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  • The Argonian felt like he stepped into another realm; the grey stone walls seemed a farcry from the wood paneling he had seen in the abandoned house basement. He could only see a few inches in front of his face. He stood there, his mind reeling from the sudden abesence of light, st...
  • October 10
    Posted by TheGreySon
    Chapter Eight: The Betrayer      Lucina gets very little sleep waiting for morning. With the hunt for her father’s murderer at hand, she could not quiet her mind. When the sun rises, she hears movement downstairs. She puts on her guild armor and secures her room before go...
  • Hasir opened the east gate and stepped inside. He saw a row of white stone buildings with wood paneling running down the buildings' sides at regular intervals and two stone wall with a gap in the middle on the right which led to a wide area with a small grassy area.   The Argoni...
  •   The Argonian got to the the east gate of the city without any much trouble. He patted his horse, fed him a carrot that he got from one of the general stores in town and got onto the bay horse and sped down the cobblestone path toward the Imperial City. He decided against this...
  • Chapter Seven: Lucina’s Secret     It’s been a bit of a lazy evening at the Bee and Barb Inn. Folks are calmly enjoying their dinners and company until Lucina bursts into the doors.  People jump as the Imperial marches up the stairs. Keerava nods to Talen-Jei ...

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