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Since this is an interactive site, your comments and contributions are welcome. We ask everyone who participates here to abide by a simple set of guidelines that are set out below. This is to protect the unique ethos of this community - based around sensible, supportive and reasoned discussion.

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-*Do not spam the site! As soon as we see someone spamming content unrelated to the site, we delete them immediately and block their IP from signing up again. So don't waste your time - or ours.
-We don't like trolls on this site. If you come here specifically or exclusively to troll or make a nuisance of yourself, you and your content will simply be deleted without warning.
-Be polite. This is a friendly, 'grown up' site, and we don't tolerate excessive rudeness. If you are actively attempting to offend another member, host, or admin, your posts will be edited or deleted with a notification.
-Do not post anything 'off topic' or divert the thread onto other subjects. Start a new topic. If you find interesting Skyrim information, do not just randomly post it on a thread. Instead create a forum post or discussion in the relevant group to share it with the community here.
-*Do not post images or links of a pornographic nature, or anything that contains links to or attempts to endorse illegal activities.
-Swearing is usually permitted, but posts with swearing directly insulting another member or racial/sexual slurs will be removed or edited without warning.
-Please keep discussions and statuses appropriate for the site. This is a place to discuss Skyrim, video games, and to have casual, friendly conversations. This is not the place to discuss political, religious or social issues.
-Any discussions deemed to be too political or controversial in nature, will be deleted.

In addition, here are some notes about the rules:

-Feedback of the site is welcomed. You are encouraged to post your concerns in the feedback thread where your issues will be addressed. You can also post any concerns that you have with how your content has been dealt with by a Host or Admin.
-If a member comes to a Host or Admin with a complaint about content that offends them, it will be reviewed. If it breaks any of the above rules, it will be deleted/edited with a warning.
-Site Hosts and Admins reserve the full right to enforce these rules when needed. If we believe these rules have been broken in any way, we will take swift action.
-All information on The Tamriel Vault, whether it is private or not, is eligible for review at the discretion of the Administrative Team.

You need to abide by these guidelines at all times. If you do, all will be well. But if you transgress, then expect site hosts to remove your content (or more seriously, yourself) from The Tamriel Vault.