and stop chasing your damn tail for divines sake!" She yelled   Inigo turned beet red a...
  • After a few moments of staring at them, Vilkas called the Khajiit and Aela over. “Hey, Aela… Get your backsides inside. The Harbinger wants to see you both. Mainly to see that you’re both alive”.   Aela snapped out of her trance then walked to the doors. She paused...

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