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  • GodofWarhammer Oblivion build: The Champion of Malacath Race: Orc Armor: orcish armor in general Weapons: any battleaxe or warhammer of your choice in the early game and than Volendrung in the late game Birthsign: Warrior Skills:Blunt, Block, Heavy Armor, Hand to Hand, Blade, Blunt and Athletics Attributes: Endurance and Strength Quests: Main Storyline (I'm sure Malacath would be very pleased by defeating a rival prince), Fighter's Guild (so you can get by) Origin of the Grey Prince (Orcs got to look out for each other) Arena questline and Greave Finder's Response (Prove your self worthy to Malacath by fighting in the Imperial Arena and slaying hordes of undead) This is my first Elder Scrolls build, I do plan to make more for any one interested so stay tune
    March 25
  • Henson who alive?
    December 19, 2020