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  • 5 hours ago
    Posted by ilanisilver
    Kaidan strode blindly through the woods. Birch branches swinging in the river’s breeze whipped at his face and chest, but he didn’t slow. Closer to the river, midges swarmed around his nose and eyes, but Kaidan didn’t raise a hand to wave them away.   Ten years he’d ...
  • Chapter 22                         It was a duel between masters and over in seconds, each second an eternity.                &n...
  • Thu at 5:24 PM
    Posted by ilanisilver
    Four days since the storm, four days with no word from anyone but the Largashbur orcs, and Livia was starting to feel the least bit isolated. She’d always considered her little slice of the Treva Valley charming for all its solitude and hushed wilderness, not to mention its distance from Rif...
  • Tue at 5:11 PM
    Posted by Caladran
    The storm seemed to ease up, but there was still something that made the young mer doubtful about how long it would last. They were heading back to Raven Rock and both mers kept an eye on the path ahead. The scene with the two creatures fighting still haunted the young mer. One of the creatures ...
  • Tue at 5:01 PM
    Posted by Hasir
    Regardless of whether or not it was a trap set up by Vajhira, both of the wolves went in. Once inside they found themselves in the antechamber, the main room.  When Acallia entered the cave, She noticed that the entry looked like half cave and half stately manor. She emerged from the sma...

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