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Character Build: The Reaver

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    August 3, 2018


    Foreword: As you may have guessed already by the name, this build is heavily inspired by the Reaver specialization from the Dragon Age Series and seeks to replicate that playstyle as faithfully as possible in the world of the Elder Scrolls.


    (Unknown Year: The Crypt) 


    She always woke to darkness, and even as she stirred, her fingers twitching at her sides, she wondered - was she even awake? How long had she slept? Was it light out, or dark?

    It was no use – Svarah’d lost all concept of time years ago. Decades? Centuries?


    Even her memories were fading away, and it grew ever harder to remember anything before the darkness. Before she was entombed in this sarcophagus, this…prison.

    Now and then, she sensed the faintest hint of power, of blood, of…life, but it always faded as quickly as it had come. Devoted guards sacrificed a little of their life essence every day, but that didn’t compare to times when some foolish adventurer stumbled into her tomb seeking treasure. After quickly dispatching the unwitting intruder, her guards would drain his blood and let it slowly drip into the mouth of her sarcophagus.

    But some time ago it had changed, the blood. Its taste was unlike that of men or mer or even dov. And it coursed through her veins with a seductive power that left her wanting more.

    Her guards’ life essence could no longer sustain her as it once had – her body cried only for blood. Subtly at first, it called to her, but soon the bloodlust grew insatiable, irresistible.


    She burned within her crypt. Rarely, she was able to focus her mind, cast it back to before – before she was entombed. When she’d walked free under open skies. It became her solace, then, those hazy memories of a time when she’d had enough power to break out of her prison and crush those who had trapped her here.

    (Late Merethic Era: Before the Dragon War) 

    The ground was slick with blood, the blood of the Snow Elves. Svarah’s warband had routed and slaughtered yet another pocket of the treacherous mer, once again earning her honor-name: Blood-Blade.

    Svarah’s combat prowess was unmatched, and her mastery of the Arcane differed from that of other Clever Men. Her magick coursed within her armor, enhancing it, making it stronger. Bound magick coursed along the blade of her sword, releasing in waves of powerful blasts with each swing.

    No one on the battlefield expected magick from a woman like Svarah – clad in heavy armor and wielding a great blade in both her hands. And Svarah used this eccentricity to her advantage, rarely failing to take her enemies by surprise.

    Her efforts against the Elves had even gained the recognition of the Dragon Priesthood, who sought to test her abilities. Her trials were many, but after years fraught with hardship and war, the Dragon Priests called her to Bromjunaar.

    “There is power in Blood, but the greatest power comes from the blood of the dragon. Taking that blood into yourself unlocks your true potential as a Dragon Priest. How it manifests,” Nahkriin said, handing the Chalice to Svarah, “is up to you. Drinking of the Blood binds your destiny to the Dovah and will awaken the dragon inside you. You will serve the Dov and preside over the lands of man to ensure the small folk stay loyal. Do you accept this gift we offer you?” 

    “Yes,” Svarah replied, and drank deep of the chalice.

    “I now name you Konahrik, for your tireless campaigns in freeing the land of the Elven scum.”

    Svarah felt the power awaken within her body - a primal power. And with it, boundless knowledge of the Thu’um.

    “Here,” Rhagot said, handing her an intricately carved mask, “the mask of a Dragon Priest, forged by the dovah themselves. Wear it with pride.”

    And Svarah did. In Atmora, the Dragon Priests had been lauded by the people for being fair and just rulers. They’d mete out just punishment to those who deserved it, but on the whole, they’d provided well for their subjects.

    But here, in their new homeland, cruelty and fanaticism began to take hold. Svarah slowly began to see a different picture unfold, and over time she became disillusioned with the with Dragon Priesthood.

    (Late Merethic Era: The Early Dragon War) 

    Rebellion had begun. Years of mistreatment and enslavement under Alduin’s Dragon Cult had broken man. They rebelled against their Dragon Masters, and the lands bled for it.

    When the Dragon Priests convened a Summit to decide how to deal with the rebellion, Svarah rose, her hands trembling slightly at her sides.

    “What has befallen you, this rebellion,” Svarah said, in a strong and steady voice, “is on your heads. Your tyranny has led men to call for your blood. Just as you have made them bleed for too many years.”

    The priests turned on her swiftly, capturing her and stripping her of her power and belongings, scattering them to different corners of the land. They entombed her in a crypt to await the judgement of Alduin.

    But judgement never came…

    (Present Day: The Crypt) 

    The blood stirred. Not her hunger, but something ancient. Something Svarah had not felt for eons. The dragon blood – the power of the dovah – coursed through her body once more. She was awake.

    Whatever magick held the sarcophagus shut had weakened enough for her to break through the seal, and with an ear-splitting crack, the lid broke open and crashed to the floor.

    Svarah crumpled to the ground in agony, her muscles stiff and weak. Light shone through a crack in the ceiling and burned her eyes. Svarah curved a hand over her brow and looked around.

    Shrivelled and desiccated bodies of her guards lay still on the crypt’s floor, and Svarah panicked, pulling her hands in front of her face and ignoring the painful sunlight’s glare. She’d feared the worst, but her body was…whole. Deathly pale and weak, but whole. 

    More than alive, she thought, feeling the dragon blood surge through her veins. But did this mean…

    Yes, Alduin had finally come. Judgement had arrived. After an eternity of quiet, the World Eater had returned, but Svarah vowed then and there - she was not going to be taken without a fight…. 

    All of these mods are playable on Xbox One

    Essential Mods:

    Sacrosanct - Sacrosanct completely overhauls vampirism in Skyrim, adding in many different passive and active abilities as well as a few race specific traits and even a couple of small quests.

    Ordinator - This mod does a total revamp of the Perk tree adding dozens of new skills to learn.

    20 Percent More Perk Points - A well-balanced option in my opinion when used with Ordinator installed. There are many new perks to choose, and having an extra skill point to spend every five levels helps to get those perks that would otherwise take a few more level ups to get.

    Summermyst - Fixes some vanilla enchantments but also adds in a plethora of new and interesting enchantments to learn.

    Andromeda Standing Stones - Overhauls vanilla Standing Stones allowing for all-new roleplaying options. Each stone feels truly unique and can't be replicated like the most vanilla stones could.

    Imperious Races - Breathes new life into the racial system, including new racial attributes, passives and unlockable abilities via a race specific quest.

    Thunderchild - Adds in 30 new shouts and several mini quests that can unlock additional shout-related powers.

    Volkihar Knight Armor - Add three new vampire themed heavy armor sets, that each have a unique effect. We will be using the Royal Guard variant.

    Recommended Mods:

    Wildcat/Smilodon - Overhauls damage and many combat features and allows you to customize your combat experience.

    Mortal Enemies - Tweaks enemy AI and hitboxes creating more fluent combat.

    Rebalanced Encounter Zones - Essentially this randomizes enemy leveling, generally making most encounters much tougher.

    Rotmulaag - Adds every vanilla shout as a meditateable word of power with Parthunaax. Fully voice acted and expertly crafted it fits seemlessly into the vanilla game.

    Enchantments unleashed - Essentially takes item restriction off all vanilla armor enchantments so you can place it where you want.

    Better Bloodskal Blade - Slightly tweaks The Bloodskal Blade's stats making it equivalent to ebony tier. The blast now does 70 points of damage. If you have all of the combat mods above installed you should find it is well balanced. If not wait until mid game before picking it up.

    Alternate Start - With this installed you can pick one of several scenarios on how to start your character's story off in Skyrim. For Svarah I had her start off as a vampire in a secluded lair. (Moldering Ruins above Rorikstead for me. But it just drops you off at a random vamp lair, so you may start elsewhere).

    Nord Vampire: With Imperious races installed Svarah will start out with a 25% resistance to frost. A passive effect known as the "Purge" which will allow Svarah to choose up to three races to do bonus damage to at levels 10, 20 and 30 (Altmer, Bosmer and Dunmer) and an innate ability to do more damage the lower her health gets.  She also gets an unlockable power called "Avatar" which she can use to regenenrate stamina and magicka once a day.

    With Sacrosanct installed being a vampire will allow Svarah to reanimate one slain enemy per battle for free. The power is called "From Ancient Soil".

    Name: Svarah  Blood-Blade

    Gender: Female

    Age: 4000 Years + (Magickally entombed from the early events of The Dragon war until 4th Era Skyrim)

    Standing Stone: Atronach - With the Atronach Stone Svarah can "Link" her Blood Magick to her blade with Spellscribe, because of the spell cost reduction. The unlockable ability "Devour From Within" is a very potent health absorbing ability that will paralyze a living target absorbing 50 magicka per second for 10 seconds, but will absorb health once the targets magicka depletes. This is important to note. For Svarah health absorption is key, so this will instantly be far more effective against non spell casting enemies i.e. warriors, archers and wild animals. Not to say it's ineffectual against mages, it can still be extremely useful at locking them down and helping Svarah finish them quickly. (You must find all standing stones to unlock Devour from Within). 

    Morality/Personality: Lawful Neutral Svarah has a strong sense of honor for the better or for the worse. She will stand for what's right and tries more often than not to choose the decision that would bring about the most good, at the same time she feels a deep disconnect from the world she has awoken to and doesn't feel at all familiar with the peoples or their beliefs. Which at times can make her seem callous or careless to those around her. She respects her adversaries and would never cut down an enemy who is without means of defence or is too lame to fight back. She tries to help those in need where possible but only if they are unable to help themselves. She has extreme disdain for elves but can keep her rage in check due to her strong sense of self.

    Chaotic Evil. As your journey with Svarah progresses, and she develops a taste for blood her honorable personality will begin to dissolve. Slowly at first but the more the urge to feed calls and the more she taps into the dark power of vampirism the faster she will become corrupted by the power at her finger tips. Always at odds with herself, fighting the primal urge of growing bloodlust it becomes even harder to resist the urge of being consumed by pure rage when in the presence of mer folk which she abhors with an almost religious fervor. It's like the darkness is always pulling at her trying to consume her leaving her teetering at the edge of a void there is no turning back from.

    You ultimately choose whether she is fully corrupted by vampirism like the priests she hunts were corrupted by power.  Or if she is able to cling to a lingering sense of humanity... 

    Find All Standing Stones - An untracked quest, but an integral ability to unlock. Svarah seeks the knowledge from the ancient stones of Skyrim to further enhance her powers.

    The Final Descent - The final resting place of the Bloodskal Blade is in Bloodskal Barrow. Svarah can sense the ancient blade's magickal properties and seeks to reunite with it once more.

    Blue Blood - There is power in blood, and there is even more power in the blood of those who have achieved greatness. Drink of the blood of mortal leaders and unlock the power hidden within the essence of Svarah's immortal vampire blood.

    Dragon Priest Quests - A personal quest of vengence and retribution. Svarah seeks to destroy the priests who betrayed and entombed her to regain that which was taken from her.

    College of Winterhold - Now Svarah is no mage though she does know some magical applications, her power lies in binding magical energy into her blade and armor. Through her search for the Dragon Priests she has discovered that Morokei lies within Labrynthian and the mages have the key. They agree to allow her entry after she displays the power of her Thu'um. (You can gain entry this way when Parthunaax tells you that you need to find the elder scroll).

    Main Quest - Alduin has risen again and with him his priests and their servants. Svarah means to strike the first blow this time. Seek to end Alduin and exact revenge as soon as possible.

    Dragon Born - Mirrak an Ancient Priest who also defied the Dragon Cult is rumored to have returned as well but has been corrupted by Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora. He seeks to enslave the island of Solstheim, Svarah cannot stand for the enslavemnt of the innocent and seeks to end his malice. (Or if Chaotic Evil she seeks to usurp his power).

    Dawnguard - Upon meeting Serana, Svarah is intrigued to learn more about secrets of the vampire and if the power within can aid her in her quest to destroy Alduin and his Priests. 


    Early Game Gear:

    Ancient Nord Armor Set: This is the armor Svarah is the most familiar with as it is a product of her time. It can be acquired relatively early in Forelhost during the Siege on the Dragon Cult quest. Just be prepared for a tough fight as this is one of the hardest dungeons in the game in my opinion.

    Ancient Nord Great Sword: Found in most ancient nord tombs

    Mid Game Gear:

    Bloodskal Blade - The Blade can be found in Bloodskal Barrow underneath Raven Rock. Svarah seeks to reunite herself with her ancient blade once more. (Funnily enough the Dragon Priest whom resides in the barrow is called Zahkriisos, which when translated from Dovahzul loosely means Bloody Sword. The blade will also do extra damage to this one Priest as well).

    Volkihar Knight Set (Royal Gaurd Variant) - The Royal Guard variant of this armor is perfect for the Reaver archetype as it has an innate ability to absorb 20 points of health every second for 4 seconds, and also knocks the target down. (This is a 15 percent chance on being struck).

    End Game Gear

    Reaver's Totem (Enchanted) - The jarl of Falkreath hold is in posession of an Ancient Nordic amulet. Svarah "acquires" the amulet and enchants it with Influence: Fear (Summermyst - creatures and people flee from wearer within x radius depending on level) and Fire Resistance.

    Blood Ring (Enchanted) - Plain gold ring (Silver hurts vampires) enchanted with Imminent Victory (Summeryst - take up to x% less damage from enemy attacks the further their health drops below 50%) and  Regen Health.

    Enchanted Volkihar Knight Set (Royal Gaurd Variant) Hood - Fortify Health and Stamina. Gauntlets - Fortify Stamina Regen and Resist Magic. Boots - Fortify Destruction and Fortify Stamina Regen. Cuirass - Cheat Death (Summermyst - Take x% less damage when health falls below 25%) and Regen Health.

    Konhariik - Svarah's mask of power, her "Reward" for slaying all the Dragonpriests in mainland Skyrim. With all the masks in hand go to labyrinthian and equip the wooden mask to acquire Konhariik. 


    There are a few shouts that are particularly useful for this build. But to really appreciate how awesome it can be I would highly recommend using Thunderchild and Rotmulaag. Thunderchild unlocks many new shouts some of which go so well with the build it'd be hard to pass up. One example would be the "Kingsbane" Shout, which when used in the right scenario can completely turn the tide of a battle. And an ability to refresh active shout cooldown once a day. Thunder Child accompanied with Ordinator and Rotmulaag truly makes you feel like a dragonborn, you can win entire fights with just your Th'um.

    Rotmulaag on the other hand does not add in any new shouts. It instead adds new words to meditate on with Parthunaax, in a fully voice acted experience. You can swap out the meditation at any time via a journal your character keeps, which means you don't have to visit Parthunaax every time you want somthing new. The word I chose was Gaan (Drain Vitality) which gives you a passive called Til the Last Drop, which makes all absorption effects 25% more effective.

    • Dismay - Svarah's voice is so powerful that none but the most mighty will stand and face her. (Fear Effect)
    • Dragon Aspect - The dragonblood runs hot within Svarah's veins and in times of need she can take on the very nature of a dovah, becoming terrifyingly powerful 
    • Kingsbane - The voice brings all would be assailants to thier knees. (Knocks foes back or down in a radius around Svarah. At full power you can even "crush" launched enemies in a timed scenario).
    • War Cry - When battle fatigued or heavily wounded and out of options Svarah can use the voice to regain mortal energies.
    • Disarm - Svarah's voice rends the weapons from her foes grasp.
    • Curse - You reflect damage up to 7 times back at the attacker (still take normal damage). 
    • Become Ethereal - The voice protects Svarah from harm. This shout is very useful when facing mages and dragons. You can also get a free power attack and the Reaving Slash ability does not cancel the shout. 

    Attributes: 1:2:0


    Two Handed - Svarah's main source damage she is a true force to be reckoned with when she has a great blade in her hands.

    Perks of note:

    • Death or glory - Two handed power attacks deal up to 100% more damage below half health. Damage bonus increases as health decreases.
    • Massacre - In combat, Swinging a two handed weapon has 10% chance to increase attack speed by 175% for 3 seconds.
    • Slayer of a Thousand Sons - In combat two handed weapons deal 5% more damage for each enemy you have slain in the previous battle up to 40%.

    Heavy ArmorThe sight of Svarah clad in heavy armor is enough to break some enemies and send them fleeing from their ranks.

    Perks of note:

    • Rise Above - If wearing all heavy armor, you intmidate enemies within 15 feet, They lose 5%attack damage and you gain 5% attack damage for each enemy affected.
    • Primal Fear - If wearing all heavy armor, walking (but not running) towards enemies within 30 feet in front of you may break their confidence, causing them to flee for 8 seconds.
    • Revel in Battle - Whenever struck by an enemy your melee weapon damage increases by 3% for 10 seconds. This effect stacks.

    Speech - Svarah has learned to channel the Dragonblood within her to great effect. Her Th'um is so strong that not even a Dovah could match it for raw power. 

    Perks of note:

    • Windborne - Shouting summons up a divine wind, granting 30% extra attack damage and 15% increased movement speed for 15 seconds. This effect stacks.
    • Hurricane Force - Shouts that affect others are 1% more powerful per level of speech.
    • Thu'um of War - Your Shouts stagger nearby enemies within 25 feet, reducing armor rating by 300 points for 10 seconds. Enemies below 25% health are knocked down.

    Enchanting  - Svarah has learned to weave her magick into her gear and create a bond between spell and blade.

    Perks of note:

    • Thunder Struck - Weapon enchantments are 25% more effective when delivered by a power attack (or 50% for a two handed power attack). This effects Bloodskal Blade.
    • Spellscribe - Grants the 'Spellscribe" power: use it to store the spell you are dual casting. Your power attacks and power bashes unleash the stored spell for free, with a cooldown based on Enchanting skill. Use a hemomancy spell, it is also worth noting that this effects power attacks in Vampire Lord form.
    • Twin Enchantment - Can place two enchantments on the same item.


    Smithing - Spending much time on the battle field Svarah has great knowledge in the upkeep and maintance of her armor.

    Perks of note:

    • Arcane Blacksmith - You can improve enchanted weapons and armor.
    • Exotic Smithing (Crystaline) - You can craft ebony tier gear and improve them twice as much. Volkihar Knight armor requires this perk.

    Block - Svarah is very much an offence is the best type of defence kind of person, but knows that there are certain times when one must parry an attack.

    Perks of note: 

    • Block Mastery 2/2 - Block up to 20% more damage
    • Power Bash - Holding down bash will unleash a power bash that will do extra stagger to enemies. It will also activate Spellscribe.

    Destruction Svarah uses her knowledge of Blood Magick to link it to her blade.

    Perks of note:

    • Destruction Mastery 2/2 - Destruction spells cost 50% less Magicka and are 0.5% more powerful per level of Destruction.
    • Destruction Dual Casting - Dual Casting a Destruction spell empowers it, increasing effectiveness and cost. Needed to activate Spellscribe. Spellscribe also levels Destruction which will make Hemomancy Spalls more powerful. 

    The path of The Reaver is as much a quest in it self as any other. There is much power in the blood to be unlocked, but as always, power is not freely given; it must be earned.  Are you worthy to take on the mantle of The Reaver or will the power corrupt you?


    Wassail -  Lose humanity below 25% Health in combat, draining Health, Magicka and Stamina until combat ends. Also reduces them by 10 points until you feed.

    Blood Revel -  (Power) In combat, gain 25% bonus attack damage and spell effectiveness for 120 seconds or until combat ends, but activate Wassail. (Only when not sated, unless you have King among Kine).

    Blood Cauldron - (Power)  Expend some of your Vampiric blood to replenish Health, Magicka and Stamina, becoming thirstier. (Only when sated).

    Flaywind - (Greater Power) Target person within 10 feet flees while vampire bats absorb 25 Health per second for 30 seconds. If the target dies, counts as feeding. (Only while blood starved, unless you have King among Kine).

    Vampires Seduction - (Greater Power)  Silently bewitches a person up to level 10 for 30 seconds, calming them and allowing you to feed. (Can be used in combat).

    Vampiric Age: 

    King Among Kine - You no longer lose any powers when feeding.

    Dance with the Beast - Attack damage dealt doubled and attack damage taken halved while affected by Wassail, until combat ends.

    Blood Knight - Able to feed on staggered enemies in combat for 50 points of Stamina.

    Blue Blood Quest:

    Potence - Vampiric strength grants 15% more attack damage, increased to 30% when Sated.

    Vampire Lord Form:

    Starving Artist - In mortal form, Hemomancy spells used against people absorb Health equal to 25% of their base damage (dealing that much extra damage and healing the caster for the same amount). Killing people with Hemomancy spells advances your Vampire Lord perks. 

    Make Them Beautiful - In mortal form, Hemomancy spells used against people have 25% chance to tear apart victims below 25% Health, instantly killing them.

    White Wolf - Your Vampire's Seduction power now works on targets 15 levels higher and you may Drain people under its effect regardless of how thirsty you are. Additionally, Draining a sleeping or seduced victim advances Vampire Lord perks.

    Dragon at midnight - You gain 4 perk points to spend in your other perk trees. However, when you are Blood Starved, contact with Sunlight will instantly destroy you!

    Hemomancy Spells:

    Blood Seed: (Apprentice) Jagged bone shards grow in a living or undead target, dealing 6 magic damage for 10 seconds. (1 draining)

    Blood Brand: (Adept) Living or undead target takes 5 magic damage per second. After 10 seconds, detonates for 100 damage. (3 drainings)

    The Reaver: A true Reaver has tasted the ritually-prepared blood of a dragon. It is more than a state of mind. These fearsome warriors revel in death, regaining energy from the suffering of their foes. (Dragon Age 2 Reaver Specialization)

    Reaving Slash - Bloodskal Blade + Spellscribe (Hemomancy Spell) + Starving Artist + Make Them Beautiful

    When Svarah power attacks with her sword she sends forth a wave of Blood Magick and psychic energy, rending into the flesh of her foes and replenishing her vitality. Weakened foes may even be torn to shreds by her power.  

    Blood Frenzy - Warriors Heart + Death or Glory 

     The more hits Svarah takes the deadlier she becomes. 

    Unleash the Beast - Blood Frenzy + Blood Revel + Dance with the Beast + Wassail  

    When pressed Svarah taps into her own life force to enhance Blood Frenzy, cleaving a bloody swath through her foes, in an intense bloodlust. 

    Dovah Rage - Unleash the Beast + Dragon Aspect + Windborne + Thu'um of War 

    When surrounded by many powerful foes, Svarah calls upon the Dragon Blood to lay waste to those around her, staggering them and weakening their spirits, while simultaneously gaining a spur of immense power. This is the most powerful ability in her arsenal, calling on the strengths of several lesser abilities all at once. 

    Consume - Blood Knight or Flaywind or Vampires Seduction (Buffed with White Wolf)

    Embracing the beast can be taxing but the drawbacks need not be permanant. Svarah can draw power from the blood of her enemies to heal the effects of wassail.

    Blood Tide - Blood Cauldron or Devour from Within

    When Svarah teeters too close to the edge of her life force she can call on the blood of past feeding to replenish her health, or single out a target paralyzing it in fear and drawing in it's life force to heal herself. (Devour from Within works best on non mage classes).

    Terrifying Presence (Passive Effect) - Rise Above + Influence: Fear Enchantment (Reavers Totem) 

     Svarah is fueled by the cowardice of her enemies, the more they fear her the stronger she becomes. Some will even flee the field at the very sight of her. 



    For a more indepth look at gameplay and some tips, click here.

    This build involves very aggressive gameplay. Offense is Svarah's best defence. Don't be afraid to let your health drop a bit. Your enemies will find that the more they hurt you the more fearsome you become much to thier dismay. Make the most out of the abilities above. They all help to optimise a playstyle that is focused around damage output and health management.


    Melee enemies - Use heavy hitting power attacks to decimate groups of melee opponents and also to unleash the reaving slash ability on more distant targets. If faced with a particuarly large group use Dismay to rout the weaker enemies giving you time to focus on a single target.

    Magic Users and Dragons - When facing mages and dragons Become Ethereal is your go to shout. Reading a dragons body language and carefully listening for when it's about to use it's Thu'um, you can easily make the most out of this shout. when faced with mages you can use this shout to close the distance with them particularly flame wielding adversaries. Once Dragonrend is unlocked dragons become much easier to deal with.

    Archers - With a high armor rating archers are not as much of an issue but a high level archer can still be quite damaging so Become Ethereal can be helpful with them as well. Or just the good ol' Fus Ro Dah tactic.


    I slowly ramped up the difficulty as I leveled to keep the gameplay balanced. One reason I did not use any enchantments or potions that buffed Two Handed damage was because Svarah is already insanely powerful. With an epic smithed Bloodskal Blade by end game I was doing 110 to 145 damage per swing depending on vampiric thirst. And thats before using abilties like Unleash the Beast.

    This is how I used the difficulty. Levels 1 - 25 on Adept, levels 25 - 40 on Expert and level 40 - 50 on Master.

    For a look into how combat runs check out this gamplay video. And over all just enjoy yourself. It's not everyday you get to be an all powerful Ancient Vampiric Dragon Preistess!

    Well shit what can I say this one took a while. What you see here is the end product of one hell of a drawn out process. I had a lot of fun creating the backstory to this character and then seeing how to fit it in with a Dragon Age specialization. And am really pleased with how it turned out. I am glad to be able to share this one with you all and hope you get as much fun out of playing Svarah as I did.

    I'd like to thank all of you who helped me out with "The Reaver" along the way. A special shout out to Ilanisilver for helping with the story and proof reading, and another to Phil for pointing me in the right direction to find some awesome lore around the Dragon War and Dragon Priests. The build has been made all the better thanks to the both of you!!

    Lastly I'd like to put forth a little disclaimer. All the art (Not Screenshots or Banners) was done by other authors, and I do not take credit for their work. So a shout out to them for creating some awesome pictures.

    If you liked this build and would like to see more by me check out my builds below. Thanks and hope you enjoy The Reaver - Furrion.

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    August 3, 2018
    Hey! I'm glad you got this up, Furrion, Svarah is a very creative character who you've placed into the setting in a pretty organic way. The lore aspect of the build is really cool, especially the drinking of dragon blood to establish that bond between Dovah and Priest. The whole Zaan thing from Scalecaller added this concept of that connection, so it's pretty awesome that you have found your own way of expressing that in a manner fitting TES - For if blood and soul are interchangeable terms (dragonblooded = Dragonborn), then there are so many layers of meaning when we factor in that blood-drinkage. As for the build, well you've got some great art going on to inspire and keep that Reaver theme going throughout. Personally, I think what inspires me most in terms of mechanics is the Primal Fear perk and how that mental image of this figure slowly walking towards her enemies as they scatter in horror is just so compelling in how it relates back to the overall vibe. Great stuff, dude, great stuff!
  • August 3, 2018

    very cool final product! what platform do you play? i now want to play a vampire because sacrosanct sounds super cool. and love the image selection. did you modify the one pic under "the character" with the warpaint? i swear I thought she didn't have warpaint before. 

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    August 3, 2018

    @Paws - Thanks man! It sure took awhile but I had a great time playing the character, very unique in terms of builds I've played before. Thats in no small part thanks to Sacrosanct though. I was so stoked when you linked me that stuff about Zaan, cause it meant that there was a lot more lee way with what I could do surrounding lore. And that Primal Fear perk just fits the vibe of a Reaver so much it was to good to pass up. Finding pictures was one of the most time consuming parts for me, I spent hours upon hours scrolling through pintrest and google images. But I'm very selective when it comes to the art I use.

    @ilanisilver - Thanks! I play on Xbox I just added that in to the mods section now. And Sacrosancts a very awesome mod for vampires, I get the feeling that I played it in a bit of an unorthodox way, by turning most of the negatives asociated with it to my advantage lol. And yea I changed the character picture kinda last minute, to match the art piece under the Thu'um section cause that's how I envisioned her looking after I came across it. I took the screenshot in the exact same place as the original (High Hrothgar) so it looks very simmilar.

    And if ya end up rolling this character or doing something with Sacrosanct I'd be happy to answer any questions you have :)



  • August 4, 2018

    I really enjoyed the build Furrion, I think it might honestly be your best yet by a nice margin. It's really just a neat build that has some interesting ideas and the use of some awesome mods. I think if there's anything I'd recommend adding, it would be some more work on how the perks, spells, vampire abilities and so on, work together.  Even with the tactics section your not really focusing a lot on what the combos actually do and how they work together, just telling us they do. It's not a compulsorty thing but it's something that I think makes a build a lot better.

    But yeah, the story, presentation and gameplay is all really nice Furrion, definitely a +1 from me :D

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    August 5, 2018

    Dragonborn2021 said:

    I really enjoyed the build Furrion, I think it might honestly be your best yet by a nice margin. It's really just a neat build that has some interesting ideas and the use of some awesome mods. I think if there's anything I'd recommend adding, it would be some more work on how the perks, spells, vampire abilities and so on, work together.  Even with the tactics section your not really focusing a lot on what the combos actually do and how they work together, just telling us they do. It's not a compulsorty thing but it's something that I think makes a build a lot better.

    But yeah, the story, presentation and gameplay is all really nice Furrion, definitely a +1 from me :D

    Thanks DB real glad you liked it.I had a blast playing this and it's great to have it out.

    I've done an expanded gameplay talk but I seem to have run into a snag.... The CB thingy must have a wrld limit because when I hit post half of the last section disapeared. So I may have to add an Adittional topic to fit in 4 -5 extra paragraphs :S Which would be rather annoying but I don't see any other way around it.

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    August 5, 2018

    Just in case you didn't catch the link in the build heres an extended cut on gameplay.


    Stay Hydrated – This is one rather more important than you may first think. Especially when you consider effects like Potence, Blood Cauldron and Fortitude. Potence will give you a 30% damage boost while you are fully fed, that’s an insane boost and should be enough reason for you to want maintain satiation. But if it’s not; the Fortitude passive is only available while you are fully sated and will instantly heal your attributes should you take fatal damage lowering your thirst instead (Note this will briefly stop combat and put you in the recovery animation). If you’d rather keep the battle tempo raging Blood Cauldron (also only available when fully sated) is an activatable power that can be used to heal all attributes when at low health but will cost one level of thirst.

    A Note on Unleash the Beast – Though this is an alluringly powerful ability, it must be used tactically and wisely. If you charge into a battle that looks to be lengthy and activate it straight off the gun in most instances you will kill yourself. Wassail is unforgiving. This is why under enchantments I have made Health, Stamina and their regeneration counterparts a priority on the gear set. Be aware of enemy positions and numbers as well as their health and your own. And beware if you use this ability to much without feeding you will weaken yourself. Wassail takes 10 points of each attribute with each use until you feed again. It will be especially crippling at lower levels there was a point where I was running around with 60 points of each attribute. This can be offset by the health and stamina enchantments previously mentioned and “Blood Healing” via The Consume ability.

    Shout! – Seriously I can’t emphasize this more, you can shout your heart out with this build thanks to Ordinator and Thunderchild. Perks like Force Redoubled (50% chance to not activate a cooldown on your shouts), Merciless Storm (instantly reset, shout cooldown once a day) and passives from Thunderchild such as Storm Crown (cancel active shout cooldown when entering combat) and Thundering Echoes (First shout in combat is free) all combine to make one hell of Thu’um show case. Putting that together with perks such as Th’um of War and Windborne, you can keep the pain train rolling indefinitely.

    To Easy? Try only “Blood Healing” – So you can play on Master, or Legendary even and are finding it a cakewalk? Tweak the settings on Wild Cat. Turn on injuries Make Stamina cost more per swing and use no healing potions. Yup you heard me use no healing potions. This will force you rely on the Blood Healing techniques in the talents section (Consume and Blood Tide). If you can come out of this unscathed you can call yourself a true Reaver. Father Kolgrim would be proud to count you among his disciples.

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    August 5, 2018

    Dragonborn2021 said:

    I really enjoyed the build Furrion, I think it might honestly be your best yet by a nice margin. It's really just a neat build that has some interesting ideas and the use of some awesome mods. I think if there's anything I'd recommend adding, it would be some more work on how the perks, spells, vampire abilities and so on, work together.  Even with the tactics section your not really focusing a lot on what the combos actually do and how they work together, just telling us they do. It's not a compulsorty thing but it's something that I think makes a build a lot better.

    But yeah, the story, presentation and gameplay is all really nice Furrion, definitely a +1 from me :D

    Hey man what'd ya think of the updated section I added on? Expands on the application of some of the abilities used and how to manage them.

  • August 8, 2018

    Hi Furrion! So happy to finally read this. Site has been very slow for me and I was working on the Compendium and moving. Thank you for taking the time to go in depth with regard to the new perks offered by Ordinator and Sacrosanct. The extra tips on a separate page is also very helpful. I like the thematic presentation and I can tell you really worked hard on this. I love the Bloodskal blade, so really nice job incorporating that. Lol, even your build is red, black, and grey, from the armor to the weapons. Nice. 

    Did you do the whole Forelhost dungeon at low level? I only needed to do the first room to get my hand on some Ancient Nord armor and weapons for Henantier. I think the first cultist drops a full set. 

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    August 9, 2018

    The Long-Chapper said:

    Hi Furrion! So happy to finally read this. Site has been very slow for me and I was working on the Compendium and moving. Thank you for taking the time to go in depth with regard to the new perks offered by Ordinator and Sacrosanct. The extra tips on a separate page is also very helpful. I like the thematic presentation and I can tell you really worked hard on this. I love the Bloodskal blade, so really nice job incorporating that. Lol, even your build is red, black, and grey, from the armor to the weapons. Nice. 

    Did you do the whole Forelhost dungeon at low level? I only needed to do the first room to get my hand on some Ancient Nord armor and weapons for Henantier. I think the first cultist drops a full set. 

    Thanks Lissette, stoked to hear ya like it!!

    I really enjoyed creating this one from the Reaver archetype. All the perks and effects that Enaisaion's mods added seemed to synch up great for this build, and I really liked going into detail to show just how much synergy this Svarah has when played right.

    The Volkihar Knight Armor mod that I used is one of my favorite moded armors because it just loooks like it's part of the game. Nothing flashy or out of place looking about it. Just genuinely looks like a heavy variant of the Royal vampire Armor. The health drain effcet was a treat especially on higher difficulties with Wild Cat installed.

    I'm glad the colour theme for the build sticks out, it took hours upon hours to get all those pictures and banners right lol . I even modled my character after one of em because it looked so badass :P.  The Bloodskal Blade, is one of my favorite weapons as well and I was just itching to make a build with it. Just so happens that it seemed to fit the theme of this one to a T, so I went with it. Honestly I was planning on just running the ancient nord great sword with a health enchentment but after I thought about using the Bloodskal blade it turned out to be far more interesting gameplay wise. And I found if I managed Svarah's health well enough she didn't really lack for the enchantment any way.

    I think when I got to Forelhost I was somwhere between level 5 - 8.Haha yea much to my the toll on my sanity I did the whole dungeon. It was the only time the whole playthrough I put it down to novice lol. There were just to many Deathlords and don't even get me started on Rhagot. I have a bad habbit of refusing to turn back when I start a dungeon. And if it's particularly hard I get the "I will not be bested by you game", attitude going on lol. I gained like 5 levels of mostly heavy armor in that dungeon lol. So yea if anyone else is reading this do yourself a favor and just kill the cultist ghost and grab the armor and weapon at the very start and bail. It's just not worth the pain and torment on lower levels unless your like me lol :D :D

    Anyway cheers for droping in a coment great to get the feedback!!