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  • Welcome to the new home of all-things Fallout 76 in the Vault!

    Over the next few months we'll be adding news, discussion, lore, speculation, videos and ideas about how we can make the most of Bethesda's exciting new online world.

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    Last Post by Mirric
    July 9

    POLL Fallout 76 Platform

    We have our first group poll here in the Fallout 76 group.
    We are asking 'What platform will you play Fallout 76 on?'. Simple! And you can add comments to the poll as well. There's no time limit on the poll, it will remain open permanently so that as new...
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    Last Post by Paul
    July 4

    Welcome to Fallout 76

    Welcome to the Fallout 76 group - the NEW home of everything to do with Fallout 76 in the Tamriel Vault.
    I'm your launch host, Paul, and over the next weeks and months I'm going to be adding posts in the group to help us get informed, excited and prepa...
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    Last Post by Chris
    Thu at 4:40 PM

    Getting quests in Fallout 76

    We know that there will not be NPC questgivers in Fallout 76 - because, well, there won't be any NPCs at all...
    And yet we know from what Pete Hines said at E3, there will 'be tons of quests'.
    How do you think we will have quests? From what we know or c...
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    Last Post by Mirric
    Thu at 2:40 AM

    What Will Your First Character Be Like?

    Do you have a gameplay theme in mind? Will you focus on getting and using only a specific type of weaponry? Do you know enough about the game's perks to know how you'll play? Will you roleplay a specific type of character? Have you thought of a character ...
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    Last Post by Dragonborn2021
    Mon at 7:36 PM

    The Weapons of Fallout 76

    We've had a few snatches of gameplay from Fallout 76 and, with careful viewing, we can start to see the weapons that are in the game.
    This page has collated EVERY weapon that has been seen in gameplay so far. Obviously, it is NOT a complete list! But it ...
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    Let's talk about builds

    Let's be honest, if there is one thing that this site is known for across the Internet it is our HUGE collection of fantastic and highly-detailed builds.
    With Fallout 76 on the horizon, the question has to be asked: How are we going to make builds in Fal...
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    Last Post by Paul
    July 10

    Will Dogmeat be in Fallout 76?

    So I was thinking about my favourite canine companion whilst playing Fallout 4 the other evening - and wondering if he will make an appearance in Fallout 76? 
    What do you think? I think he WILL be in the game - and here are my 3 reasons wh...
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    Last Post by bolionce
    July 7

    Cross play not happening due to Sony 'not being helpful'

    So it looks like 'cross play' (the ability of Fallout 76 players to mingle with those on the other platforms) probably won't be coming to Fallout 76
    And the blame, according to Todd Howard, lies firmly at the door of Sony.
    Not the for the first time, ...
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    Fallout 76 - Bounty System

    Hah, first post of a discussion by someone that isn't Paul :P I'm number two, I'm number two!
    Now to the serious stuff. So lately I've been really interested in the idea that's currently in play (As a note, I wanted to point out that Todd Howard himself ...
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    Last Post by Paul
    July 4

    Fallout 76 'was right in front of us all along'

    Sneaky Bethesda were teasing us with Fallout 76 all along - but most of us simply never noticed!
    As a post on IGN explains, we were teased about Fallout 76 during the pre-war sequence of Fallout 4 - a sequence that I'm sure we all thought we knew word fo...
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    Last Post by Mr. Edd
    July 4

    Could the Brotherhood of Steel be in Fallout 76?

    Could the Brotherhood of Steel make an appearance in Fallout 76 after all?
    YouTube user Lone Vault Wanderer has made this video, after an eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted the Brotherhood logo in one of the gameplay trailers released by Bethesda. Watch this...