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  • As the carriage traveled over cobblestone, Inigo relaxed his hands and turned to Affraji, "Ermmm... my friend, where are we going again?" Affraji shot Inigo a furious look which made the blue khajiit recoil somewhat. "Figure it out yourself, moron." She yelled, sniffing in defiance. Inig...
  •   Ocheeva looked up at him and nodded slowly, "I know that, it is decided then, we, both of us, will find and kill Shaleez, that Nalpa-Rormasu." Hasir looked in fright as her face   twisted into an expression very different from her usual carefree expression; one that made Hasir'...
  •   Ocheeva eyed him as a dog would look at its master when confused. Hasir got up and beckoned to her,  "The hunt for the black hand Argonian begins." Ocheeva stared at him, almost staring through him, "You and I killed several black hand members in self defense, but Shaleez and ...
  •   Hasir's unconscious mind lay black for the longest time, and then light blossomed into his mind; along with an endless field of green with a pond at the very end of the field. Hasir felll onto the field, face first. he got up, groaning as he did so and saw that he fell before a st...
  •   Hasir stood there, mulling over what had just happened it his mind. The Argonian surveyed the room with eyes like crystalized water until he spotted the speaker struggling against the wolf Ocheeva had become. He quickly ran to his aid; he tried freeing Mai's sharp fangs from the flesh ...

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    November 17, 2020
    Hi All,
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