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Fallout Tips and Tricks Question Thread

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    June 28, 2016
    I did use solar powered...it helps a little. I do think I'll try the robe glitch out a bit and report back.
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    June 28, 2016
    Yeah I'm just being whiny haha. With ballistic weave in robes I think that will round out the Glowing one build closer to how I envisioned it. I did use the serum but it's limited so hard to depend on in a build.
  • September 4, 2017

    Hello all, I am not sure if this is the right thread but I had 3 questions that will pertain to a build, and playstyle I am interested in trying.  All 3 questions do relate to one another and are likely going to be the same answer due to the way After a few searches not providing an answer.  I was hoping my fellow bethesda knights would provide some help.  

    Question 1:
    Has anyone tested Four Leaf Clover with Automatic weapons or Minigun/Gattling Laser?  Basically does the perk get checked per each round that hit or does it get determined per burst of fire in Vats?  For example if hitting with a 3 round burst from an automatic weapon with all the ranks of Four Leaf Clover, you would end up with about a 36% chance to get a critical hit per burst fired (14% + 0.86*0.14 + 0.74*0.14 = 36%).  If this is not the case then it won't be nearly as effective.  

    Question 2: 
    Two Shot Weapons: I was just wondering how these weapons work in VATS with Four Leaf Clover, or Overdrive?

    Question 3: 
    Does anyone know if the Chem Overdrive, works per shot or per burst when using VATS, I have noticed it going off when I used VATS while on the chem, either way this chem is fantastic but it would end up determining which weapon would be most beneficial you would use instead.  It also would determine if you want to use VATS or not, as one of the major benefits is getting critical hits outside of VATS.