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  • Paws Apparently it's National Trivia day. Who knew?
    January 4
  • Caladran Chapter finished! Hopefully I can post it soon. :)
    June 12
  • Furrion 17 *Sighs* I remember why I stopped playing FO4. God damn it I hate Downtown Boston, can't walk 10 meters without a crash :(
    June 8
  • Sotek Awwwooo to one and all. It is I with absent paw. Not absent for much longer. Will be about in TV and the pack in TSC from Tuesday ( in one form or other: I know some will have pitchforks and torches awaiting my worthless treadding paws). Oodmoon rises dear wolf brothers and wolf sisters...... Hircine calls once more.
    June 16
  • Golden Fool This week's features are up, for your viewing pleasure we have some more Fallout 76 discussions, two new Skyrim builds and the Making of Fallout 76 NoClip Documentary.
    Tue at 1:56 AM