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  • Wed at 10:29 AM
    Posted by Delta
    They placed him on a litter.                  He laid there unmoving, breathing so slow and still that were it not for the Draught of Sweetsleep they administered, they’d not be considered hasty in declaring him a d...
  • December 1
    Posted by Gollum's back
    He was hideous, and he was alone. Orcs were never beautiful creatures, but this one, in particular, was especially vile. His features were indescribable. As a child, his tusks were pulled out, and his face was distorted, leaving it Gargoylian and sneering. The mask he work never came off.   O...
  • Aeda manned the bellows.                  With each pump the hearth breathed forth another wave of heat, drenching her clothes in sweat. From time to time sparks danced off the fire and struck her arm. For true, she wince...
  • November 26
    Posted by Delta
      ‘Five coins,’ Valnir said, dancing the coin in his stained fingers. ‘It’s five coins now. Times are tough, we’ve more of your kind than ever and what’s more – they’re willing to pay.’          &...
  • Before, Uncle Mark and Tarkus visited their tent between jousts. Uncle Mark shared snappy comments and dirty jokes as father hammered the dents off his armour, chuckling as he did while Tarkus chatted with Artos and Aran; Aeda even caught strange glances from the lad from time to time.   &n...

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