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Halloween things: help me get into it..?

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    October 14, 2015 8:52 PM EDT

    Guys. I'm sorta bummed. Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time, but for some reason this year I'm just not feeling it. It just seems like a low energy holiday for me so far. So allow me a moment to live vicariously through you fine folks. Drop down any answers you feel like to the following questions:

    1. How do you get into the Halloween spirit?
    2. What are your plans for this Halloween?
    3. Do you have a costume? If so, what is it and are you buying, making, or some combination thereof?
      SUB QUESTION: If you could be anything at all--time, cost, and materials permitting--what would you go as?
    4. If you actually dislike Halloween (I think you're totally crazy) tell me why.

    Basically I just wanna feel this way again:

    ...Help me out?

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    October 14, 2015 9:10 PM EDT
    I've got kids... I'm auto-jazzed.

    October 1st rolled around, I pull up to the driveway and there are ghosts and pumpkins hanging all over the front yard, gargoyles on the bookshelves, spider webs in every corner of the house, skeletons (made from milk jugs) hanging from our tree and porch, and ratty/torn curtains in our living room, and constant chatter about what everyone wants to be when the 31st rolls around xD
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    October 14, 2015 9:15 PM EDT
    I'm ALWAYS a ghost (have been been since my Sophomore year in high school)... it's the only way a fellow over 6 feet tall can get any candy: keep the sheet at around your knees, tuck in your arms, kneel down, and you are now nine years old instead off a 25 year old college student (or 45 year old father of 8). I call it trick AND treating ;D
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    October 14, 2015 9:30 PM EDT

    I LOVE Halloween! And every other holiday...even the one's I'm technically not supposed to celebrate....but that's besides the point! I usually decorate like a madwoman, annoying my girlfriend and just about anyone else that comes over with fake spiderwebs, creepy statues, music that is totally not Nightmare Night and other shenanigans! This year I am going to go to a party with my friends (Mostly planned by yours truly) and I'm gonna' go as Vinyl Scratch! My girlfriend is either going as Rainbow Dash or a cat (Though I think all my immature jokes may have discouraged the cat route). I always make my own costume, only buying parts if I absolutely need too! I recently just got the wig done and ordered the glasses! And if I could be ANYTHING...I would either be Star Fox or a Enclave soldier! So I could purge the sub-human mutants 

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    October 14, 2015 9:32 PM EDT

    I watch my dad plan ways to either tell trick or treaters to fuck off or spray them in the face with a hose 

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    October 14, 2015 9:32 PM EDT
    Unfortunetly my family doesn't celebrate Halloween, to be fair we are Australian and it's not as big a thing in Australia, well at least not where I live.

    However I have broken Halloween. I can't trick or treat really (same reason as Shin, 6 for 3 means everyone think I'm an adult trying to get free candy...which j totally would be :D) plus it oils be like 30 degrees outside (Celcius) or higher and I would rather be inside. So my solution is simply to go to stores in the 1st of November and buy a bunch of cheap candy when their trying to get rid of it.

    It's a flawless plan.
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    October 14, 2015 9:35 PM EDT

    Nothing wrong with an adult trying to get free candy! I started getting odd looks a year or so when I was still trick or treating...I'm a child at heart damnit! Stop judging me! 

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    October 14, 2015 9:48 PM EDT

    The worst/funniest parts are that we'll have no light on out the front or have a sign up warning them that they'll get abused but they still come up to the door.

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    October 14, 2015 9:55 PM EDT

    That's not the Halloween spirit! Your only supposed to scare the meanies from your house with hoses, not all trick or treaters! 

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    October 14, 2015 9:59 PM EDT

    My dad has a couple of reasons for doing what he does 1) We're Australian and in his words "It's not an Australian holiday" and 2) because all year round parents tell their kids not to take things off strangers and yet this one night of the year they encourage them to knock on strangers doors and ask for candy. 

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    October 14, 2015 10:04 PM EDT
    Seeing all the would be amusing!
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    October 15, 2015 12:30 AM EDT
    There are multible things that help such as calling upon the daedric forces of Oblivion and summoning mehrunes dagon. A few flesh bags here some fire there mabye a few Bloodwells dremora and corpses to lightin the place up. or mabye have uncle sweetshare visit you.
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    October 15, 2015 12:42 AM EDT
    Candy gets me in the Halloween spirit, without fail. I've learned a degree of moderation since I was a kid, but I still indulge all October long. To that end, we're getting together with a bunch of local couples and friends for a "Trunk or Treat" where we decorate the back of our cars and dole candy out of the trunk. I'll also probably have a private stash of my favorites...

    This year my wife and I are going as Batman and Wonder Woman, kinda street versions, to be specific. I'll attach a pic from comic con, since I'm on mobile.

    If I could be anything, my dream costume would be an NCR Veteran Ranger. I've got a thing for dusters.
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    October 15, 2015 12:49 AM EDT

    Ah...I'll answer the 3rd one as well I guess. I would be a Dragon obviously,a  full size, Dragon Age styled Dragon (yes I may accidentally crush a few neighborhoods but my costume would be epic as all hell so I win 

    But if I had to be reasonable I guess I would go with some iteration of Batman, probably the Blackest Night Batman, because doesn't he just scream Halloween 

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    October 15, 2015 3:27 AM EDT

    One time, a group of our Filipino neighbors came to my house, smelled the adobo that was being cooked, and asked if they could have that instead of candy. I politely said no, because that was our dinner

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    October 15, 2015 8:23 AM EDT
    Then they egged your house and soaped all the windows on your car xD
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    October 15, 2015 8:56 AM EDT

    Halloween is the best! It's my favourite holiday also and I'm sure everybody has noticed that every year I bring up the idea of halloween based competitions on the Vault. Every (Sh)October I watch a horror movie once a week for the whole month, it used to be one per day but that got to much . Also the closest weekend to Samhain me and my friends get some drinks, watch movies and I bring out my wooden Ouija board. 

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    October 15, 2015 11:04 AM EDT

    Ha! I love this. Have you been using the same sheet since Sophmore year too?!  

    It sounds like your house is definitely in the Halloween spirit!And how are you making skeletons out of milk jugs?? That sounds awesome! I'm gonna have to look up a tutorial on that.

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    October 15, 2015 11:09 AM EDT

    I'm a big proponent of making my own costume too. I'm the same way; I make and sew everything I can, but sometimes there are things that are just beyond my expertise or are just better made by someone else. The guess the upshot of this is that I now have a bunch of costumes that are ready to go this year that I can recycle, since I've given it exactly zero thought so far.

    I love the idea of a Star Fox costume. I would really like to see that and I think you should totally do it at some point!

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    October 15, 2015 11:15 AM EDT

    Haha, awww. I sorta feel bad for them! How often does your house get TPed on November 1st?? 

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    October 15, 2015 11:20 AM EDT

    Oof. Yeah I can see why you'd prefer to skip being outside then. We have the opposite problem on this side of the equator: too cold that night. I can remember Halloween nights that have been 30 degrees Fahrenheit(!) where I've skipped going out all together because coats ruin costumes.

    At those kinds of prices that candy probably lasts you through most of the winter holiday season!

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    October 15, 2015 11:35 AM EDT

    Well, I'm obviously out on a limb, as my dislike of Halloween is only marginally more acute than my outright hatred of Christmas!

    What's the Halloween equivalent of 'Bah! Humbug!'

    Over here (UK) its just a Johnny-come-lately made up festival that some people seem to get excited about, but nobody really seems to quite know why...

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    October 15, 2015 11:41 AM EDT

    I really like the idea of "Trunk or Treat." Are you driving to an area where there are a ton of trick or treaters? I live in a residential area, but being in an apartment I don't really ever get any. Sometimes if the weather is nice on Halloween (and it falls on a weekday) a few of my friends and I will walk around the neighborhood with a hot thermos of mulled cider and just sorta take it in.

    I love your street version of Batman! Nailed it. The duster actually really ties it together.  NCR Ranger would be really sweet though too.

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    October 15, 2015 11:48 AM EDT

    Huh, I had no idea it wasn't really a big thing in the UK until somewhat recently. So no Halloween... no Christmas... what's your favorite holiday then, Paul? I feel like those two are generally some of the big favorites.

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    October 15, 2015 11:49 AM EDT

    I never participated in Halloween.

    There are several reasons for that, chief among which is the fact that it isn't really a thing where I grew up. The second thing about it is that I don't respect the idea of it: what has eating candy to do with revering the dead? Dancing on graves has probably more to do with it than that.
    And third, I woulnd't trust myself.

    I am known amongst my friends for my somewhat unhealthy obsession with toxic plants (and illegal expérimentations) and well... let's just say that if I start ditributing candy it will probably be coated in solutions of different concentrations of toxic proteins (possibly lethal) I got from the local flora. After all, how are they going to trace that shit back to me? I mean, there's really nothing easier than procuring some opium or taxol to coat candy in, I'll just have to find some candy that comes unwrapped... I'm thinking this through a bit much aren't I?