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  • Furrion 17 Hmm I just came across a dungeon I don't think I'd ever done before which is a testament to Skyrim cause I've been playing it since the start of 2012. Has anyone come across Valthume and it's dragon priest Hevonoraak. It's got a good quest and is really quite eerie to explore, would def recommend it. It's in the Reach due west of Arkngthamz.
    April 9
  • BlueDremora I dont get how to upload to the community photo reel, even after reading the tutorial lol! Plz help a little blue dremora! :P
    March 29
  • Wulfhedinn I'd like to ask quickly; can you upload images that take up the entire screen, or are they always shrunk?
    April 19
  • Gollum Anybody seen that Solomon Kane movie?
    April 17
  • Golden Fool I have a question for our ESO players, who plays on the PC NA server?
    March 21
  • Mhysa Ren I've finally gotten my sister into video games, and she hasn't played anything but Skyrim since January. Oops? ^^
    5 hours ago
  • Dragonborn1921 Oops...ah well, the more the merrier :D
    April 13
  • Chris H. Oops typo, can't change discussion topic titles... Oh well i guess lol
    January 16
  • DeltaFox Just got an invite to the Summerset beta. Will join as soon as I can and give some information. Cant spoil the story tough.
    April 20