Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 44

  • The Bujold’s Retreat was a smart choice to camp, even though they were quite away from the main camp. They had found some salvageable food and more furs. No-one had bothered them so far, and for that Casseth was pleased. His group of reavers was tired from traveling this far, but they had managed to get rest plenty of the abandoned tents.

    Casseth looked at Dals who was brewing something for breakfast. Sendel and Feranos were checking their equipment, and Arnas was standing on the stone between the ground camp and the rise. The group leader looked down to his piece of paper where he had written a list of their scavenged materials. It was a good haul. They needed to get back to the main camp within two days. And, there was the worry of the beast roaming around the island.

    The scout shifted as his head turned slowly. His eyes searched for the reason that had caused an ash hopper to take a flight. The shift of the wind made him shiver while his gaze followed the beach toward the Dwemer ruins, and the embankment for any movement.  Where are you? Arnas thought as he kept looking, his head barely moving.

    Behind a large rock, Ciel’nn cursed quietly. He didn’t believe that the reavers had seen him and Teldryn. The older mer was beside him and waiting for him to make a short plan of how to proceed. The young mer frowned. The reavers at the camp weren’t the ones he had seen before. And, from the quick look before they had to dive for cover, he had seen at least 3 of them. “We’d be seen anyway if we go back or towards them.” He whispered to his partner. And, they’re blocking our way. N’chow!

    Teldryn had enough time to calculate the odds against them. It seemed they’d have to fight in any scenario. It was expected there would be an encounter with the reavers eventually. He had hoped they’d had the upper hand, alas, it wasn’t so. “You could paralyze the scout,” he suggested, “and then, I could use my flame atronach for distraction.” His partner’s expression shifted. “You want to fight them?” He heard Ciel’nn asking. Teldryn nodded. “It would send a message to Sildras that we’re watching out for them.”

    His partner’s suggestion was daring. Indeed, it would alert Sildras, and it would mean that he and Teldryn would make the first move on behalf of the people of Raven Rock. They’d start the avalanche. Ciel’nn wasn’t sure if he was ready, but it had been all about the waiting. And, hoping Sildras would ignore the town, but since they had attacked the Skaal town, Raven Rock would be their next target. Too many unknowns, Ciel’nn frowned. But if attacking this group would slow them down? “Alright, I’m game, Teldryn. I hope it slows whatever Sildras’ brewing up.”

    “We need to act fast if we’re to gain the momentum on them.” Teldryn said in a low tone. “Ready your arrow.” He shifted to charge and had the spell on his hand ready. Boethiah guide our blades.

    A sudden shout from his fellow reavers startled Casseth, and he looked up to see a flame atronach appearing inside the camp. He saw the scout collapsing on the rock, with an arrow in his shoulder. Arnas didn’t seem to move. The group leader grabbed his blade and rushed to check if the scout lived. “Defend yourselves!”

    Sendel and Feranos with their weapons in their hands approached the flame atronach, but in its wake came two mer they hadn’t seen before. Sendel snarled in annoyance. We’ve been discovered. He glanced at Casseth who was checking Arnas. N’chow! He’d better take on the older mer, so Feranos could deal with the young one. Something told him it wasn’t going to be an easy fight.

    They’re the ones Sildras warned about! Feranos thought when his gaze locked with the young mer. The mer had such an unnerving smirk on his face and his eyes had a sinister gleam. The rogue gripped tighter on his dagger, and regretted he hadn’t apply poison on it. I’m not going to lose to him.

    Dals had taken his short blade and approached the atronach. The damned thing was throwing fire spells at him, making his approach almost impossible. It was like the creature was playing with him. His bow was useless in this fight. “Does Arnas live?” He called out to Casseth as he slashed toward the conjured creature. “Barely!” Casseth’s voice replied. The ranger sighed. They needed to either finish the two mer, or disengage from the battle.

    The scout lived, but it hung by a thin thread. His breathing was barely visible. Casseth tried to think of a solution for their current predicament. He rather have his team alive, and yet it felt like he had no choice. The group leader gritted his teeth together. “Dals, take Arnas away from here.” He growled as he charged at the atronach. “Alright.” He heard the ranger saying.

    The atronach tilted its head as the reaver came toward it. The mortal had his two handed sword raised in the air. It came down at the atronach with such force that it collapsed and exploded. Casseth winced at the burns he had gotten, but turned to Feranos who was dancing with the young mer. That’s the mer my father talked about. We’ll see how tough he is, even if he’s just a kid. A cruel smile spread on his lips as he strode toward them.

    Ciel’nn had noted the reaver with the two hand sword approaching. He flashed a smirk at Feranos. A little play while they clashed once more. He hadn’t had time to glance at Teldryn, but by judging by the sounds he was frustrating his opponent. The reaver had seemingly formed hatred towards him. And, he doesn’t even know me. The young mer stabbed but it was dodged with a hiss.

    Feranos was thinking to use another tactic when he felt a grab on his arm and was tossed toward the center of the camp. He barely kept himself up. “Go after others. I’ll deal with them! You, too, Sendel. Now!” Casseth growled at him. With irritation, Feranos shot a venomous look at the young mer before he dashed away.

    Sendel wanted to fight, but he knew disobeying Casseth meant injury. He still remembered the first time and it wasn’t pleasant. Still, with irritation, he withdrew from the older mer and dashed after Feranos.

    Casseth had no intention to have a chat with the two mer. He swiftly turned to the older mer, with his gauntleted hand. The harsh smack came with speed and he didn’t wait for the mer to fall.

    The way his partner was smacked reminded Ciel’nn of his father, how he had hit him. Those bruises lasted some weeks. His breathing had become difficult as his chest felt weighted. He wished he could move but he found himself unable to shift. I can’t help Teldryn! Shit! I have to move!

    The reaver turned to the young mer with a sneer. He brought his sword in front of him and gave it a wave, to drive the mer away from his partner. A cold smile played on his lips as he watched the young mer stumble. Ciel’nn of Hlaalu. You don’t look like much.

    Finally the kid fell on his back. Casseth stopped in front of him, his sword held relaxed on his hide. He looked down Ciel’nn whose eyes reflected defiance. He tucked his sword on his back and took a knife from his belt. It was another swift movement when he brought the knife down to Ciel’nn’s thigh. The young mer screamed. Casseth stood up, thinking. “That wound is not the worst I can inflict on you, kid. Pray we won’t meet again.” With that, he turned and walked away, gathering up a few supply packs as he left the camp.

    “Te- Teldryn?” Ciel’nn hissed in pain. The cursed reaver had stabbed him deep, and the pain was nearly intolerable. He gritted his teeth together while his tears rolled out. He couldn’t move, but maybe he could try. He hissed as much as he tried to shift. It’s too much.  And, on the top of all the reaver had left the dagger in, making him not able to move and feeling… vulnerable.  He hated being vulnerable, especially when he had someone that was important to him.

    He looked over to Teldryn, who seemed to be unconscious. Teldryn… Don’t be dead… I have failed him.

    After a moment, Ciel’nn shook his head. No! He wouldn’t give up just yet. There must be something he can do.

    Ciel’nn reached out for his belt and set two health vials close to him. Next he took a piece of cloth from his pouch He started at the knife in his thigh. This game with them is turning into a deadly one. This encounter was a sample of what’s coming if we’d keep at it. But, why didn’t he kill me? A sharp pain lanced his leg as he tried to reach for the knife. He let out a  pained scream as it was too much to bear, and then darkness came.

    Teldryn winced as he came to, his head aching. The last thing he remembered was the reaver with the two handed sword, then nothing. He had woken up with a major bruise on his face. Though, it was nothing new to him. Ciel’nn he had found lying unconscious on his back. Teldryn had carefully carried his partner to a tent he deemed clean enough. He removed the dagger with utmost care and cleaned the wound. He used the two health vials and a healing spell on the wound before wrapping a piece of cloth around it. Then, the older mer took care of his bruise by applying some netch jelly to it.

    Now, while waiting for Ciel’nn to wake up, Teldryn was preparing some trama root tea. They didn’t kill us straight away, he thought. I wonder why. Ciel’nn will need some time to recover. I wonder, if it’s worth it to go on, or go to Tel Mithryn. He would dislike it, but it’s a safer way for him. A part of him blamed himself for not seeing the smack and thus left Ciel’nn to the mercy of the reaver. I should have seen it coming! He sighed and poured some tea into a cup.

    It was in the late evening, when the young mer stirred up from his slumber. He moaned as his leg was still aching. He discovered that he was covered by furs and that he was inside a fur tent. A bitter scent floated about the camp. Trama root tea? Ciel’nn turned his head to see if his partner was nearby. “Teldryn?” He took a deep breath as he blinked. He wanted to get up and look for the older mer.

    “I’m here, Ciel’nn.” Teldryn’s voice came from close by. In the faint light of a lantern, the older mer’s bruised face came to view. His hand found Ciel’nn’s own as he spoke as he sat down next to the bedroll. “It’ll be alright, Ciel’nn. Just rest now, daelha.” He reached out to brush Ciel’nn’s stray hair of his face. “Your face…” he heard his partner whispering with a tone of regret. Teldryn shook his head slightly. “No, it isn’t your fault. I should have seen it coming.” Ciel’nn’s face shifted into a frown. “I’ll recover, Ciel’nn. Don’t you worry about it.” Teldryn smiled, then more in a serious tone. “You can’t walk properly for a few days, and we can’t stay here for long. You need a better place to recover.” He paused for a moment to see how the young mer would take the news.

    Ciel’nn sighed. “What do you suggest?”  He asked even as he knew Teldryn had made up his mind. To not able to walk for a while was annoying. Even more so, he couldn’t fight. Still he clung to the fact that Teldryn wouldn’t leave him there. He eyed the older mer next to him. They barely made it through the fight only because of what? It wasn’t mercy or pity. “I thought I’d lost you, Teldryn.”

    The older mer stroked his partner’s hand. “I won’t go down that easily, but I have to admit I had doubts when it happened.” Teldryn offered a warm smile. “I was thinking to go to Tel Mithryn.” The young mer scowled, but he continued, “It is a better place for you to rest. And, there’s the alchemist if you need anything for your poisons.”

    Back to annoy Talvas to Oblivion, huh? He wasn’t really angry at the mage anymore, Ciel’nn just had to annoy him. And, Teldryn was right, he needed a better bed if he was to rest properly. Besides, he could use the mage as a servant! And, maybe Talvas would teach him about scroll making. Ciel’nn knew it was far-fetched, but decided to try none the less. “Alright, when do we leave?”

    The smile that bloomed on his partner’s face made Teldryn feel warmed. He was relieved that thigh injury wasn’t deadly serious, but still they should leave as soon as possible. “Tomorrow. I’ll carry you.” The older mer thought a moment. “Oh, I have forgotten your tea. A moment.”



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  • The Sunflower Manual
    The Sunflower Manual   ·  October 30, 2018
    Hmm, thigh wounds. Well, I suppose Ciel is lucky the dagger didn't open his femoral artery... and Casseth didn't pull it out.


    Pull it out...
  • Karver the Lorc
    Karver the Lorc   ·  September 26, 2018
    It seems like they bit too much this time. I wonder why the Reavers let them live. It seems somewhat strange, letting live someone who just attacked you. The Casseth guy is brewing something, I can smell it! 
    • Caladran
      Karver the Lorc
      Karver the Lorc
      Karver the Lorc
      It seems like they bit too much this time. I wonder why the Reavers let them live. It seems somewhat strange, letting live someone who just attacked you. The Casseth guy is brewing something, I can smell it! 
        ·  September 26, 2018
      Casseth is Sildras' son if you remember. Sildras has given an order not to kill Ciel'nn because he don't think he's a threat. Or, maybe he's playing a cruel game. :)
      • Karver the Lorc
        Karver the Lorc
        Casseth is Sildras' son if you remember. Sildras has given an order not to kill Ciel'nn because he don't think he's a threat. Or, maybe he's playing a cruel game. :)
          ·  September 26, 2018
        Ah, right. It was few chapters back, now I remember. Sorry, my memory is on a vacation these days apparently :D