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  • Sinmanur the Apologist Vale, dilectis amicis. Ego Dominus in tempore visitationis juxta condictum revertar.
    May 19
  • Sotek Awwwwoooo I'm on the blog via my phone today so expect more texting errors than my usual. =;
    May 20
  • D3LTAFOX Some of you might have seen the ToC and the short first chapter to my new story, Man of Steel. If you were wondering more about the story, here's the rundown. I will write the story in the same format as most crime TV series out there (CSI, Castle) and show the main plot every once in a while. The main character is a BoS Paladin called Alexander Roskov, and while he is a Russian, he doesn't have that deep Russian accent like Vadim in Diamond City. He was raised by Americans (more on that in the story). I idolise the Brotherhood and love doing their radiant missions. (scribe missions aren't boring!) I will connect the chapters together but most of them will be a different mission for Alex and the team. Hope you like it. :)
    May 15
  • Patriarch FYI ESO Morrowind: Althought the quest line can (and is intended) to be played solo, I do want to sound a word of caution. The solo player, especially the solo player who intends to play Morrowind only for the quest line, needs to understand that in the beginning there will be THRONGS of people trying to do the same quest(s) as you. It is an MMO, after all. What does this mean? Ultimately, you will see other players running/jumping all around, spamming AOE abiltities (pro-tip: they're actually practicing a rotation of skills), and standing around quest-givers. If this bothers you, you might want to wait to play ESO Morrowind either after peak time (for your server/region) or a week or two after the initial rush to play it.
    13 hours ago
  • Edana Sorry for the outage, everyone! Our server got an update a few weeks ago and they're still working out some bugs. :$ Thanks so much to those who sounded the alarm for us and for everyone's patience! (h5)
    May 17