Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 80

  • Wincing Methas tried to cover his face in the morning blizzard. His body screamed for warmth and a part of him wanted to fall down, but he felt his target was close now. The assassin wasn’t about to give up. He’d follow his targets to all ends of Tamriel. Oblivion was the only place he wouldn’t follow. He’d consider the planes of the Daedra a place of certain death.

    The field of gore had been surprising to see, but then Methas frowned and thought he wasn’t the only one hunting. It didn’t matter. Once he’d done his task and gotten some evidence of his target’s death, he’d head back home and get laid. Yes, that sounded so good. A contented smile spread on his lips then twisted into a wince again. Blasted blizzard!

    The archways were ahead and Methas narrowed his eyes. So they have chosen the place to fight me, huh, he thought. He checked his equipment, his hand shaking. The battle ahead would prove difficult due to the cold, but the assassin was ready to finish his task. His foot shifted as he began to climb the hill in anticipation.

    A sudden feeling of nausea made him stop and swallow hard. He swore under his breath and coughed. Methas looked down and saw the faint trail of a poison rune that now disappeared. A clever mer that one, the assassin thought. But the rune had been weak and it only irritated him.

    Some ruins appeared on his left side. Still no sight of his target. Methas edged on cautiously and straining his senses to hear and see. The wind around him picked up, chilling him. The assassin shivered almost uncontrollably. What’s that? I thought I heard something.

    What a god forsaken place! Methas gasped as he saw vague figures in the blizzard. Faint voices in the air, some yelling and a roar. What is this place? He looked up but saw nothing. He closed in to the entrance of Saering’s Watch. He couldn’t explain why he was going there.

    A figure rushed past him and the assassin bit his lower lip.This place lives in its past. Something must have stir—

    Something flew by his right arm, slightly scratching it. Methas winced and looked up and around. He noticed the figures of the past time had vanished and then he felt nauseous again.

    Stupid trap! No, not stupid. He was careless. He should’ve expected it. But this rune was stronger. Stronger… Methas swallowed and coughed. It would slow him down now. He wiped his mouth with his glove, shivering. Should  some cover from those stone huts, the assassin thought. But when he intended to move he felt like he was being watched.

    The young mer had been observing the assassin from his hidden place. He wasn’t impressed. His adversary’s behavior was odd. As if he could see something around him. Ciel’nn didn’t feel anything but cold and he had the need to end this charade. The arrow he had shot earlier had woken the assassin from whatever he was going through.

    Ciel’nn glanced at his partner close by him. They nodded to each other and the young mer readied his blades. Quietly he sneaked toward the stairs. His mind found its cold calmness, preparing for the coming clash. He would have to put his all in to survive it. Ciel’nn had been through many fights, but when it got personal it was all different.

    He also knew that Teldryn would’ve killed the assassin by himself in order to protect him, Ciel’nn had thought it was his task alone. He’d still allow his partner to assist him if the clash would go south. He wasn’t a professional assassin himself, but he’d take lives if it was necessary.

    The ground shook and the blizzard around Saering’s Watch thickened.

    Teldryn observed his partner entering the first rise of the ruins. He still wanted to go after Ciel’nn, to make sure he’d be alright, but he honored the younger mer’s wish and stayed at his position. The young mer was a good fighter, he’d seen to that, but the older mer couldn’t help but pray to Boethiah that everything went well.

    Assassins are always so unpredictable in my opinion, Teldryn thought. Except Ciel’nn, he was loyal to his pattern, but it had also changed ever since they’d met. Ciel’nn wasn’t unpredictable, no he was a dangerous individual. A satisfied smile crept on the older mer’s lips. My boy.

    The sound of clashing blades broke his thoughts. Teldryn frowned as he straightened up from his position and shifted closer to the railing. His heart raced at the sight of Ciel’nn moving with his blades against the assassin who seemed to have some difficulty. The poison rune, Teldryn thought.

    Ciel’nn slashed out at the assassin, making a cut on his enemy’s face. He swiftly changed his stance. He hadn’t had a clear view to put an end to this. I’m getting tired of this, he thought. He brought his sword in front of him to parry a furious slash, then kicked  the assassin savagely.

    The assassin groaned as he doubled over, then he struggled to stay up. From a corner of his view he saw his target preparing for the final slash. Backing away quickly, he thought to escape, his mission seemed to have failed. He didn’t have much strength to carry this fight anymore. But there was one thing he would try.

    It was too fast for Ciel’nn to see the hidden dagger attack when it hit his shoulder. He screamed in pain. The assassin he saw now was fleeing from the scene. His vision blurred slightly. The young mer gritted his teeth together as he struggled to go after the assassin. He vaguely heard his partner’s shout. It’s fucking poison, he thought as his left arm felt like it was on fire. I need to catch him…

    You won’t get away with this!

    So much pain….

    The ground shook as if it was going to break apart. The assassin nearly stumbled and glanced behind him. How in Oblivion is he still up?! He watched the younger mer struggle  on his way. Then he looked ahead of him, only an ice field and ice formations. Somewhere it was cracking.

    Methas looked at his target again and pushed him over. A whimper from the younger mer. He heard the other mer coming after them. Well, that much from getting laid, he thought, when the ground shook again.

    This time there a massive noise beneath them. The ice field that they were on cracked and began to tilt.

    The assassin struggled to get away from it. Away from it all.  Away from the mercenary.

    Teldryn shouted for his partner who he saw lying on the edge of the ice field. The cracking sound didn’t promise anything good. He rushed as fast as he could in the blizzard.

    Closer now, the older mer rushed on.

    Then the ice field cracked and split where Ciel’nn was laying. It tilted and the young mer begun to slide down.

    Teldryn shouted and tried to reach for his partner, but to his horror, Ciel’nn slipped away from his grasp and fell over the edge.


    The crevice seemed deep and dark. Here and there were jagged ice spikes on the walls before it became black.

    The older mer stared into the crevice, his arm still extended to reach out. “Ciel’nn!” He shouted. “Ciel’nn!”

    He couldn’t believe it. The younger mer was gone? His chest ached, his heart felt like breaking. The times he had spent with his partner… Teldryn lowered his head as tears rolled down his cheeks. He took a shaky breath, already missing his love.

    Are you giving up, old mer?

    He shook his head. No, maybe there was something to do yet. Teldryn gritted his teeth. It would be something he’d never do, but his partner had once said something about believing in the Tribunal. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m doing it for you, love, Teldryn thought.

    Teldryn swallowed as he closed his eyes as he brought his hand over his chest.

    Lady Azura or whoever is willing to listen.

    Save my boy if you can.

    I’ll find you, Ciel’nn. I promise.

    He glanced around for the assassin and noticed that he was not far away yet.

    “Azura curse you!”



    Note: Ciel'nn falling into the crevise is part of my own experience when I was younger. Ciel'nn just had it worst. xD Poor thing.

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