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  • Blaine Does anyone know of some good weapon/armor mods for the PS4 edition of Skyrim? I just picked up the special edition and I haven't played in ages.
    September 29
  • Paws Yay, I just got promoted in my ESO Guild :D The Lion's Coven on the XBL NA Server. I joined them ages and ages ago as they seemed a friendly and no-pressure guild suited to a total newb like me :D We're after our Guild Trader this week, which would be awesome if we get as I can then sell through it and hopefully get a Vivec statue for my pad :D
    November 29
  • Gollum Anybody celebrating Hanukkah?
    9 minutes ago
  • Paul The December poll, as always, will be our Game of the Year poll! Nominations for poll candidates please...
    November 29
  • DeltaFox Does one have to get Morrowind to play Clockwork City?
    December 5