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  •    Born in Bloodlet Throne, Falkreath in the year 16 of the second era, Vanik Ice-Heart was born to vampiric parent's and raised in the vampire lair until the age of twenty-eight. At that point, he was given a choice: either become a vampire or become another one of the lairs thralls. In h...
  • You have made the vows, a voice rang. You invoked Vendetta.                  Aeda knelt in her tent, alone. Like a shroud, the darkness crept around her, hiding her.          &nbs...
  • Hasir looked up to see the moon apeear above some trees off in the distance, he groaned and cursed Hircine as he did not want to change here, not now. It was too late as he fell to the ground and contorted, becoming more wolfish than reptilian. His mind had zoned out about halfway ...
  • He then proceeded to tell the two whelps and one companion about how he, Quinchal and Inigo were attacked by bandits wielding silver weapons, he explained how the moon came up and he changed before the conclusion of the fight, he also told them about Quinchal's gruesome demise. He left out t...
  • Aela just sat there, book in lap as she watched open-mouthed as the three nords ride back to Whiterun without them. Aela decided she would take charge of both the group and their predicament. Aela got up, journal in hand and walked to where the nord and high elf sat around the...

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