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  • When Hasir worked his way around the same curved section of stone wall he had seen twice before, he went through another door and found himself in a bustling marketplace with signs hanging from shops on both sides that were bisected by a cobbleroad running down the center. As he navigat...
  • September 26
    Posted by TheGreySon
    Chapter Six: A Gajul-Lie         Relaxing in her room, Lucina savors one of the house's special drinks, Velvet LeChance, as she flips through some of the old parchments from her nightstand. She is disturbed by a knock at the door. She quickly wraps up the bundle and ...
  • September 14
    Posted by TheGreySon
      Chapter Five: Windhelm      The carriage ride to Windhelm was uneventful. Not surprising as Lucina was the only passenger. After passing several guards spouting off about how she should join the Stormcloak Rebellion, she rents a room at the Inn, Candlehearth Hall, near ...
  •   Walk with the Shadows Chapter Four: Whiterun     After completing a few jobs for the Guild in Solitude, capital of Skyrim to the far North West of the province, Lucina returns to Riften. A quick stop in at the Bee and Barb to check on her stash and she makes her way t...
  •   Walk with the Shadows Chapter Three: Goldenglow Heist    It’s been two days since Lucina was given the task of breaking into Goldenglow Estate from Mercer. She got what information from the guild that she could and has been testing the Island’s defenses. Armed ...

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