Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 79


    The assassin winced as the blizzard embraced him. He realized his fur cloak wasn’t enough to ward against the cold. Had he known that his target was heading toward the North, Methas would have brought a thicker cloak for the pursuit.

    Of course, he knew how cold Solstheim was. But this storm feels like something else, Methas narrowed his eyes. Hopefully the footsteps stayed long enough for him to follow. The assassin continued his pursuit, hoping to find some tracks of his target.

    What had been a surprise to him was that he had discovered the young mer was with the best bladesman of all Morrowind, Teldryn Sero. Methas knew the mer by his reputation. He didn’t want to face the bladesman, but if he would prove to be an obstacle… You must separate them, Ralis had told him. Sure, like it’s going to be an easy feat in this blasted blizzard.

    Methas groaned while the cold nagged at his bones. The slow climb was tiring and he needed to find a shelter for the night. He’d hate to crawl into some animal nest or a riekling cavern. Oh, how he missed his home and a very comfortable bed. The mer cursed House Hlaalu while he began to seek a suitable shelter. It’s going to be a long night, the assassin thought shivering.

    The tracks in the snow seemed not so old, and it was a small wonder that they hadn’t been obliterated by the blizzard. Methas sighed as he weighed his chances. They are still heading even  further north in a hope to get rid of me, he thought. The assassin frowned at the notion of giving up the chase just because of the weather. But if they can go on, then so do I. He wrapped his thin fur cloak around him tighter. This slow paced game might just turn to his favor yet.

    If I stay alive enough long in this blasted blizzard.


    With a well rested night behind them, Ciel’nn and Teldryn marched on. Ciel’nn had noticed that the cold wasn’t so biting anymore. It was as if his spent time on Skyrim helped his cold resistance in some way. He glanced at his partner. The older mer wore a weary expression, but he didn’t complain. If I offer my cloak he’ll refuse it, Ciel’nn thought. Maybe it was a stupid idea to go to the North?

    “What in Oblivion happened here?” Teldryn breathed as they stopped to observe the field before them. He frowned at the sight of something that could be corpses. He glanced at his partner who was climbing on a large snow covered rock.

    “A massacre seems to have taken place here.” Ciel’nn frowned. “I wonder who they were?” He added and hopped down from the rock. The young mer joined up with his partner.

    “Look at these, Ciel’nn.” The older mer pointed at some prints in the snow. He had an idea of what prints they were and it got him slightly worried. The kills weren’t fresh at least, but Teldryn still shot a look around the field.

    “Werebears I think.” Ciel’nn murmured but then he placed his hand on his chest. Under his shirt was the amulet that the Skaal girl had given him. “I can’t think of something else.” He stood up, straightening his back. “How are you holding up, Teldryn? We can’t stay here for long.” I have a feeling he’s trailing us even now, he thought. Then he realized his partner haven’t answered yet. He turned to Teldryn and grabbed his hand into his own. “Daelha? What’s wrong?”

    Teldryn looked to his partner as he felt the touch. “I’m alright, Ciel’nn. It just feels something strange happened here, but you’re right - we need to move on.” He replied in a calm tone and smiled inside his helmet when Ciel’nn didn’t move or say anything for a moment. The young mer was trying to determine if he was alright for certain. He put their hands on his chest. “Let’s move before we freeze to death here.”

    They continued their way to the North-East while they walked through the field of gore. The corpses were unrecognizable, but the young mer thought they would have been reavers. Who else would come so far North?

    Then his thoughts wandered around the assassin.What would he do when they caught up? What then, Ciel’nn? What would you do? Lay a trap of some sort? Ciel’nn frowned at his thoughts. He wasn’t prepared for this. Maybe he would talk to the assassin?

    Why bother?

    You know well that he needs to die.

    He’s a threat and threats must be dealt with.

    The young mer looked to his partner. “When we see a ruin or a barrow, we’ll camp there and plan for the ambush. I’m tired of this chase, but this cold should make his way harder too.” His partner pulled him under his arm. It warmed up Ciel’nn even though he shivered.

    “Alright. I’m getting tired of it too. And I think there’s a ruin nearby.” Teldryn said in a low tone. “What if you’d put some poison runes on the way? I know you’re not good at it yet, but it would slow him down a bit. What do you say, Ciel’nn?”

    Ciel’nn glanced at his partner. He’s talking about poison runes. I can’t believe how he does that - easily talking about poisons like it’s nothing. I’m truly lucky to have him.

    “I like that idea, but they don’t last through the night though.”

    “Well, in the early morning then.”

    Saering Watch seemed to be a quiet place when the two mers sneaked through the arc-way. They saw some draugr remains lying around, but not signs of battle. Which was good in Ciel’nn’s opinion.

    They set up a small camp on the northern side of the ruins where they would be hidden from the view. Teldryn prepared a meal from a rabbit they had caught earlier.

    Meanwhile Ciel’nn went to place his first night trap by a poison rune. He tried to shake off the shivering, but it didn’t help much. He casted the rune before the arc-way and looked up, narrowing his eyes inside his helmet. The blizzard had a small opening which let him see glimpses of the night sky.

    We’ll see what kind of assassin you are.



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