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  •   He gave a crude nod to the Captain before he stepped on the pier. Methas pulled his hood and face mask on and began his slow stroll toward the town. The ash storm raged, but he wasn’t worried. It would be a mere nuisance if nothing else. I should buy ash goggles though, he thought ...
  •   The Captain of the Dunmer Trade ship shook his head and cursed as the vicious waves tested his ship. He had sailed these waters long enough to know that this storm wasn’t an ordinary one. The waves were dreadful and he’d had a hard time trying to keep his ship in control. But...
  • With a grunt, S’cathe threw the limp Reaver down the hill, then watched it rolling away. The unlucky mortal hadn’t been a challenge. No one had so far.  Even the small blue creatures had fled once they had seen him. It had been boring for The Dremora Lord. The whole island was b...
  • April 8
    Posted by Delta
    V Falrielle balanced the point of her knife by the tip of her finger – an old and familiar trick her brother once taught her.               Bite hung by her belt and her bodied covered by mail, gambeson, and plate – she was...
  • April 3
    Posted by Hasir
    Once inside the building, Ma'kara looked over to see that Hasir had stopped, frozen in place with a grimace of pain etched on his reptilian face. Hasir staggered backwards, slumped against a nearby wall and slid down it, breathing heavily. Ma'kara looked at him, concerned.   "Hasir, wha...

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  • In your reply to this thread, please paste this at the top of yo...  more
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    I'm making this post because I want to share my excitemen...  more

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