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  • Tue at 1:30 PM
    Posted by Hasir
    Aela got up a trifle unsteadily and scanned the chapel for the Argonian who had unjustly knocked her into the pillar. To her suprise, no one was there; everyone had gone into their respective rooms of the chapel, to do what? Aela didn't know. She walked over to the shrine or Hircine and...
  •   The Argonians boarded the boat along with Mere-glim, he put his tail in the water and eased the boat away from the dock, turned the vessel away and headed for Vvardenfell. Drujeeta and Juleen discussed the vision with Glim. The argonian said they should go to Winterhold because he had he...
  •   Mere-Glim smiled warmly as he piloted the boat through the rough waters they had hit after left the small island behind. The waves constantly bashing the sides of the boat ddi not to darken the Argonian's mood. He was just happy he can show his home to another Argonian who is not his b...
  • Sensing its job was done, at least for now, the black dragon fell dormant again. Quinchal lowered the hatchling to eye level and a looke of both terror and confusion crept across his face, "If only we had a hist tree here, then you would grow as fast as a tree." He chuckled as the Argonian ju...
  • The ship that was no bigger than a ferry maneuvered around the islands with impressive skill, so much skill in fact that it barely ran aground in the shallows that lay between the two islands. Hasie fussed nonstop in the basket that Quinchal had brought aboard. He wanted to tell Ha...

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