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  • Fri at 5:38 PM
    Posted by TheGreySon
    Ancient Blood Chapter 2 The Arrival     Avoiding the main roads, Jenassa cautiously leads her Master over the cold, harsh Jarell mountains and into Skyrim. After traveling all night, she finds a ruined fortress for Sebastian to take shelter in to wait out the day. "Master, I ...
  • Thu at 1:06 PM
    Posted by TheGreySon
      Ancient Blood Chapter 1 The Awakening     The date is the 27th of First Seed, 1E 219.  A Nedic slave girl gives birth to her Elven Master’s child; a half-breed, one of the first of many such children to be born. Human in appearance with Elven magic coursing throu...
  • Throughout the rest of the morning, Sotek boiled pieces of scale then set about the task of cooling them. He soon found that the quicker the scales cooled then the tougher they would become. Within a few hours, Sotek had a big bucket of water with ice added from the inn. Despite this though, the s...
  •   Hasir trudged miserably behind Kodlak up to the carved wooden doors and followed Kodlak inside. He walked over to the horseshoe table and saw Kodlak and Aela sitting before the firepit with arms crossed, beaming at him. Hasir screwed his face up as he saw the twins sitting be...
  •     Kodlak awoke far earlier than usual. All night he struggled to sleep and found himself waking up every half hour or so. A few times he actually sat in the hall, watching over Red and Sotek while they slept. Last year he had some doubts as to whether Sotek and Aela would survive as a ...

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