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  • Tue at 12:48 PM
    Posted by Sotek
      The moment the large axes started to raise, Sotek used the ability of the whirlwind shout. He managed to shoot past the blades before they had even reached their full height, let alone start to swing down in their deadly arc. Once she saw that he made it through safely, Aela called out to ...
  • February 21
    Posted by Hasir
    Hasir and Ceralyne stepped into the cool night air. They both breathed the air through their nose and exhaled the air out of their mouth. They fell to their hands and knees as they tranformed into the wolf forms in the silvery light of the moon. Ceralyne's tranformation was easier than the w...
  •   Sotek, who had just been stepped on by his mate who, moments before had tripped him up, dusted himself off before recovering his axe. He harshly turned to Farkas and snapped out at the lumbering Nord. “Don’t you dare tell me it’s just ten bloody gold for a maid. Come on...
  • Aeda leaned on Certainty, a cool damp cloth pressed against her forehead. The stallion was restless, snorting and shaking his head from side to side as Artos inspected the belts and buckles on his saddle and barding. Artos was her lancebearer now – Gorggnak had to attend to the stall while Ara...
  • As Sigried lay on the fur in the tent next to her offspring, she dreamt of her wolf running free along the plains somewhere far removed from Solstheim. She was in HIS realm, the hunting grounds and she was hunting down Frea the nord, who has been given the dishonor of being picked as the har...

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