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    August 23

    Both look and sound amazing thanks for the links Durzo. Not sure how I overlooked them when browsing through the builds the other day lol.

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    August 23

    No problem. Both are quite old, but if you are using vanilla Skyrim SE, all the tips and tricks stated in the builds should still work. I know necromage wasn't patched at all unless you download the USSEP mod. Best of luck playing!

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    September 5

    Does anyone have recommendations for a versatile build that isn't above the level 55 hard cap and doesn't use mods or exploits like the smithing-alchemy-enchanting loop?

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    September 6
    Hmmm. Probably the most versatile Mage build I can think of is Henson’s Cabalist. It makes use of Enchanting exclusively as a means of crafting and is otherwise a build that makes heavy use of runes and summons for a variety of combat options while hidden. Noodles’s Mesmer is another highly versatile build, this one a stealthy, sword-wielding vampire mage with lots of roguish swagger. Shinjin’ and Lohzar’s Knights in Iron could probably cap at 55, and while one *can* exploit the alchemy/Smithing/enchanting glitch, they specifically say that doing it is boring. The whole point of the build is to play it however you and adventure around Skyrim making gear to fit your playstyle that day.
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    October 21

    I've never played as a vampire.  I'd like to try it.

    What are some good builds for someone who has never played as a vampire?

    BTW, I plan to become one via Harkon, if that affects anything.

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    October 23

    Hey Jake at the top of my mind and since the center of your character will be his vampirism from Harkon which makes him a vampire of the Volkihar line I would suggest "The Volkihar" build from Mason.

    You can check the build here: Click Here

    Some other builds you can check are "The daughter of coldharbor" and "The Keerilth".

    There are certainly more these are just the ones that came to mind right now.

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    October 30

    I haven't had a good build idea in a while, and I just thought of one:


    The Heir of Magnus


    Primary Skills:

    Destruction (Fire, primarily, with some Lightning thrown in) - Magnus was known as the Sun God, so Fire should be foremost.

    Restoration - everything up to ans including the Undead bonuses

    Illusion - not sure what I should take here, but he probably knew how to use it to protect his knowledge and followers

    Alteration - Light spells (and I can build it by Transmuting ore, which he then smelts and sells.)


    Magic - 4

    Stamina - 0

    Health - 1


    Is this a good build? Or are my Magic / Stamina / Health numbers off?

  • November 2

    Old member coming back, and not sure if this is still active lol, but I finally decided to pick up Skyrim on PC for all the good mods (stupid console restrictions) Can anyone suggest a good High elf Illusionist or Spwllsword build for me? nothing is off the table now!!!