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  • 20 hours ago
    Posted by Hasir
    Aela just sat there, book in lap as she watched open-mouthed as the three nords ride back to Whiterun without them. Aela decided she would take charge of both the group and their predicament. Aela got up, journal in hand and walked to where the nord and high elf sat around the...
  • The sun loomed over the fields, hot and implacable.                  Waves of heat dried the water, leaving the air thick and humid. The fort smelt of baked earth and torn grass with no blowing wind to abate the odour. At...
  • Sheogorath, Hircine and Azure steeped out of the portal in a marshy section of the Hunting Grounds. They waded through the water and emerged on the other side, the two daedric gods sat in the grass talking. Azure slunk away from the group because he had caught a scent, it was a familiar...
  • The carriage crunched over gravel as it sped past open meadows with deer grazing, some even looked up as the cart rumbeld past them. Again, aela could feel the wolf inside of her cry out for food. Pushed it down as she had more pressing matters to worry about, her friend was fighting for ...
  •   Vilkas, having listened to Aela and Sotek snipe at eachother, groaned. He barged through the pair of them and systematically slapped both of them on the back of their heads. He then headed off down the ramparts and away from the fort.“Let’s get that bloody dragon before you two...

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