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  • Fallout Character Building is a place for creative people to share any Fallout characters that they have played.
    Host: Motty Skills and Noodles.
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    Last Post by Laurence Cooper
    November 24, 2020

    Build Recommendations

    This is a place where people can ask for suggestions of new builds to play regarding Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 - hopefully it'll spread awareness of some which have got lost under the weight of numbers, and save us from having to rifle through everythi...
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    Last Post by Jourell
    March 13, 2020

    Fallout 4 Character Building Template

    The goal of this post is to guide builders toward a measure of continuity on the Vault when presenting Fallout 4 Character Builds. Similar to our Elder Scrolls CB template, use this format as a guide. Feel free to stray where you character and presentatio...
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    August 5, 2018

    Group Helpdesk

    Welcome to the Group Helpdesk.
    Here you can ask questions about Fallout to gather ideas and advice from other players and start general discussions about the game. This area will also serve as a directory to link to other areas of this site and...
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    Last Post by Mottyskills
    August 5, 2018

    Fallout Character Build Spotlights: Archives

    Gather round Vault Wanderers! Some of our very best, unique and interesting character builds are on display here in the Archives of Character Build Spotlights!
    These spotlights are compiled for the purpose of helping people see how much variety and cre...
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    Last Post by Mottyskills
    June 15, 2018

    The Fallout Character Build Archives

    Welcome to The Fallout Character Build Archives! On this page all of the group's character builds can be navigated quickly through our tag network. Builds found here are specialized by game and playstyle so you can refine your search and find the perfect ...
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    Last Post by FlamezSword
    October 1, 2017

    The Fallout Mecha - Armor Combo Catalogue

    Greetings vault dwellers and welcome to the fabulous world of...

    This topic's goal is to have people post screenshots in the comments of their favorite Fallout armor combos, power armor combos and modded robot combos.
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    Event Build: Wynonna Earp (FO4)


    Heir of the great Wyatt Earp, Wynonna had a childhood troubled by demons. Believing the Earp line was cursed to be haunted by the outlaws that Wyatt Earp put down decades ago. Her paranio accumulated during an incident that resulted in h...
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    Character Build: Domino (FO4)

    What started as a sexy female sniper class escalated into a character that just seemed to become more and more interesting the longer I kept playing. For this build I attempted to breathe a little more action into this ranged stereotype by combining two o...
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    Last Post by TheVampyreKing
    September 16, 2021

    Character Build: The CyberPunk (FO4)

    <000> string class = new string („Stealthy VATS Hacker Sniper & Skull Basher”) --- 
    <001> cbrpnk_t cyb3rpunk(class) --- 
    <002> cyb3rpunk::description.initAndDisplay() ---&nb...
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    Last Post by DieCaos
    November 15, 2020

    Bloodhound (FO4)

    hi guys this is my first creation, I hope I have not made many mistakes, I present to you...
    the hunter of the gods...  more
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    Last Post by Noodles
    August 22, 2020

    Character Build: The Atom Witch (FO4)

     The Atom Witch 
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    Last Post by Arius
    December 27, 2019

    Character Build: Curie's Progeny (FNV)

    The courier work was all well and good when the jobs through Hopeville were still coming in, to justifying the frequent stops there for research. When the work from Hopeville suddenly stopped, it got a whole lot more expensive to travel that way, especial...
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    Last Post by Noodles
    October 18, 2019

    Character Build: The Animaniac (FO4)

     The Animaniac 
      Class Type: Psychotic Raider Shotgun Blasting Beast Master
      Inspired By: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, Happy Tree Friends, the meaning of "Kingdom Come" and if the name didn't give it away, that ol...
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    Last Post by SpookyBorn2021
    September 3, 2019

    Character Build: John Wick (FO4)

    "John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will... something you know very little about. I once saw him kill three men in a bar... with a pencil, with a fucking pencil. Then suddenly one day he asked to leave. It's over a woman, of course. So I made a d...
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    Last Post by DiabloSaint
    July 21, 2019

    The thug

    The thug is a no-nonsense man who only cares about 3 things: bullets, money, and power. A rough past combined with street smarts and being fully educated in the school of hard knocks created a man who will take whatever and kick the ass of whoever he has ...
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    Last Post by Mottyskills
    March 1, 2019

    Character Build: The Black Dragon

    A little foresight into this build- I don’t have access to the game currently but had this idea for a character, so this is NOT playtested. Just a thought I had. I also am new so any feedback would be appreciated. Now that that is out of the...
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    Last Post by TheVampyreKing
    February 28, 2019

    Character Build: The Black Widow (FO4)

    I would like to start by crediting and thanking the authors of the builds that inspired me. Flying Shoe (T...
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    Last Post by Noodles
    February 19, 2019

    Character Build: The Neuromancer (FO4)

     The Neuromancer 
    ##Neuromancer - Noun.
    >>Definition: an individual trained in neuromancy; Neuromancy (not to be confused with necromancy) is the practice of altering one's perception through sheer willpower via telepath...
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    Last Post by Ragin Cajun
    December 20, 2018
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    Last Post by Tolveor
    December 3, 2018

    Event Build: They call him, “Raven” (FO4)

    Research Log
    Nathan “Raven” Carlick
    Knight – Brotherhood of Steel
    General of a Commonwealth militia group, The Minutemen
    Elder Maxon: I have compiled a comprehensive report, including all known documentation of the aforementioned sub...
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    Last Post by TheVampyreKing
    November 26, 2018

    Event Build: The Samurai (FO4)

     The Samurai
    Class Type: Power Armor Samurai & Automatron Builder
    Inspiration: Samurai Jack, Full Metal B!tch (Edge of Tomorrow), Seven Samurai
    Description: After having spent a total of over two+ in game days on playing, building the ulti...
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    Last Post by Noodles
    October 18, 2018

    Event Build: The Peacemaker (FO4)

     - The Peacemaker - 
      - Class Type: Institute Western Unstoppable Murder Machine – Gunslinger & Sharpshooter
      - Inspired By: Westworld; Terminator T-800; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (mainly...
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    Last Post by tirrene
    October 8, 2018

    Character Building Event: West Virginia Boot Camp

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    Last Post by Ragin Cajun
    August 11, 2018

    Character Build: The Predator (FO4)

    I really enjoyed my Brotherhood build and now that it's finishing up I started looking at my next idea for a Fallout build.  Like many of my early Skyrim builds, this actually got it's genesis from one of the best...Mason.  Not so much his chara...
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    Last Post by Chris
    August 8, 2018

    Character Build: The Saint (FNV)

    Let our Cleansing Fire burn the wasteland, and leave only the pure.
    Let our Holy Wrath demolish the weak, and leave only the deserving.
    Let our Untainted Anger eradicate the corrupted, and leave only the righteous.
    For the Enclave! For the Saints!
    - O...