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  • June 23

    So, I thought I'd try and see about starting up a bit of discussion over here. We had a decent amount over Gwent and there's just been a bit of activity here lately so I figured that it can't hurt. This is a dual discussion, first simply asking if anyone has any content they're thinking about producing in the next month or so (and it's an especially good time with the Steam Summer Sale happening) and of course to promote some of my upcoming projects...Which really is just me answering the question so, yeah.

    Is there anything you think you'd produce in the next month?

    If not, is there anything you'd like to produce at some point, and could be spurred on to do that by discussion/just getting into it?

    For me I've got a fair amount planned in the next month. I've started my Machine Analysis Program, or M.A.P which is a Horizen Zero Dawn guide for fighting the various machines you see in the game. That'll be about 20 pages worth of content which is really quite thrilling to me, and it should end up being finished by either late July/mid August. I'm also going to be posting a WiP for a Horizen Zero Dawn build which is relatively short but a fun little glimpse into the Roleplay that can be done in it, and an example of how you can play a relatively quick build in a large RPG (the game is about 30-40 hours long, more if your aiming for that 100%). I'm also really in a Pokemon mood lately and I'm thinking of posting a few teams once I test them out, my first is a Gen One only OU team that's doing pretty decently right now (Arcanine, Mega-Venusaur, Tentacruel, Dugtrio, Zapdos and Hitmonchan...though I might see about swapping Hitmonchan for Gengar just to get something that can be super effective against Psychic types).m 

    Anyway, that's just my way to answer the question. I've got a fair amount of content planned, which doesn't even mention my RPG Group based Modder's Logs (DiD only over in the MC), but they aren't here so it doesn't matter. 

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    June 23

    Hmm, I was thinking a Persona 5 guide to various Social Links, and perhaps a breakdown of some Personas 

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    September 17

    I don't have a schedule for it (because it's not my forte, you see), but I'm hoping I can bring some Pillars of Eternity discussions to the Vault. Right now I'm only just delving into that game and Eora.

  • September 17

    I've never been able to finish Pillars of Eternity, I heard from Karver that it's an awesome game from start to finish and I keep trying but I'm never able to push myself through even the first town. Which is really weird because it's basically the perfect format for me to enjoy :( 

    But that'd definitely be cool, the discussions would probably go to the Forums (unless they were Tips and Tricks Articles, Lore Articles, Builds, Roleplaying Profiles or...I think that's it, it was last time I checked) but still it'd definitely be cool to get some more PoE action, might get me to finish it

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    September 18

    Sorry, by "discussions" I meant posts focused mainly on PoE roleplaying and perhaps on lore. I have a nasty habit of calling every post a "discussion".

    And you should really give it another try. I find that creating a background you can get truly invested in really helps you to enjoy the game and it makes it so that when you get to the character creation in the beginning of the game you know exactly what you want to build, otherwise you can easily get overwhelmend with the amount of building possibilites PoE presents you (race + class + (if you choose them: Paladin's Order/Priest's God) + culture + background, it's a nightmare - or a dream - for those who love roleplaying). That "overwhelmed" feeling usually creeps into the enjoyment you get from the game, with each dialogue where your background is brought up making you think about how cool that other idea you had would be.

     You can also access the game files to check out all the available portraits for you character. If you are struggling they are very helpful, and it was a portrait that reminded me of one of my favorite ASOIAF's character, an unrelated actor and a character whose name I do not remember from a book series I read when I was younger called "Ranger's apprentice" that made me come up with the charater that I'll be exploring here once I've played enough of the game. All of that from just looking at the available portraits.

     You can also find some portraits on Nexus, but I find that those are usually of way too pretty and perfect people that contrast too much with the world of PoE or just don't fit.