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    Last Post by Paws
    March 16

    Ciel'nn's many houses

    Ciel'nn's many houses
    *~ Inspired by Paws and Tenebrous :3 ~*
    Where this crazy Dunmer gets his money? He's from House Hlaalu. :p
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________...  more
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    Last Post by The_Lex
    February 24

    ESO Helpdesk

    Post your ESO-related questions here and a more experienced member should be able to help you out!
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    Last Post by Ebonslayer
    September 14, 2018

    Murkmire and Update 20

    (This looks awesome! Murkmire has been teased for years now, but we're finally getting it. The idea of actual Argonian/Saxhleel lore is amazing, first off. Also, they'll apparantly release it in some fashion via the Daily Rewards system; a.k.a, therre'l...
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    Last Post by Paws
    May 17, 2018

    Favorite ESO Race

    Okay everyone. You all know that I have been taking a bit of a break from ESO lately. Call it what you will: MMO fatigue (yep, that's a real thing), looking ahead at what appears to be an amazing E3 this year, etc.  However, I have not yet officially...
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    Last Post by Tenebrous
    October 7, 2017

    The Adventures of San-daro

    Welcome to the homepage and table of contents for my (hopefully) long-running series, 'The Adventures of San-daro' - the complete beginners guide to roleplaying in Elder Scrolls Online
    There are a ton of different ways to play Elder Scrolls Online. The p...
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    Last Post by Golden Fool
    April 9

    "You look like WHAT under there??"

    The Outfit station is arguably one of the best features that's been rolled out in ESO to date. After a year or so we've come to take this for granted a little, forgetting what armor actually looks like under our meticulously styled outfits. Today I was fl...
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    The Necromancer Class

    Before I begin I'd like to give a shout out to Alcast's Breakdown of the Necromancer Class and you might want to check out the ESO forum post, Necromancer - what we know so far... to get a better understanding of what's already been re...
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    Last Post by Ebonslayer
    March 29

    Tell Us About Your Characters

    I've noticed that we've had an increasing number of members playing ESO; I swear it was me that noticed and not just Phil pointing it out out to me... and after a very shallow search I realised we might not have a place for members to post about their cha...
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    Last Post by Golden Fool
    March 23

    New Weapon Skill Lines

    So this actually requires extra explanation because the full title for this discussion was originally "Would it be interesting to have an extre Skill Line (or Skill Morphs) for weapon types that provide Magicka/Stamina lines for skills that would normally...
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    Last Post by Paws
    March 15

    ESO Homes: Exorcised Coven Cottage

    I recently completed a housing project started back during the Witches Festival in which I bought the Exorcised Coven Cottage, unfurnished, for 250,000 gold. I had this cottage on Xbox and it was the primary home of my Wyress character, Ama. My original i...
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    Last Post by Dragonborn2021
    February 20

    Update 21 - Patch Notes

    So, I was stumbling around for some reason and ran into the Update 21 Patch Notes which comes out either in 5 days or early March (Console Players) and while a lot of it goes over my head I was rather interested in a few key sections. 
    Writ Reward I...
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    Last Post by Dragonborn2021
    February 19

    An Issue with Morrowind (the DLC)

    So, because I've recently hopped into ESO, I wanted to start a few discussions about parts of the game that I'm noticing a bit more and just sort of really get into it. The game is definitely a lot better now that I could play for hours without my interne...
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    Hello, my name is The_Lex, and I am an altaholic

    It's all about inspiration. What inspires you?
    It has been a while since I've posted here. Sorry about that. As many of you know, I love ESO - not everything about it, mind you, but it's currently the only game I play. I started out as a beta tester and ...
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    Last Post by Paws
    February 7


    As many ESO players have discovered, Loremaster Lawrence Schick is leaving ESO. In true form, he left a letter to the community. I wanted to quote a portion of it, but I will leave the link so you can read the rest.

    Tamriel is an unus...
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    Last Post by The_Lex
    January 24

    The Official Tamriel Vault Elder Scrolls Online Guild

    The Official Tamriel Vault Elder Scrolls Online Guild is now open on the PC NA Server! True to the site itself, we want the guild to become a community-driven place where members of all levels can find like-minded folks to play with or get help when sup...
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    Last Post by Paws
    November 23, 2018

    ESO Black Fredas Sales!

    Hoo, boy! Lots of really good deals for Black Friday Fredas! Not omly are the Standard and Summerset editions of Elder Scrolls Online for sale, there's a doozy of discounts in the in-game Crown Store. Including multiple houses that haven't been available ...
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    Last Post by Tenebrous
    October 23, 2018

    Investigating a Possible "Unmarked Quest"

    Hey guys! So, whilst running around Stonefalls, I learned about, and then did, a quest called "The Fetish". While being an actual quest that shows up in your Journal, it's obtained from a merchant that has a unique item--crucially, the merchant doesn't ha...
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    Last Post by Paws
    October 12, 2018

    ESO Homes: Autumn's Gate garden Halloween Style

    I think I read somewhere once that if a visual concept needs explanation then it doesn't really work very well as a concept. Totally disregarding this, a bit of r&r was what the doctor ordered, and so I came up with a spooky, Halloween-y concept for my No...
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    Last Post by Paws
    October 4, 2018

    ESO Add-ons

    As I make plans to storm my way through ESO, PC NA, I have been giving some thought to add-ons.  Here's a list of what I was thinking:
    Map Pins
    Master Merchant (for when I start to trade)...  more
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    Last Post by The_Lex
    September 11, 2018

    Stamina Builds Lack Diversity? Recommend a Build!

    Whenever I start a new character in ESO, I always face the same dillemma: Stamina or Magicka? It's a decision that can be absolutely frustrating, especially if that character is going to be there for the long haul. It's also a decision that effects othe...
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    Last Post by Loopdiss
    September 3, 2018

    ESO Homes: Ald Velothi Harbor House

    On the coast north of Gnisis, this spacious three-level home in the Redoran "bug-house" style comes with a walled courtyard, a next-door dock, and convenient access to the nearby ruins of Ashalmawia and Arkngthunch-Sturdumz.

    The Ald Velothi Coffee Ho...
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    Last Post by KopisGaming
    August 26, 2018

    Should the group have an "ESO Builds" section?

    This may have been asked before, but I think the site could do with having a pinned forum or thread specifically devoted to ESO builds where users can post their builds and help make character building for eso more diverse. I'd just use the Skyrim charact...
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    Last Post by Teekus
    August 16, 2018

    Hist to Hunting Grounds: Flash Giveaway

    This year at QuakeCon, Bethesda is kicking off a slew of livestream events where fans can tune in to learn about upcoming content, ask questions about games on the horizon and, perhaps most importantly, GET FREE STUFF!
    Bethesda and ZOS have lined up al...
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    Last Post by Paws
    August 2, 2018

    ESO Homes: Black Vine Villa

    I finished my Homestead project, thought I'd leave it here before starting another, not quite sure what that'll be yet. This is my attempt at converting Black Vine Villa into a chapel of Stendarr...
    But first, let me take a selfie:

    Hadlanter. Templar ...
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    Last Post by aFjallvarg
    July 27, 2018

    The future of Bleakrock Isle

    Ah, Bleakrock Isle. The story that unfolds there during the very beginning of the Pact questline can tug at your heartstrings and not let go through the rest of it. If you have not yet played through the Pact questline, please note--spoilers ahe...