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Flash Event Build: The Moonlight Kuyodaka

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    January 17, 2018

    Greetings and salutations everypony, to my contribution to our recently made Flash Event: Twin Deities. Combining both Lorkhan and Hircine’s spheres, alongside some real world mythology, welcome to….

    The Nibenay Basin, wherein the traditions and culture of Old Akavir still hold deep roots. In numerous homes the faith practiced is not that of the Eight and One, but the gods worshipped by the Akaviri who swore their fealty to Reman Cyrodill.

    One man who had trained in archery, and who had an aptitude for spellcraft, soon caught the attention of  Izanami, corpse goddess of creation, analougus to Shezzar , and Hoori, analougus to Hircine, god of the hunt, blessed this graceful man the abilities of creation under the moonlight. Not long after, Civil war War broke out in the north.  his mystic bow, he set off to aid the Empire in Skyrim……

    Build Overview

    Race: Imperial, primarily as Cyrodill is both primarily Imperial, as it's their homeland, plus bonuses to Enchanting, and Voice of the Emperor being handy in a jam.

    Standing Stone: The Mage to start with, followed by The Ritual

    Inspiration: Dark Sun Gwndolin (Dark Souls)

    Stat Spread: 3/1/3 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina. Stop perking health at 120.

    Primary Skills: Archery, Illusion

    Secondary Skills: Conjuration, Enchanting


    Gameplay with this build was quite fun. With the aid of Quite Casting, using a mixture of Invisibility and Candlelight/Magelight to distract enemies, next up will be followed with Fury based spells to help thin out the herd for our little glass cannon to deal with.

    Using Familiars and Ritual Stoned enemies to aid in combat, switch to either your Bound Bow or our Lunar Stalhrim Bow to deliver a volley of burning death to your foes if it's night. If you don't have any sort of mod that fixes up the glitch that makes it so the enchantment does diddily dick, then switch it to a Shock Enchantment. While constant movement is the norm for r Archer, alongside his Familiars and zombinos, the Moonlight Kuyoka can act more as a Stand Your Ground version, letting his foes come to him. Dragons can be dispatched with a mix of cover, like behind the indestructible fireproof trees of Skyrim, Become Ethereal, and just sending a boatload of arrows into the wyrm. Shock Damage is especially useful against dragons as it wittles down their Magicka, denying them the ability to use the Thu’Um, forcing them to land, especially as the Minibuild nature of the FE makes it neigh impossible to grab Dragonrend.

    Enchanting can be easily powerleveled via unenchanting items to learn their enchantments, Enchanting items to get rid of not Grand or Black Soul Gems.

    Questline wise, the only real one I fully finished by 20 was the College of Winterhold.



    X Robes of Conjuration or Illusion

    Hunter's Han Kote-Ancient Falmer Gauntlets w/ Fortify Archery

    Necromancer's Amulet

    Moonlit Butsu-Ancient Falmer Boots w/ Fortify Stamina Regen.

    Ring of Moonlight-Silver Amethyst Ring w/ Fortify Magicka

    Gekko Sonata-Stalhrim Bow w/ Silent Moons Enchant or Shock Damage.


    • Lay pelts and meats in Bloated Man’s Grotto as an offering to Hoori.

    • Regularly imbibe Moon Sugar, but only at night.

    • Practice your archery at any training dummies.

    • Always keep your DP Mask on in public

    It's a Trap!

  • January 17, 2018

    There we go Chris, updated it for you (well moved it over from the GDoc) and I also went and hunted down better versions of each image (higher res versions at least). Ah, actually I hadn't done the last one, and I couldn't find a much better version of that Stalhrim Archer image, it's a pretty blurry base image that was hard to improve.

    I have to admit, I think what this build need is a little bit of a stronger connection to the Event, it connects rather well with the AMOSS Theme, but uh, well the idea is that Hircine and Lorkhan are supposed to play a major part in the build (which is why I didn't just copy the AMOSS Themes) so at the moment the connection just feels... loose, incredibly so. Maybe having a section dedicated to linking with Lorkhan and Hircine would help out, because I do kind of get the idea of the build's connection to Lorkhan (which is just the moon right?) but I don't see Hircine in the build at all. 

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    January 17, 2018
    Well, hunting and wolves, but good point Deebs
  • January 17, 2018

    Fair enough, I didn't notice the part about Familiars. Still, think that it could be focused on a bit more, but yeah that does kind of fit. I dunno where I want to tackle some suggestions from, personally I think your general style really does benefit more from focusing on gameplay with short bits of RP/Backstory (you tend to have a kind of...limit on how long a backstory is) but I think it wouldn't be terrible to try and branch out from that style a bit. But yeah, at least what I'd recommend is either writing more RP (or some in-character chunks that are as large as your Gameplay section) or really kind of breaking down the build a little bit.

    For combat, you could write a whole section on the links to Hircine.

    You've got Hunting, Wolves, Moonlight (not the moons themselves), but there's a lot about him that connects with 'The Hunt, the Game, The Chase' and so on which would be really cool to see a bit of in the Gameplay (or RP) Then with Lorkhan you've got Creation, Trickery, The Moons themselves, I'd argue there's themes of Race  (Man vs. Mer), there's just some really cool ideas that I think could be focused on, even without changing the layout of the build.


    Sorry if I seem a bit too pushy Chris, I just like the base idea of the build (and generally combining Hircine and Lorkhan together) so I'm getting a bit excited about suggesting things. If this is what you want to leave it as, that's cool, it definitely fits the Event and I thank you for joining in and posting a good build. 

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    January 17, 2018
    Ill think on it. But first, I gotta work on that Kiritsugu build. I actually had a prototype version focusing on his side as a Counter Guardian.
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    January 18, 2018
    First entry into the event, good job Chris. I’m curious though, how did you manage to get the Stalhrim Bow with a level cap of 20? I don’t think they start appearing as loot or in vendors until way later.
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    January 18, 2018
    I think it's one if my mods that makes it so more valuable loot like ingredients, enchanted items and the like appear more often in boss chests.
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    January 18, 2018
    Anime pictures freaked me out but I'm in Japan right now so I've see. Worse, but anime beside this build looks great!
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    January 18, 2018
    I have made many anime inspired builds
  • January 18, 2018

    I have made many anime inspired builds

    Heh, and if it isn't anime it's a JRPG, feels like most of your builds are anime based by now Chris. Which isn't bad, I'm slowly creeping up there with most of my ideas being anime based (or whatever I'm supposed to classify RWBY as...)