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  • Tenebrous Alright, owing to a Vicar of Jephre, two bottles of Balmora Blue, four werebears, and an Orcish prostitute (who I have reason to believe was actually Sheogorath), I have returned from Oblivion, ready to spread my Tenebrous-ness to the Vault anew! Jokes aside... Good to be baclk.
    29 minutes ago
  • Patriarch Buzz words: high fantasy and high magic
    Wed at 4:06 PM
  • Karver the Lorc Just want to give a shoutout to Ilani, Cal and Wulf, for reading. I'll just say it here, because you guys have been on a roll and responding to your every comment would flood this place. Thank you very much, I appreciate it, really. And get to writing, KittyWulf! I want to read your story, damns it! :D
    March 17
  • Dragonborn1921 ALRIGHT. Time to dedicate a day (more or less...) to playing my Event Build. It's been like...I want to say a week since I last played, but been busy. Anyway, time to start :D
    March 10