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  • 4 hours ago
    Posted by DeltaFox
    FALLOUT: METRO Chapter 1: Heavy Breath   "Artyom?" a womens voice asked. "Where are you, my son?"   A boy came from under the bed. "I'm here." he said.   "What are you doing there?" she asked.   "I thought you were a Molerat." the boy said.   "Did Angelo tell you ...
  • Tue at 2:07 PM
    Posted by DeltaFox
    "Crawl on through the fallout and see the light at the end of the tunnel."   This is a story of Artyom, a man living deep in the underground subway systems of the Commonwealth. He and his people are known on the surface world as Metros, living legends and best to hire if you want something...
  • Mon at 2:05 PM
    Posted by Delta
      Delivering the lance was but one of a lancebearer’s many duties. A lancebearer was a knight’s attendant tasked with maintaining a knight’s welfare during a tourney; polishing the rust off their armour, making sure their equipment was well and proper, bringing them food an...
  • He woke up on Teldryn’s chest with his head tucked under the still asleep mer’s chin and one strong hand around him. He lay there, unmoving, but relaxed, and listening to his partner’s heart beat. Ciel’nn savored the nearness of his partner as one strong arm rested on his...
  • November 1
    Posted by Delta
    She gazed deeply into that face. Coal-black hair covered that face as finely as a mop would; messy and wet. The eyes, a dark shade of brown, so unremarkable that even she had forgotten about it – the same went with the mouth, nose and ears; they were as Imperial as they came. All unremarkabl...

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