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    April 15

    Catalogue of Questions

    Feel free to browse this catalogue, maybe there already is an asnwer to your question. If that is not the case then go ahead and start a new discussion, ask your question(s).

    Sex in Tamriel 
    The Stars, Gods and Myths 
    Heart Stones, Fragme...
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    Questions System Announcement!

    Hey there, folks! Just a quick announcement.
    As part of House of Orsimer Glories’ spring cleaning (yes, even Orcs clean), we’ll be doing a major overhaul on how things work here.
    First off, we’ll be disbanding the Expedition Committe...
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    Welcome to the Lore group! Guidelines and tools

    Welcome to the place for all things TES Lore on the Tamrielvault. This page will group all of the services the group provides for easy access. Furthermore this should clear the group page from all of those featured (sticky) pages that keep cropp...
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    February 22

    Monthly Lore discussion: A gathering of Explorers

    Welcome to a bit of a trial discussion this time. And yes, I am aware that these have become less and less "monthly" as we've gone on with them but well... Too bad, I'm a solo host and my schedule sometimes gets a bit rough :P
    For this edition of the o...
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    December 18, 2017

    The Archives

    Welcome to The Archives, a dusty heart of House of Orsimer Glories. Here you will find tomes long forgotten by history or recently written. Every article created in The Tamriel Vault's Lore Group is arranged according to their associated tag beneath ban...
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    May 19

    Daedra Dossier: Meridia

    Meridia is a Daedric Prince close to everyone's hearts. She gave us the mighty Dawnbreaker and perhaps sparked our imaginations in a way no other Prince has. We all know her, what she stands for and whether we love her for her light or hate her for...
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    Legendary Figures: Thukhozod the Eternal

    Few legends among the Orsimer inspire more respect and fear than the legend of the great Thukhozod. This great and powerful necromancer has been around for generations, apparently ageless and undying. Of course, for every story where an Orc has seen o...
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    The Ayleid Slave Rebellion and the Early Alessian Order

    Disclaimer: This is an article of our former member, renown Loremaster Vix, acknowledged by Bethesda themselves. It ended up being deleted and I'm merely reposting it.

    As a small break from racial histories I recently got several questions regarding the ...
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    Last Post by Furrion 17
    May 16

    Cause and Effect of the Forsworn Rebellion

    Disclaimer: This is an article of our former member, renown Loremaster Vix, acknowledged by Bethesda themselves. It ended up being deleted and I'm merely reposting it.

    The Forsworn, also known as the Witchmen of high Rock, were an early pre-Nord Empire c...
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    May 16

    Discussion: How are Enchantments Detected?

    If a random adventurer tells a shopkeeper "I'd like to sell you this enchanted item", how does the shopkeeper know the item is actually enchanted? How does the adventurer? Assuming the enchantment graphics are visible to the characters and not just the pl...
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    May 15

    How is magic learned?

    How is magic learned, aside from practicing the spell? Do mages have to be familiar with less-magical things related to the spell they wish to cast (like a mage studying normal fire before casting a fire spell)? If so, would a conjurer study speechcraft t...
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    May 7

    Discussion: Chantry of Auriel and Magic

    There are many frozen Falmer in the Chantry of Auriel, one of whom has a random Expert spell tome that could be one of the following:
    Detect Dead
    Paralyze...  more
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    Last Post by tirrene
    May 7

    Do Aedra Choose their Champions?

    Is there any metaphysical weight to being declared as an Aedra's champion?
    This question came to mind when I was thinking about how Gelebor calls you a champion (presumably a champion of Auriel). Auriel (as far as we know) turned his back on Vyrthur the ...
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    Last Post by Furrion 17
    April 29

    Order of Arkay/Knights of the Circle

    So the main goal of this topic is to gain some info on the orders of knights in Breton society. Specifically, The Knight's of the Circle, belonging to the order of Arkay. I am quite intrigued by Highrocks feudal society and am wanting to incorporate ...
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    April 6

    Monthly Lore discussion: An Early Saturalia Gift


    We’ve all come across a copy or two of the Lusty Argonian Maid (bless Crassius Curo) and, perverts that we gamers generally are, we have all picked them up, stored them under our character’s bed and read them multiple t...
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    Last Post by Teineeva
    April 6

    Lore Discussion: Magic Academies

    So I was perusing through the asked questions and found one question that caught my interest:

    Is there still something like a Magic Academy in Cyrodiill at the time Skyrim takes place?

    While the answer to this is quite simple, because we know that...
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    Last Post by Vezrabuto
    March 27

    Argonian Factions

     What Argonian Factions exist?
    I know about the An-Xileel and the Shadowscales, but are there any magic oriented Factions?
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    I was just studying some Orc lore again and stumbled on this. It actually reminded me of Phil's recent discussion where he talked about gods, among other things. You know him.
    But let's take a look at Mauloch, Orc King.
    ...  more
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    March 13

    The Expeditions Comittee - Ask Your Lore Questions Here

    Welcome to the new branch of the Lore Group; the place for questions, knowledge seekers and fascinating discoveries waiting to be made.
    The Expeditions Committee is, in essence, the replacement for the age-old “Ask your lore questions h...
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    Last Post by Paws
    February 28

    Thalmor, Alduin, and the implications of a new kalpa

    This is what I posted in the Expedition Thread, and Karver suggested a new discussion topic here:
    Please forgive if I’ve missed the answer to this somewhere. I’ve tried to find it in the archives but may just not be looking in the rig...
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    February 25


    Good day, I am looking for some info on Cloudrest. I an creating a backstory for an Altmer, and am looking o see if Cloudrest would be a good place for a humble upbringing with in the Aldermri Dominion.
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    Last Post by Tysoyaha
    February 10

    Is Tamriel Stagnant?

    Has anyone wondered why technological development in Tamriel seems stagnant? The technology used during the time of Skyrim is no different than the technology used during the time of ESO. The gap between those two games is over a thousand years, and durin...
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    Last Post by GailOlm
    February 3

    Lore Tool: A quick guide to doing your own research

    I was always a bit uneasy at the idea of making this but I recently came to the realization (when forced to attend a first year class at college) that for a lot of people doing research might not be second nature. This little guide is a summary ...
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    Last Post by ShinJin
    February 2

    Aetheric Decay

    So I’ve been doing my rounds of reading this week, this time it being Naryu’s Journal, and there was one thing that caught my eye, related to magic which I just can’t pass.

    “I’ve got my contribution to the Simulacrum Rubri...
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    Last Post by Sarah Lannister
    January 30

    Witchmen of the Reach

    Reachmen, Madmen of Reach, Witchmen of High Rock, Forsworn. But who are they? In Skyrim we just meet with a fraction, Forsworn, but they aren't the only representatives of their race. Yes, race. They are similar to Bretons, sharing most of the same bloo...