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Twitch Users: Tell Us When You're Streaming

  • Meh
    December 2

    DeltaFox said:

    Trying to watch Amo play, but he starts streaming when it's 2 am at my place. Damn you round earth and your pesky time zones. :)

    The Earth isn't round it's flat get the facts right, lol.

  • December 3

    The wife is gone for the day, the pets are all fed, and im going up in a minute, morning stream for me means maybe a few of our European friends can stop in.

  • Member
    December 3

    I'll start streaming some more Skyrim in a few minutes. Will probably go on for a few hours.

  • December 3
    It’s that time again!
  • Member
    December 4

    So, I completely forgot to mention it here, but I started streaming a few hours ago. For those that would like to join me:

    We've collected a few random artefacts, stolen another horkerload of books and gone on a small heist in the Blue Palace in the hopes of getting into that damned Pelagius wing!

  • Member
    December 5

    I'll stream some more tonight; starting at 21h CET and I'll continue until 1h CET. We'll be playing some more Skyrim but I welcome anyone interested in discussing Fallout while I look for random artefacts. I've been thinking of what kind of Fallout playthrough I could stream and while I have a few ideas for a character I would welcome any awesome ideas. Anyway, if you're interested in joining come watch my stream on twitch:

    Also, after this, I'll probably be returning to my usual schedule of streaming on Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Member
    December 7

    First of all; no Skyrim stream tonight, instead I'll be streaming some Stellaris tonight. It's a space strategy game that I quite like so if you want to join in to check out the game or just have fun, I'll start at 9pm CET and will continue until 1am CET.

  • December 10

    Home from vacation! Gonna pull up stream for a bit as I have missed the Wasteland greatly!


  • 4 hours ago

    I'm going rogue! Making my own discussion! I'm too good for all you jerks now! muahahahahahahaha!





    No not really, I love you guys I just don't want to clog up this topic with all my jibber jabber.

    Check out my side discussion here!