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  • Paws Skyrim's 7th Birthday today.
    November 11, 2018
  • TheVampyreKing SKYRIM BUILD INSPIRED BY COMMANDER JANE/JOHN SHEPARD, THE HERO OF THE ORIGINAL MASS EFFECT TRILOGY RACE: any human race. I went nord and chose the default appearance. Jane has pale freckled skin, green eyes, and red shoulder length hair. john has a typical marine short hair cut and a severe 5 o'clock shadow and blue eyes BACKGROUNDS: Spacer: your parents were in the legion as did you as soon as you were 18 but later joined the rebels to free skryim from corruption colonist: grew up in a small village but you lost everything in a bandit raid, including your family. you joined the military soon after Earthborn: grew up in a bandit gang but grew disillusioned with gang leadership and left for adventure on your own PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Sole survivor: you were the last survivor of your squad after wild saber cats attacked you. you later learned the were set upon your squad by rogue mages as an experiment war hero: on leave from the military for the weekend, a massive bandit force attacked whiterun. you held them off on your own till the legion could send reinforcements ruthless: as retaliation for the whiterun blitz, you lead a team to wipe out the bandit base. your ruthlessness earned you fear and respect among the military. you beheaded bandits even as they surrendered and showed no emotion as half your unit was wiped out in the vicious close quarter battle Major skills: Heavy Armor: The black ebony armor is good for the n7 armor Archery: the crossbow is a good stand-in for rifles and pistols Conjuration: For close-range encounters Shepard needs a good omniblade, so in Skyrim Shepard needs a good Bound Sword to accompany her great shooting. One-Handed: That omniblade needs a good arm behind it, and this skill gives it. Speech: Commander Shepard is a skilled diplomat that can resolve impossible situations with persuasion or intimidation. Minor Skills: Restoration: Medi-gel gets replaced with Fast Healing and Healing Hands. Additionally wards would serve as barriers or shields. Enchanting: Gun benches are replaced with enchantment tables to allow Shepard to "mod" weapons and armor. Lockpicking: Shepard can hack doors in every Mass Effect game, so in Skyrim the same skills apply. Destruction: Lightning attacks can serve as Overload. Fireballs=incendiary ammo, ice spike=cryo ammo Quests: Main quests: slay the dragons and their harbinger, Alduin. Companions: doing missions for gold for wealthy patrons and the glory and honor that comes with being a companion/spectre Dark Brotherhood: assassinate the corrupt emperor and solidify your renegade reputation Thieves guild: best place to learn your lockpicking and archery skills Mages college: learn your incendiary and cryo skills and stop the thalmor from destroying the world civil war: join the stormcloaks and bring down the empire's corruption Dawnguard: join the vampire hunters and help Serana destroy her evil father Dragonborn: the first dragonborn (first spectre) has returned and it's up to you to stop him
    March 17
  • Golden Fool You all have permission to worship me as a god for I have brought before you 6 new features :P
    February 6
  • Caladran Nothing is more embarrassing than unleashing dawnbreaker ultimate at craft table by accident in ESO. :$
    March 12