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  • Chris I'm gonna be in Lake Tahoe for about three days. Cya guys late Friday!
    April 11
  • Sotek I'm having a TSC Blog reading night tonight. Time to curl up in a big pile of straw and catch up on everyone's work in TSC while Massus and Secunda shine overhead.
    March 21
  • Alister the Healer After my last naming guides are posted, I will bid you a farewell.
    April 22
  • BrandonM Hey guys I'm Brandon and Im new around here. I've admired theskyrimblog/tamrielvault from afar for years now but this is the first time Ive actually gone ahead and signed on. This site will, lets just say, take alot of getting used to. I'd be lying if I said prefered this site to what y'all had on ning. But I suppose one has to adapt to change. I'm hoping to learn to enjoy this place as much as the old platform.
    April 23