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    April 15

    Catalogue of Questions

    Feel free to browse this catalogue, maybe there already is an asnwer to your question. If that is not the case then go ahead and start a new discussion, ask your question(s).

    Sex in Tamriel 
    The Stars, Gods and Myths 
    Heart Stones, Fragme...
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    Last Post by Shadow Arm
    April 6

    Questions System Announcement!

    Hey there, folks! Just a quick announcement.
    As part of House of Orsimer Glories’ spring cleaning (yes, even Orcs clean), we’ll be doing a major overhaul on how things work here.
    First off, we’ll be disbanding the Expedition Committe...
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    Welcome to the Lore group! Guidelines and tools

    Welcome to the place for all things TES Lore on the Tamrielvault. This page will group all of the services the group provides for easy access. Furthermore this should clear the group page from all of those featured (sticky) pages that keep cropp...
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    February 22

    Monthly Lore discussion: A gathering of Explorers

    Welcome to a bit of a trial discussion this time. And yes, I am aware that these have become less and less "monthly" as we've gone on with them but well... Too bad, I'm a solo host and my schedule sometimes gets a bit rough :P
    For this edition of the o...
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    December 18, 2017

    The Archives

    Welcome to The Archives, a dusty heart of House of Orsimer Glories. Here you will find tomes long forgotten by history or recently written. Every article created in The Tamriel Vault's Lore Group is arranged according to their associated tag beneath ban...
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    Last Post by Paws
    November 11

    Research: Murkmire

    Idea here is exactly like Karver's Research: Summerset - A place to put screenshots, lore snippets, and discussions of Murkmire lore. I'm a bit late to the party but it's fun to explore at one's own pace. So if you've got ESO and you're exploring Murkmire...
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    November 2

    Nocturnal: Goddess of Witches

    A single tall tree stood in the middle of the clearing, every branch thick with crows, watching the procession without moving. The lead witch placed the torch at the base of the tree, and her seventeen followers formed a circle and began their slow, str...
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    October 30

    How Altmer view the Dead and Necromancy

    I dont know if I should even post this here or if it falls under the "When asking a question, please don’t make it simple. By that I mean questions that can be answered through a single link or questions that have no possible answers." Rule but i co...
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    Research: Summerset

    Research: Summerset

    So with the new expansion for ESO out and the land of Altmer being open I think it’s the appropriate time to look at the gems and jewels of their Lore and boy, just from the first hour of playing there have been several intere...
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    Last Post by The_Lex
    October 18

    Talos' Doctrine or the Lack of It

    Talos, the Ninth Divine. There always was one thing that sort of bugged me, especially after Skyrim was introduced. By now pretty much everyone knows what Tiber Septim achieved, how he became a god, because frankly, that is pretty much everything you ge...
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    Last Post by ShadowMancer
    October 5

    The Shadow of Rajhin: The Khajiit Who Stole The World

    Did Rajhin Use Shadow Magic To Reach Godhood?
    In Elder Scrolls when people often reference a god who stole his power there are usually talking about Vivec or to a lesser extent Talos (which is strange since they both steal\stole just as much). But there ...
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    Last Post by Paws
    October 1

    Argonian Jel

    Since the Elder Scrolls began, several races have emerged and, over time, their legend and history has grown. One such race is the Argonians, or as they would have themselves be known, the Saxhleel. Their native language, Jel, originates from ...
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    Last Post by Aysleph
    September 28

    History of Relations Between Redguards and Nords

    Perhaps this is a simple question but I’ve been wondering about the relationship between Redguards and Nords. A historical run down of interactions and such would be very beneficial but if not I’m mainly interested in their ties in the 4th era around the ...
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    Last Post by Justiciar Thorien
    September 28

    The Old Gods of the Reachmen?

    While this question may have been answered somewhere in the bowels of the Lore Group, I have a question. Aside from Hircine (Due to Hagraven influence and the whole antlered/horned skin helmets some Forsworn wear), what gods do they worship? I recall some...
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    Last Post by Chris
    September 25

    Lore Discussion: Gauldur's Race

    So, I've been doing research into Gauldur and his three sons Jyrik, Sigdis, and Mikrul. Whilest doing so, I stumbled across something interesting. Gauldur is a Breton, not a Nord. I believe we found out this by going into the code, where he is listed as a...
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    Last Post by Paws
    September 15

    Argonians and the Stars

    I'm starting to get excited about the ESO Murkmire dlc coming later in the year, feeling a bit of Hist hype going on. Got the Saxhleel shivers and Murkmire murmurs. I've also got a question in my own, rambling sorta way.
    The picture above is of a Xanme...
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    Last Post by Santa-Pocky-Hah!
    September 12

    The Great Hunt and Hircine's Boon (March of Sacrifices spoilers)

    The following is a copy of the book The Huntsman Prince by Hanu of the Zainab Tribe from ESO's Wolfhunter dlc:

    Huntsman of the Princes. Father of Manbeasts. The Hungry Cat. Hircine has many names, but all relate to his one known sphere; the hunt. The...
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    Last Post by Paws
    August 22

    Lore Discussion: Standing Stones/Doomstones and Birthsigns

    So after reading Phil´s short story, where his character obtained the power of Atronach Standing Stone, I started thinking about them. How they work with Birthsigns and if they are somewhat similar to Doomstones from Oblivion.
    Can those born unde...
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    Last Post by Teineeva
    July 17

    On Northern Fungi: Part 1

    Bleeding Crown:
    Among the less common mushrooms of Skyrim, this particular fungi owns its name to a rather peculiar property which has lead many to believe that it is somewhat related to the bioluminescent Violet Coprinus from Morrowind.
    First of all,...
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    Last Post by Chris
    July 13

    When (and by whom) was enchanting invented?

    So I'm trying to run a character who knows about the Soul Cairn and, on account of that, has sworn off using enchantments. However, I'm noticing there are many artifacts with strange powers that (as far as I can tell) weren't created with enchanting, like...
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    Last Post by Chris
    July 13

    Subjugations of the Alessian faith?

    Hey guys, aside from Wulfharth, have there ever been any other attempts to subjugate the Alessian Eight Divine worship? Pre-Talos I mean. I couldn't find an answer to this.
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    Last Post by Shadow Arm
    July 10

    The Tenth Totem

    I have a theory, and I wanted to make a build from it, but I need help to reflect on it and flesh it out. :)
    Yngol Barrow, like many others, has a puzzle involving Atmoran totems. Uniquely to Yngol Barrow, 'man' features amoung the totems as part of the ...
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    Last Post by Teineeva
    July 9

    Tribes of the Saxhleel

    “Tribes of the Saxhleel” A speech by Matthaeus Belladonc to the other resident scholars of the House of Orsinium Glories.
    There are few races as mysterious as the Saxhleel, or argonians as they are known in the common tongue. While I believe ...
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    Last Post by Paws
    June 12

    Discussion: Khajiit Honorifics

    In Interview with Three Booksellers, Jobasha says that it shows arrogance or pride for a Khajiit to give themselves two prefixes and/or suffixes. Is this sort of pride the kind that comes before the fall? Can stacking honorifics ever have a positive ...
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    Last Post by Paws
    May 19

    Daedra Dossier: Meridia

    Meridia is a Daedric Prince close to everyone's hearts. She gave us the mighty Dawnbreaker and perhaps sparked our imaginations in a way no other Prince has. We all know her, what she stands for and whether we love her for her light or hate her for...