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Sotek's Gallery

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    October 17, 2015

    There’s been a few members snapping at my tail to form a gallery showcasing all my art here on the blog, (Curse, Edana, Meli, GoldenFool just to name a few).

    What certainly came as a surprise was just how many actual pieces I’ve produced since I joined the blog. Various members have given encouragement and or allowed me to copy their own work and reproduce their efforts in my own unique style to whom I am thankful.

    So, having far more pieces than I previously realized and coupled with the fact that my tail has way too many fang marks, I find myself unable to delay things any longer. This is not only my gallery, but my journey as well.

    Welcome to Sotek’s Gallery.

    Spirit Wolves

    This was my first piece which I drew. The inspiration came from writing my story U.O.T.W. The red wolf represents Aela which is shown by the three lines across her face. The black spirit wolf represents Sotek. Note the three scars over his eye.

    I still remember my nerves when I first posted this piece. In fact it was the encouragement from other members of the blog which pushed me to draw more. For that I thank you all.

    From here on it gets sketchy (Pardon the pun) as to what order I drew them, however I think the next one was everyone’s favourite lizard girl.

    Tae Rai had a few various profile pictures and at one point she used this one.

    Now this caught my eye and after a few attempts I managed to create this. Tae Rai WIP1. Yes its a bit rough but it is a WIP after all.

    Once I had the overall picture drawn the way I wanted it, I proceeded to tidy it up. I had no idea how members would react to my style but after the initial feedback from my first drawing I decided to simply go for it. Little did I know just how popular it was going to be.

    From here things went from strength to strength. Here’s another Argonian who everyone knows. One of the hosts at Tamriel Tales. Okan Zeeus.

     And this is what I came up with.


    Another Argonian which caught my eye was (Anyone notice a theme here by the way?)

    Hunts Fights With Honour.

    My next piece I drew(Groans) inspiration from a screen shot taken by Teecam and posted by none other than our beloved Tae Rai.




     This is still a WIP. One day I will draw the flames so they are to my liking... One day...


    Now the next piece taught me a few things and it made me appreciate just how much work some people put into their drawings.

    For this piece I look towards a host in the Character Build group itself. Curse Never Dying. I’m sure you all remember his crusader drawing he made.


    Well Curse had the generosity to allow me to copy his piece and for that I am thankful.

    We’ve all seen the blog undergo some changes and one such change was adding some new hosts to the forums section. One member caught my attention by her friendly attitude and the fact that she gave me more reasons to talk about Sotek, Aela and Hircine.      (Enters Edana)


    Now up to this point I mostly drew Argonian profiles so this was a bit of a hunt in the dark.

    However once I had a bit of a play around and a good tidying up of the WIP I produced this.



    It was around this stage that I had a request from a member of the blog. It was the first actual request I had and I was somewhat sceptical on whether I could actually accomplish such a picture. The thing to remember is up to now it was I who chose the picture. This was the first time I was given one to draw. A whole new type of hunt, one I might add that I was dubious to attempt. (All this is true just so you know).

    What I didn’t realise was however is just how far I had come.

    The request was from a member called Mirric The Loremonger, and this is the picture he wanted.


    After getting over the initial shock... I did what any werewolf would do. I ran off and hid...

    After a few day s of my tactful withdraw. (Ahem) I looked at the picture more closely. Daring to put pencil to paper, I started to draw and this is what I came up with.

    Now before anyone says OMG!!! Let me explain something quickly. All my pieces start off like this. Tae Rai, Okan, Edana, even the Atronach. You see the way I draw is somewhat different to others so I am looking at different lines. You want proof? Here’s WIP 02

    Some parts look different and yet the shell remains the same. It was at this stage that I actually began to believe I could pull this off before the Blood Moon fell. I’m glad I stuck with it as the result speaks for itself. I have to admit I was really glad I took the challenge of drawing this.


    Another member came forwards and another picture however after tackling Daedra I was ready.

    Caleb offered me this profile picture to draw.


    My initial WIP didn’t bother with too much detail. All I am after is the initial outlay.

     From here we add dividing lines and split the drawing into sections. This was the result of those stages.

    Now came Lissette a very active member from Tamriel Tales. She requested a drawing of Albee, her main character from her story Stagg Rod.


    Oh how I stared at this picture. You see the trouble was that I couldn’t see many different sections within it. Without that I can’t draw them. Now Lissette has been a big help with my own story so I really didn’t want to disappoint her. So with little choice I scribbled over her picture. (Ducks for cover).


    Now it seems daft but what it enabled me to do was to break up the picture into the necessary sections. From that I came up with this.

    Once I hit this stage the rest just fell into place except the lips which took a few attempts to get right. Eventually I produced this.


     The next piece I will show you is another profile picture I drew. Now remember that I was dubious about drawing Lissettes character due to lack of lines?

    Well there wasn’t a lack of lines to worry about.

    There wasn’t any lines what so ever... Yea thanks for that Exuro...


    There wasn’t any lines what so ever... Yea thanks for that Exuro...

    Being up for a challenge I decided to go for it. A lack of lines wasn’t going to stop me...

    I drew my own.

     Yep I fell back to my Spirit Wolves. After some tinkering and false starts I ended up with this. Guess who owes me a red pen...

    The Second Art Bonanza came around and I had something special in mind. I’ve drawn three Argonians and have yet to draw my own Character from my story. U.O.T.W. So I decided to draw Sotek for the event. However the rule was that it had to have a NPC or a build. This didn’t deter me what so ever.

    I promptly drew Sotek along with his one and only She Wolf, Aela the Huntress.

    However due to the scale and the size I wanted I had to draw them in sections and different parts. Here’s my initial drawing of Aela.


    Moving on and a good few body parts later I reached this stage. Now at this point I would like to point out that Argonian tales have a mind of their own and as such I have zero responsibility with Sotek’s tail. Don’t blame me...

    Although there was a fair bit of detail here, there was still plenty to do. However the end result was worth it.


    And the same picture except with the addition of my typical tribal style.

    It’s been a long and interesting journey for me, one which has been very enjoyable and one which has been made far easier with all the support I have been given from many members of the blog. Thank you everyone who has given advice and support. Without you many of these pictures and I hope many more wouldn’t have even started on paper let alone stand in a gallery in Tamriel Vault.

    A big thank you to you all.

    Sotek Loyal Hound To Hircine.

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    October 17, 2015

    This is great but just so you know i am no longer Mirric Farseer i am now Mirric The Loremonger 

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    October 17, 2015


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    October 17, 2015

  • October 17, 2015

    Im glad you got around to making a gallery. 

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    October 17, 2015
    Beyond psyched to see this posted! So happy you finally did. :)
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    October 17, 2015

    I am as well to be honest. It was a surprise to see how any pieces I've done and it's great to see them all together.

  • October 17, 2015

    This is great, Sotek! So glad to see you finally have a gallery up. Albee wasn't as hard as you thought he was. 

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    October 18, 2015

    I really love those spirit wolves, the tribal style suits them so SO well. You have a very cool style. If you'd ever be up for drawing werebears, let me know!

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    October 18, 2015

    <--- (See profile pic)