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  • Interlude   Excerpts from record four hundred twelve through four hundred forty-eight, Operative 4-146-4 Torako         412:                   I had originally intended to reserve any fu...
  • Chapter 20                         As it turned out, Francesco knew frustratingly little. Galathil prodded him with questions every day on the path back to the Imperial City, both while they rode and ...
  • Ciel’nn ate a spoonful of his nutrient full soup while his partner told him what had happened since his fall. Apparently the assassin had been certain of his death, and Ciel’nn didn’t like the notion of sparing him until Teldryn told him that he was needed to locate him with th...
  • Chapter 19                         Kelp yanked his spear from the Telvanni mage and leant to the side to avoid a green paralysis bolt. He pressed forward mechanically, methodically, before absorbing a...
  • July 7
    Posted by Delta
    Legionborn, comrades sworn – blood brothers of the sword, None more worthy to fight at my side! Only with you, I will fight to the bloody end!   Legionborn, comrades sworn – blood brothers of the sword, Bulwarks of the eternal Empire! Our duty is to protect, and protect we s...

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