Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 78

  • Teldryn cursed under his breath. He had no idea that House Hlaalu would react so strongly that they’d send an assassin after Ciel’nn. His partner was certain of it, and they first had seen the same person lingering about the bulwark and Ciel’nn had chosen to flee while they had some head start.

    The older mer sighed while he and Ciel’nn were heading to the North once again. The ash storm should slow the assassin down. They wouldn’t be able to rest until the chase was over with someone dead. Teldryn gritted his teeth together. He’d make sure that it would not be his partner. Not even if it would cost his own life. All we need is a good place for an ambush or a place where we’d have some leverage, he thought.

    Ciel’nn felt his heart pounding and his mind stormy. The moment he had seen the assassin, he had sensed it - a professional assassin. He could only think that he was sent by the shit-house Hlaalu, and he didn’t know whether be scared down to his heart roots or flattered. Even I  would hire the best of the best for myself, he thought. I just didn’t think this would happen. He frowned. There must have been somebody who had known he and Teldryn had killed the Morag Tong Members. But who?

    In any case, the young mer wasn’t going to let himself be killed. Not if it depended on him.

    While the young mer’s mind was overshadowed by dark thoughts, the air became colder as they reached the snow line, and passed the Abandoned Lodge. The ash storm turned into a bone biting blizzard, but they had taken their fur cloaks from their backpacks. Ciel’nn wasn’t sure which way to go, but he kept pushing on. He glanced over his shoulder to see if his partner was still with him. The older mer looked to him.

    “I don’t know where we should go. It’s hard to see through the blizzard.” Ciel’nn wrapped his cloak tighter around his shoulders as his partner came next to him.

    “We have to keep moving and find a good place. I know there’s some caves in the Northern parts of this rock.” Teldryn replied as he glanced over his shoulder. He couldn’t see the assassin. With luck, they would lose the assassin in the blizzard. He hoped it would happen. The older mer looked back to his partner and he realized this was his most important trial in his life; to keep his partner alive. A trial that he’d not fail. Teldryn put his hand on Ciel’nn’s shoulder while they kept walking. “We’ll get through this, daelha.”

    The young mer nodded and hoped that the blizzard would cover their footsteps. He was relieved that his partner knew some places while he himself had no clue what lay in the Northern parts. Ciel’nn looked ahead, up the hill they were climbing. How long can one evade their chaser in this blizzard? He let out a frosty sigh, making his teeth clack slightly. I really hate this blizzard, Ciel’nn thought.


    A small abandoned cave provided some cover. It was hidden from view, but Teldryn couldn’t trust in that they wouldn’t be found. So he kept on guard, kept the camp fire going with what branches he found and watched Ciel’nn trying to sleep next to him. His hand rested on Ciel’nn’s arm when he shifted in his slumber. It was clear that the young mer was bothered by the assassin, and Teldryn wished he could do something about it.

    I should kill the assassin if I’ll get a chance, the older mer thought.

    Teldryn felt a touch on his hand and he looked to his partner. Ciel’nn looked weary.

    “I can’t sleep, Teldryn.” Ciel’nn sighed. “Tell me something of your past journeys again.” His tone was quiet and soft as he looked into the older mer’s eyes.They were his place of comfort. A place to hide.

    “Alright, Ciel’nn.” Teldryn ran his thumb over his partner’s hand gently. Then he made sure that the camp fire still burned, checked his sword was close and then he turned to Ciel’nn with a warm smile.

    “When I was visiting Mournhold for contracts, I stopped by the Flaming Nix Inn to enjoy a few drinks. Then this kid came in. He looked broken and lost. I had a feeling that he was hiding from someone.” Teldryn paused as Ciel’nn averted his gaze with a thoughtful frown.

    “After he took a seat, I wondered what had happened to him. He seemed  so—  What ‘s wrong, Ciel’nn?” The older mer asked, taking his partner’s hand into his own, hoping to ease whatever had caused his love to bite his lower lip. He reached to touch Ciel’nn’s scarred cheek with his free hand. “Speak to me, daelha.”

    Ciel’nn closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. “That boy was me, Teldryn.” He opened his eyes and looked to his partner. Teldryn’s hand hovered over his cheek. Hearing it had stirred up an old memory he had forgotten. A memory he wanted to forget, but he thought it wasn’t bad to share it now. Teldryn had seen him when he was younger and it excited him a bit. It felt like a lifetime now.

    “I was hiding from the old shit because he had beaten me earlier.” The young mer whispered while he saw his love’s expression shifting. Ciel’nn smiled then. “You saw me first.”

    They were quiet and stared at each other for a while. Then Teldryn pulled Ciel’nn close to him and embraced him. “I love you, Ciel’nn.” He had no idea that the boy had been his partner, but he was relieved that the memory didn’t bother him much. It seemed that Ciel’nn was past being under his father’s shadow and it was a good thing.

    Teldryn felt Ciel’nn leaning against him. He smiled as he held his partner. He fell asleep. This was one of those moments that he cherished when he could just hold Ciel’nn and then watch him sleeping. The older mer would rest a bit later.

    Azura bless you, daelha.




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