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  • Cannon Is it even possible to start a new discussion on mobile?
    February 11
  • Gormec the Forsaken One So I'm in the midst of a intense Sera build, heavily focusing destruction and other magic skills. But also trying to focus light armor and one handed so I don't rely on magika. So question is, do you guys think the Lovers Stone (15% faster skill leveling to all skills) is sufficient enough to cover the skills I'm working on? As opposed to a 20% in a specific field (standing stones).
    February 16
  • Wulfhedinn Building my oldrim modlist as I'm typing this!
    8 hours ago
  • Golden Fool It took a couple of attempts, I'm starting to enjoy KOTOR :D
    December 20, 2017
  • Zonnonn Sorry to clog up the feed with non-Skyrim stuff, but I'd just like to say that it's my 18th birthday today!
    January 22
  • Caladran I finally managed to start writing the new story, and I hope to finish the first chapter tomorrow. (*)
    Mon at 3:57 PM