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  • Some of you have heard of The Story Corner, some of you haven't or simply have yet to wander in our territory. So, with that in mind, what is TSC exactly?

    It's a safe, friendly place where members of all levels and skills can write creatively and share t...  more
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    May 24

    The Story Corner Library


    Welcome to The Story Corner Library
    We, the writers of TSC have written a wonderful collection of stories for all to read. Some are as of yet unfinished, while others sit complete. All, however, share a common cause. They are crying out to be r...
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    May 19

    Welcome To The Story Corner

    Here is quiet corner for the writers and word-smiths of Skyrim/Fallout. Discuss your blogs, ask questions about writing characters, plots, and other story-telling techniques!
    Hosted by Sotek & Lissette
    Some of you have heard of The Story Corner, some ...
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    TSC Group Rules

    Hello and welcome to The Story Corner. I’m Sotek, one of the Hosts of The Story Corner and I think it’s great that you want to contribute to this site.
    To make it easier for you, I’ll talk you through a few of the stages because there...
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    Last Post by Exuro
    February 15

    A Month of Short Stories Jan 2017

    January 2017 
    Here we are again once more sending our short stories into the breach, braving the horde of members on the blog who with some luck and the odd threat of fangs biting their arms off, will read, enjoy and even join in with our January ...
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    Last Post by silvertora
    September 27, 2016

    Attention!!! Before You Get Started.

    All members of TSC please take a few minutes to read this announcement. You will save both Hosts and yourselves a lot of problems down the line. Hello I’m Sotek; a Host of The Story Corner and I welcome you all to the new Tamriel Vault and more spec...
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    Last Post by D3LTAFOX
    June 7

    Meet The Fox!

    Your New Host
    Hello everyone! I am D3LTAFOX, King of Thieves, Butcher of Winterhold, Slayer of Monsters and Hero of Windhelm. And, the new Host of The Story Corner. Now, I know what you're thinking, who's this guy, thinking he can just take Sotek...
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    Last Post by D3LTAFOX
    May 31

    Fantasy Novel Plan (Feedback Wanted!)

    I would really appreciate any constructive critisism or helpful comments anybody may want to give. This novel is inspired by the Elder Scrolls Universe, the Game of Thrones series, and the Dragon Age series, and a little bit of Dragon's Dogma as well.
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    Last Post by Legion
    May 31

    Writers Interview: Legion

    My turn to make another guest appearance in this series, on this occasion to interview an Admin and friend, a person who writes for both universes on the Tamriel Vault, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. He is known, among other things, for his fiction, art, ...
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    Last Post by D3LTAFOX
    May 30

    Alessia OR The Chronicle History of Alessia the First

    Hi, I'm Michael Way. Some of you may know me from various communities as Mway1 or Mway474, but really I just like to be called Michael.
    I have always had an extensive interest in Imperial lore, alongside that I have a passionate love of Renaissance Drama...
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    Last Post by D3LTAFOX
    May 24

    TOC: Journal of a Brotherhood Scholar

    This is just a bit of a preface to my stories. 
    1. DO NOT EXPECT FREQUENT UPDATES! I write when I am in the mood for writing. This comes and goes so don't get your hopes up for a giant story.
    2. This blog involves swearing, it won't be in eve...
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    Last Post by Tenebrous
    May 23

    TSC Campfire: A place where we can talk.

    We often talk about our chapters, poems and such once we have finished them and especially when they have been posted but we also talk about them in small groups when we are still writing them out. Often such conversations are on steam or Skype which le...
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    Last Post by D3LTAFOX
    May 14

    Writers Interview: Karver the Lorc

    We have a different contributor to the Writers Interview series this time around, and it is my pleasure to be that contributor, for it is the turn of the interviewer to be interviewed: a friend and colleague whose writing, from blogs to lore, have been a ...
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    Last Post by Sotek
    May 13

    TSC Writer Interviews

    Writers Interviews is a feature here on The Tamriel Vault where we give one of our writers a chance to talk a bit about themselves and their work. It also gives other members to learn a bit more about them and what drives them to write along with backgr...
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    Last Post by D3LTAFOX
    May 10

    TSC NaNoWriMo Record Smashed

    NaNoCamp 2017 has come and gone albeit somewhat quietly in TSC this year. That doesn’t mean to say the camp has been quiet though. We’ve had some impressive numbers from a few of our members but by no means does this belittle e...
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    Last Post by Legion
    May 8

    Writer's Discussion No38# Why Do We Write

    Writer’s Discussion No  38#   Why Do We Write?
    It’s a simple question and can easily be argued that it doesn’t belong in a Writer’s discussion and yet it’s at the heart of every single story, blog and ...
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    Last Post by Sindeed
    May 8

    The Time Lords

    Long ago, in the middle of the Second Era, a large group of mages began to study Chronomancy, magic used to manipulate time, and Caelimancy, magic used to distort the trappings of reality, far beyond Alteration. They left for an island far off the coast o...
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    Last Post by Paws
    May 4

    Writers Interview: Harrow

    So, it has been quite some time since I did the last Interview, but now I'm back - a little bit rusty maybe - doing another one and this time I decided to go with Harrow. Who? You'll know very soon. Anyway, great to be doing this again, Harrow, but befo...
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    Last Post by LokaCola
    May 2

    Camp NaNo 2017

    Meet National Novel Writing Month's much more relaxed cousin!
    Welcome one and all to Camp NaNo which starts on the 1st of April 2017.
    Some of you will undoubtedly remember that we ran two camps last year and this year will be no different. Well&...
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    Last Post by Legion
    April 18

    Writers Discuss - Reading Part 2 (#27)

    Writers Discuss
    Topic #27 – Reading Part 2
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    So most of us here like to write (I hope). We want to become better writers and enjoy the writing we do....  more
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    Last Post by Legion
    April 17

    Writers Discuss - Finishing (#28)

    Writers Discuss
    Topic #28 – FINISHING
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Here's something we don't bring up much! Lots of people want to write stories, but few actually see them through to completion. It takes dedication to finish anything - whether it's a short story, a novella,...
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    Last Post by Lyall
    April 17

    Writers Discuss - Reading Part 1 (#22)

    Writers Discuss
    Topic #22 – Reading Part 1
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    For this week’s writer’s discussion I'm going to focus on something which I believe all writers should do, regardless as to how skilled and talented they are.
    I refer to ...
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    Last Post by Ejett
    April 14

    More Fallout stories

    Recently I have decided to start writing a Fallout story during the breaks I take after the end of each part of Bound in Blood. I searched the Story Corner and found out that the only real competition is Teineeva's Streets of Boston. What I wanted to ask ...
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    Last Post by Medieval
    April 11

    Bleeding Sun - Table of Contents

    Sorine Jurard had quite a few ideas as to what she would do after the war on the Volkihar ended, but all this time, she had been looking at things the wrong way. Never for a second had she conceived defeat.
    Lord Harkon's Tyranny of the Sun plan had succe...
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    Last Post by Ebonslayer
    April 9

    Dragon of the East - A Skyrim Retelling

    Next Chapter Progress ~ 75%


    ...  more
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    Last Post by D3LTAFOX
    April 4

    Writers Interview: Teineeva

    It's been few months since last Interview and I thought it's precisely the right time to do anyone. And this time I decided to talk with someone who is currently writing top notch Fallout story. Popular Fallout story! And it's our resident lizard...Teinee...