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Character Build: The Trickster

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    July 29, 2020

    I thought it would be really cool if I somehow were able to integrate Majora's Mask and its many magical powers to the world of Skyrim, I have always liked the mask's introduction in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I think the main reason I like Majora's Mask (the mask itself) is because of it's mysterious past. I also like how the story of the mask isn't explained. Although I would have liked to know who Majora really was, I like the vagueness of the god's powers and why the mask was sealed away. I believe the mask itself draws upon the wearer's deepest desires or maybe it just takes those desires and twists it in Majora's own image. Majora's mask is one of my favorite zelda games and also my favorite zelda item.

    "Your true face... What kind of... face is it? I wonder... The face under the mask... Is that... your true face?" (Child wearing Twinmold's mask) 

    While out adventuring one day in his native land iof Highrock, a Breton happened across an ancient looking mask in some rubble. He looked at the peculiar mask with a shocked and confused expression on his face. The eyes began to glow bright orange causing the Breton to shriek and drop the mask. He asked around his hometown and to see if anyone knew anything about this ancient mask. No one knew about it, that is except a very old breton shaman with a long white beard.

    He beckoned the breton to come inside his tent, he did just that. Once inside the tent, which smelled of earth and brewed potions, he saw a long wooden table sitting against the far wall of the tent and placed the mask down upon it. He then listened to what the old man had to say. The old man cleared his throat in a flem-filled cough.


    "This mask was made by the predecessors of the forsworn." He strode over and placed a gnarled hand on the mask, "Now, they had made many masks to pray to their various gods." He said, raiseing a finger, "One, in particular, however, was the god of chaos and mischief. His name was Majora." He narrowed his eyes, "It was Majora's job to help the warriors of the tribe beat back any who would dare attack the villiage." He sighed, "They summoned him when their need was at its most dire, but, instead of helping them, he worked against them." The mask they where praying to lit up with fiery orange eyes;  the color of Oblivion itself.

    "Fools, all of you, how dare you summon me, for I am a trickster, I neither help nor hinder mortals, I just play with mortals' minds as I see fit. You see, I cause havoc just because I deem it to be a source of amusement for me, now leave me before I unleash my true power upon you mortals." He said, in a booming voice, mocking how the mask would have said it.


    the old man's voicee returned to its normal soft mannerism. "So the predecessors of the forsworn cast a spell that locked the ancient god of chaos in the mask and sealed it away; fearing its dark powers." He gestured to the Breton, who was caught by surprise. "As fate would have it you found tthe mask buried in the rubble of the long lost village that was lost to time due to a terrible tragedy that befell them after locking up the god in the mask."The breton, Arojam, picked up the mask and weighed it carefully in his hands, immediately. As before, the eyes began to light up. Ajoram could hear the trapped god's voice in his head.

    "I thank you for finding my mask. I am Majora, god of chaos. I sense in you the same drive for destruction and chaos that I had before that insolent tribe seal me inside one of their ritual masks. I can help you fulfill your deepest desires." 

    The old man saw what Ajoram was about to do; saw the evil, curious glint in his eyes and shouted at him to listen to reason and to resist the masks pull. He also told the breton to deny any 'promise' the mask makes. Ajoram turned to the old man and told him that his family is dead-his mom, dad and brother and sister were all killed during a caravan raid-and that he has nothing exept this mask that somehow understands his pain and can make that all go away. 

    Again, the old man warned the breton, but Ajoram did not listen, he lifted the glowing eyed mask to his face and his face litterally got sucked into the mask. A thunderstorm raged overhead. Storm clouds spiraled downwards to envelope the breton. The old man shielded his eyes due to the glow that was emanating from the Breton. It became so strong that he thought he would go blind if he looked at it for a prolonged period of time.


    When the storm ceased, the Breton just stood there with the glowing mask on his head, when he spoke a voice came forth, but it was not his.

    "At last I am free from my bondage thanks to this idiot mortal who found and put on the mask. Now I can start making chaos in this world as well, but first, loose ends and all that."

    The breton's hand shot out and a strange red light burst forth, engulfing the old man in flames. Ajoram laughed as the flames licked at the old man's body and they rose ever higher. When he turned to ash, the Breton turned and walked toward the harbor and booked passage to Skyrim where his, or rather Majora's journey of chaos and destruction could begin.

    Namee: Ajoram

    Race: Breton

    Apparel: Majora's mask (Majora's Mask unbound enchanted with waterbreathing) Cuirass of Voodoo (Vagabond Armor enchanted with magicka regen, fortify conjuration and health regen) Gauntlets of Madness (Vagabond gauntlets enchanted with fortify magicka and fortify illusion), Boots of the unhinged mage (vagabond boots enchanted with resist magic and resist poison), leather hood

    For majora's mask unbound you need one soul dust, one moon's tear, majora's mask, fierce deity's mask and all five pieces of the fierce deity armor, (beware though: you can never take this mask off. If you do, the spirit inside the mask will yell at you and if you try that same trick a second time, you will never put it on again. It makes sense because it symbolizes majora latching onto your soul as he is sapping your already failing willpower. 

    You will need a hood like the leather hood unless you want to see your character's hair vanish if viewed at the right angle from third person view.

    Weapon: Majora's Wrath (Gilded Sword enchanted with chaos damage and absorb stamina)  (until you are able to craft this item use a iron sword or steel sword to craft this sword, you will need five pieces of gold dust, the razor sword, a silver ingot and a steel ingot

    Spells: mayhem, chain lightning, psychokinesis, fury, mass paralysis, Equilibrium

    Shouts: drain vitality, dismay, bend will, disarm, soul tear

    Major Skills: Illusion, Conjuration, Alteration

    Minor Skills: One Handed, Light Armor

    Non-Perked Skills: Enchanting, destruction


    Alteration - Majora can alter his body to adapt to water breathing and he can also alter his magic tolerances

    Destruction - Majora kmew all about destruction magic and poured all his knowledge into the mask

    Enchanting - Ajoram is a natural at enchanting. The mask amplifies this and his other magical abilities

    Illusion -Majora is the master of playing with mortals' minds

    Light Armor - Majora passed on his knowledge of lightweight armor to the tribe that would ultimately become the forsworn

    One Handed -The mask bestows the wearer with exceptional weapon skills


    Relics of Hyrule - This non-journal mod adds zelda items and zelda-style dungeons to the world of Skyrim including the mask of the chaotic sorcerer

    Ordinator - this mod overhauls Skyrim's perk trees

    Aurora: standing stones of skyrim - this mod makes Skyrim's standing stone more interesting

    Psychokinesis - This mod enables telekinesis to word on people as well as objects. Be warned though, this spell does not differentiate friend from foe

    "The right thing... What is it? I wonder... If you do the right thing...Does it really make...everybody...happy?" (Child wearing Gyorg's mask)

    Inigo - this mod adds a truly interesting companion to Skyrim. He can read books, tell stories, chat about quests and can even interact with most of Skyrim's NPCs 


    Against mages, Ajoram utilizes his drain vitaly shout to drain their energies while rstoring his, leaving them weaker to his sword Majora's wrath. He could also use fury tomake the mages literally tear each other apart while he stands therer staring blankly with his glowing orange eyes.

    Against bandits, highwaymen and his fellow tribemate, he uses frost cloak in combination with marked for death to have them meet their end relatively quickly. If things get heated he can always use his chain lightning spell to watch the lightning arc between the hapless victims.

    Against dragonpriests, Ajoram calls upon the mask's full power by channeling his inner chaos. He can utilize his dragon aspect shout along with his sword, Majora's wrath along with his frost cloak to try and beat the dragon priest. He can alsorely on his flesh spells or his magic resistance if the fight gets too hairy.

    You can find Majora's mask on the body of a dragon priest in Morwitijall after you defeat him. The base version does nothing special until you take it to the ancient enchanter located at cragwallow slope. Use the mask plus soul dust and a moon's tear to craft the unbound Majora's Mask. This version of the mask gives the wearer various benefical abilities 

    in order to craft the gilded sword, first locate a terminan forge located near the village of rorikstead. Once you are there, craft the kokiri sword using the required items. When you have the kokiri sword, trade that in plus some materials for a razor sword and then trade that sword in for a gilded sword. All this can be done at the terminan forge. The forge plus the ancient enchanter, the sword and the mask is added through the relics of hyrule mod

    When walking near Falkreath, Ajoram finds an old ruined structure that he must brave the many challenges inside before battling Majora's priest, the false owner of the mask and retrieve the mask of the undead's corpse. He must venture into shrouded grove cave near Windhelm and pull the kokori sword free from a stone and find a terminan forge to reforge it into the razor sword and, in turn, reforge that sword into the gilded sword. He then goes to The College of Winterhold to unwittingly help the chaos god return to his former glory.

    With mask and sword in hand, the breton goes to Cragwallow slope to turn Majora's Mask into Majora's Mask unbound, thus further amplifying the magical prowess that the armor gives him. When all this is complete, he goes to Riften jail where he meet a rather strange creature that goes by the name of Inigo. He then goes back to Falkreath to find the sanctuary to start the Dark Brotherhood questline to help quench the mask's neverending thirst for chaos. His, or rather, the mask's path of chaos leads him to the Pelagius wing in Solitude where he meet another god of mischief and helps him with his chaos. Lastly, The mask makes the breton's life hell by forcing him to clean up after it. Though, it is harldy A Night to Remember.

    When Ajoram goes to Whiterun he can enchant the gilded sword, provided he has the proper skill level and materials; same goes for the unbound version of the mask which he can craft at an ancient enchanter in cragwallow slope near Windhelm

    College of Winterhold - the mask (majora) must obtain his powers and spells that were lost upon his being sealed into the mask

    Dark Brotherhood - Ajoram starts to spread the mask's chaos by helping kill the emperor of Skyrim

    Face of Madness - If anyone can help Ajoram spread chaos, then Sheogorath is the daedra that can do it

    A Night to Remember - the mask gets Ajoram into trouble in Whiterun. Now can he reverse the damage done before he in overtaken by the mask's malicious ways?

    Companions - Inigo with forsworn armor

    (optional house: Severin Manor in raven rock


    Constructive Criticism is Appreciated