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    Last Post by Tenebrous
    February 3

    Tenebrous' Tamriel Travels #1

    So! This will be the place for my little walkthrough-things of Elder Scrolls Online! These will be pretty sarcastic and not at all serious, let me just say. This was inspired by DB's Modder's Logs project, which is really cool and you should check it out....
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    Last Post by Caladran
    January 14

    Ciel'nn's many houses

    Ciel'nn's many houses
    *~ Inspired by Paws and Tenebrous :3 ~*
    Where this crazy Dunmer gets his money? He's from House Hlaalu. :p
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________...  more
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    Last Post by Caladran
    January 8

    My Homestead Project

    After completing the Reaper's Harvest challenge in ESO's Witches Festival and earning the Sun's Dusk Reaper title, I felt I needed something more and a lasting project to make Tamriel a place to truly call home. So I got the Exorcised Coven Cottage as it ...
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    Last Post by Ebonslayer
    January 5

    ESO Helpdesk

    Post your ESO-related questions here and a more experienced member should be able to help you out!
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    Last Post by Tenebrous
    October 7, 2017

    The Adventures of San-daro

    Welcome to the homepage and table of contents for my (hopefully) long-running series, 'The Adventures of San-daro' - the complete beginners guide to roleplaying in Elder Scrolls Online
    There are a ton of different ways to play Elder Scrolls Online. The p...
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    Last Post by Tenebrous
    February 11

    Help With New Build

    I'm trying out a new build for Stamina Nightblade Assassin and I'd like feedback on what I have set up so far.
    Here's the link to the build:
    Please offer feedback on...
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    Last Post by Paws
    February 9

    ESO DLC: Dragon Bones


    An ancient power re-awakens and threatens all of Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online's newest DLC game pack, Dragon Bones. This February, you can discover two exciting new dungeons and enjoy a host of base-game additions and improvements with ...
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    Last Post by Tenebrous
    February 6

    Tenebrous' Cribs: Khajiit Tavern

    Hallo folks! Having made quite the hefty sum of gold from dungeoneering, Rahzam decided it was time to fufill his other fantasy (besides murder, of course); opening his own watering hole! Using the Moonmirth House, I'm making a nice Khajiiti tavern. So fa...
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    Last Post by Paul
    January 16

    The ESO No-kill Playthrough Experiment

    Elder Scrolls Online is a combat-based game. Or is it? What would happen if you tried to play ESO as a pacifist?
    I was browsing the official forums for tips on the Thieves Guild to support my San-daro playthrough when I came upon a comment that suggested...
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    Last Post by Paul
    January 12

    Affordable Housing: Tips for getting rich enough

    I was reading the excellent threads that we have here about player housing and the various projects that are being undertaken by the likes of Phil and Tenerbrous.
    I want to 'get into' housing, but it strikes me that I'm a million miles away from being ab...
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    Last Post by Paul
    January 9

    Dragon Bones Incoming!

    Oh, boy. The next dungeon DLC for ESO has been announced, and it's a doozy! Storing things in your home, rewards for leveling up, and (finally) an outfit system! Oh, and zombie dragons. Read on for more info!

    An ancient power re-awakens and thr...
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    Last Post by Paul
    January 9

    Help With Build

    I will be getting ESO very soon (should be within the week) and I have an idea for my first character built up but I'm not exactly sure how to build him. The build will be based on roleplay instead of viability and I'm not doing PVP. The character is a Sh...
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    Last Post by Ebonslayer
    January 5

    Tamriel Vault....the Guild!

    Alright ESO peeps, with my return to ESO (which is fun and enjoying and looking forward to playing Morrowind when it arrives) I have been hooking up with other Tamriel Vault people and talking to even more via my Twitch streams. This got me thinking.......
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    Last Post by Paws
    January 2

    Starter Home Creativity

    There's been an idea floating around in my mind since starting my own Homestead Project, watching Elloa and Nicky's Decorating Tamriel series on Youtube, and discussing housing quite extensively with friends and on this site. Indeed, Mercurias had a big...
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    Last Post by Caladran
    December 31, 2017

    Tenebrous Cribs: Mournoth Keep

    Hallo folks! So, inspired by Paws' Homestead Project, I decided to try my hand at Tamrielic interior design myself. I chose the medium-sized Orc house, Mournoth Keep, which I bought decorated. However, this is only so that I have all that lovely furniture...
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    Last Post by Paws
    December 15, 2017

    ESO: Merry Saturalia and a Happy New Life!

    Hallo, Vaulters! Like last year, the fine devs over at Zenimax are holding an event for the end of the year! Be sure to participate in all the New Life racial celebrations, and drink that tasty XP mead!

    Celebrate the end of another fantastic ye...
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    Last Post by Paws
    November 24, 2017

    Musings on the Clockwork City Story. Beware Spoilers..

    Sotha Sil in the Clockwork City DLC just breaks my heart. I'm not sure if the cause and effect was because I visited the Elegiac Replication by chance when I first arrived in the city, or simply because Sotha Sil's subtle and almost hidden&nbs...
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    Last Post by The Long-Chapper
    November 22, 2017

    Nix-Ox Mount!

    ESO are giving away a Nix-Ox War-Steed mount to all ESO: Morrowind players! It looks like all we need to do is log into the game anytime between now and 26th November. I'm proper stoked, free mounts are rare indeed, especially exotic ones.
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    Last Post by Paws
    November 21, 2017

    Returning To ESO

    So work, girlfriend, and family life have been in constant flux lately (I fell into a career, I may be engaged in the heat year, and oh gosh my tribe is close knit and needy) for the last several months, and things are finally- Finally!- stabilizing enoug...
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    Last Post by FlamezSword
    November 13, 2017

    Huge ESO Sweepstakes!

    Say. Have you ever, say, wanted ESO pint glasses? Crap-tons of Crowns? 4 Manor-size homes? Every collectible ever released? An in-game NPC appearance? Then this contest, dear Vaulter, is for you!

    For the past month, ESO players have been sharin...
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    Last Post by Asher
    November 1, 2017

    The ESO Witches Festival Costume Thread!

    Hallo Vaulters! This is a simple thread with a simple purpose. Everyone knows that the Witches Festival (and something called Halloween, I've been told) is nigh, and that means costumes! So show us your char in his/her witchy, profane getup, so we all may...
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    Last Post by Golden Fool
    October 23, 2017

    Dome Reaping

    As part of the Witches Festival, one of the challenges is to collect all the Hollowjack Motif pages and 100 Plunder Skulls for the title, "Sun's Dusk Reaper." To help players who may not know, I discovered a nice little spot that helps the harvest happen....
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    Last Post by Paws
    October 23, 2017

    ESO Hype: What is the Clockwork City?

    Prepare yourself for The Elder Scrolls Online's newest DLC game pack, Clockwork City! Before you explore the fabricated realm of Sotha Sil, read on to learn about the Clockwork God's mechanical masterwork.

    In the world of Tamriel, its very existenc...
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    Last Post by Patriarch
    September 29, 2017

    ESO: The Personal Touch - Beginner's Help and Tutoring

    Hello everyone! As you might have noticed, ESO has been getting a bit more attention here on the Vault due to the upcoming release: Morrowind. If you haven't heard anything about Morrowind, check out these posts: Video Trailer and ESO in 2017. 
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    Last Post by DeltaFox
    September 24, 2017

    ESO: Clockwork City incoming!

    Prepare thyself for lore galore! Yes, it seems we're finally getting Clockwork City in ESO! That Sotha Sil teaser though...

    Step into Sotha Sil's realm with the Clockwork City DLC game pack, coming this Fall as part of ESO Plus membership and a...