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  • Dragonborn2021 Damn, did they nerf the shit out of Knight-Enchanter's in DA: I? I swear the Spirit Blade ability used to be off the charts but now it's...just kinda mediocre. Ah well, been having quite a fun time playing through the game as a Mage, still testing what type of character I want to be (Offensive/Defensive/Support/Healing) but I like my options for any of them. There's actually some really nice stuff in the game that I'm enjoying a lot more now. I do have to say that the Companions just aren't Origins/2 levels of fun, I have no issue sticking with Iron Bull, Cassandra and Varric and ignoring everyone else (though Dorian is kinda fun and I do like the idea of Cole, just not the character so much). Dunno just feel that the rest are either overbearing or just boring. You compare that with the impossibility of picking a follower in Origins (I loved all the Companions in that game) and even 2 having Varric, Bethany, Isabela, Fenris and Merill...Oh and I quite liked Anders but I could skip him.
    October 11
  • Golden Fool With got some new features up so check them out when you get the chance :D
    October 12
  • Caladran At Morthal. Teldryn: Ugh, what a retched place. Why would anyone live in the swamps? It's disgusting! Ciel'nn: Well, there are deathbells around, Teldryn. It have to count for something, right? Teldryn stares for a moment and Ciel'nn smirks.
    Mon at 10:17 AM
  • Paws Apologies for the technical difficulties, folks. We're on it and should have it sorted in a jiffy :)
    August 22
  • Steezy Baby I miss writing. I've been thinking about writing another fan fic.
    11 hours ago