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  • The Argonian turned his head and snapped at the dunmer a second time, "Calm down, don't rush me and watch where you're sticking that thing, Hssss!"   The dunmer stop, whipped his red haired head around so he was face to face with the Argonian, "Shut up or I will give you something to hi...
  • To prove Juleen was his uncle, he reached a clawed finger out of the cage and grabbed one of Hasir's claws, "By the hist, your claws aren't so small anymore." He said, chuckling.   He looked at Hasir's face with a knowing grin, "Yes, that is how I came up with your name, I heard that n...
  • As the Crimson Fang neared the isle of Akavir, a ship appeared out of nowhere like a phantom; at first Quinchal thought it was a Tsaesci ship. he couldn't have been more wrong. It was a brown ship with red sails upon it and, Quinchal had to squint to see them properly, were several grey skin...
  • December 26, 2020
    Posted by Hasir
    Angeir held the mask at arms length as if it were a precious treasure, he carefully studied the yellowish hue glimmering about the mask's surface, "Krosis is the dovahzul word for 'sorrow' although the enchantments on this mask do not exactly make him live up to his name. I do not ...
  • Ocheeva awoke and immediately shivered in 'her' room. Several wooden crates stood piled up in one corner and torn flour sacks spilled flour all over the floor. A cold draft was coming from the set of two windows set high in the stone wall that stood perpendicular from her bed. T...

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    August 26, 2020
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