Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 43

  • A group of ash hoppers were converging on the ash wastes when Ciel’nn scanned the immediate area. They had left Raven Rock and Hrodulf’s house was ahead of them. The way ahead was clear. But something might come up later, Ciel’nn thought. He glanced at his partner close by. The sight of the older mer who was gazing into the horizon, his hand on the hilt of his sword, made the young mer smirk. It had been the right decision to choose Teldryn, and Ciel’nn hadn’t regretted it.

    It was just these little moments when he stopped to think about all that had happened so far. He had made a few wrong decisions in the past and paid for them. Mostly because it hadn’t been for him. There had been times when Ciel’nn was sick of helping people, but he had done what was needed because he was with someone at the time. Had he been alone he wouldn’t have done it. But now, it was different since Teldryn was with him. He let the young mer decide things. Which led Ciel’nn’s train of thoughts to their future.

    “What’s on your mind?” Teldryn stepped closer to his partner and put his hand on the mer’s shoulder. Damn, he looks serious. No, that’s brooding. Talk to me, Ciel’nn. He prepared for bad news. I hope it’s not about that condition.Though, it hadn’t surfaced for a while.

    The young mer shifted. His features softened as he looked to the older mer. Ciel’nn wasn’t sure what his partner wanted to hear. He had many thoughts. Which one should he pick? Then it slipped through his lips with all confidence and affection. “I would kill for you, Teldryn.” His voice was low, but a soft whisper. You’re all I have. Having that said, the young mer hoped it wouldn’t drive Teldryn away. He had meant to say it differently, but it came out like it did.

    The answer wasn’t what Teldryn had expected, but it didn’t shake him either. If he was honest to himself he had known it for some time now. His partner bit his lower lip as if he had said something wrong. He squeezed the mer’s shoulder with a smile. “I know you would, and I would do the same, Ciel’nn.” He observed a slight smile on Ciel’nn’s lips. “Who knows what the future holds for us.” Teldryn grinned when the young mer’s lips parted in surprise.

    A distant clank of weapons reached them as they neared Tel Mithryn. The sounds of spells thrown and grunts reached the young mer’s ears. He looked to his partner.

    “I wonder who has attacked the Wizard?” It didn’t matter to him. Ciel’nn wondered who was crazy enough to attack Tel Mithryn and gain Neloth’s fury in doing so. Probably some s’wits.

    Teldryn grunted before he glanced at the younger mer. “Someone who has lost their wits. And, drank too much beer. Probably. Being drunk-hazy makes you do all kind of desperate things. ” He looked ahead, his brows knitting together.

    Are you speaking of your own experience? What have you experienced, Teldryn? Ciel’nn resisted the deep frown that was appearing on his face, at his partner’s reply. Oh, Teldryn…  He turned his head to look at what was causing the ruckus. “You will tell me one day?”

    “Perhaps.” The older mer replied as they marched up the hill. “Now, let’s see what fools have made a mistake.” His hand shifted on the hilt of his sword. This should be interesting.

    In front of Tel Mithryn fought the mage and six pirates. The fight was turning in the pirates’ favor as Talvas was getting weary from throwing spells at the filthy pirates. He had no idea of why they had chosen Tel Mithryn for their target. It was pure insanity. Master Neloth had ordered him to dispatch the pirates, but Talvas felt himself weakening. Too much magicka used. I may die here…

    And, the pirates were getting closer.

    Talvas sent another ice pike.

    One of the pirates screamed before his lifeless form fell down.

    Another pirate screamed. An arrow with a poisoned tip had pierced his shoulder. His curse fell flat when the most excruciating pain lanced his torso within seconds from the impact. He collapsed on the ash with his mouth frothing and his body twitching.

    The rest of the pirates turned to see the two mer behind them. The younger one sneered at them, extending his arm with a crooked finger. Come at us! One of them looked back to the mage, considering. What were their chances? They had four mates left. Snarling, the pirate in the lead growled and pointed the two mer.

    “Finish them! Spill their guts out!”

    With blades in his hands, Ciel’nn smirked. “This will be over soon.” His heart raced as he focused on the pirates. Those bright red eyes of the young mer sparkled and gleamed as he watched the pirates rushing to them. He heard a chuckle from his partner.

    “Let’s dance, Ciel’nn.” Teldryn rumbled, his sword in his hand. He’d enjoy this one. His partner’s excitement had latched onto him, too. He had direct eye contact with one of the pirates that was coming at them.

    I hope the mage is watching.

    The Blades clashed. Ciel’nn twisted his own as Teldryn had taught him. That way he got the upper-hand quickly, but the pirate put up a struggle to keep his dagger away from him. Oh, he’s an experienced one. The ash shifted as the young mer changed his stance. A smirk crept on his lips.

    He didn’t have time to look how stunned the pirate was when Ciel’nn unleashed his flurry in a fluid motion. When the last strike came, his dagger followed in suit. The pirate gasped, then grunted as he turned away from him. “Cursed elf…” The young mer spared only a brief second to watch the pirate doubled over as he fell, and then jumped on the next pirate that was edging closer to him.

    Teldryn grinned at the  scarred pirate that had chosen him for a target. He deemed the man was almost his equal. “Man, you’re awful.” He sneered as he dodged the battle axe as it swung by. He could end the pirate’s life with a few slashes, but it wouldn’t be fun. A while longer, the pirate would live. The older mer brought his blade in front of him.

    The scarred pirate spat on the ash. “Death comes to your friend, and so—”

    “Is that so?” Teldryn flashed a smirk. “Look at your mate.” He allowed the man to look away for  a moment. I have full confidence on Ciel’nn. He looked to his partner who stabbed his sword into  the pirate’s chest. The young mer looked up to him, and Teldryn nodded in appreciation. Well done, Ciel’nn.

    The scarred pirate roared in anger and shifted to move. He only made a step toward the young mer when he felt a grab on his armor that bend him outward. His  bloodshot eyes widened in horror as he realized he was going to die. A blade cut through his back, severing his spine.

    They turned to the last standing pirate, who eyed them in hatred.

    Ciel’nn stepped toward him. “Should we give him to the mage?” He asked in a gleeful tone as his gaze searched  for Talvas. “For a punishment, hm? Talvas?” The young mer watched as the mage walked slowly closer and looked to him.

    “That’d be kind of you, Ciel’nn.” The mage said in a chilling tone. “Now, what becomes of you, filthy pirate.” Talvas’ eyes veiled as he looked to the man in front of him. The two mer would block his escape, but it seemed the pirate was frozen in  place, staring at him with terror. He shifted his hand with charging a spell, toward the man. “No one threatens Tel Mithryn and lives.” With that, he sent a strong lightning bolt, then watched the spell hit the man.

    After the pirate was a pile of ash, Ciel’nn nodded. “I wonder what they wanted?” The mage looked to be alright but exhausted. Something in Talvas made him frown. He’s slowly becoming like the Wizard? If that day comes, I’ll be far away from here. He glanced at his partner, who had a smug grin on his lips. He’s enjoying this, isn’t he? The young mer sighed as he let his muscles relax and sheathed his blades.

    “I have no idea. Perhaps they knew of Master Neloth’s relics, but that’s most unlikely.” Talvas replied, his tone slightly cold. He narrowed his eyes. I lashed out. A shift in my power, somehow. What has changed in me?

    Teldryn stepped closer to his partner. “Does your master have  any relic of the Deathbrand?” He looked to the tired mage while he pulled Ciel’nn close to him and wrapped his arm around the mer’s shoulder.

    “The Deathbrand treasure? I… I haven’t seen any pirate relic within Master Neloth’s things.” The mage replied, finally brushing his robes. “Are you staying? I’m glad the beast hasn’t gotten you.” He really needed a drink, or rather a strong magicka potion. I’m so worn out. He rubbed his face with his hands.

    “We aren’t staying this time.” Ciel’nn replied while he enjoyed being close to his partner. The mage frowned at him. “We’re going to find the Deathbrand treasure.” He said in mystical tone.  “Don’t look at me like that. We know it’s cursed.” He flashed a snarl at Talvas. “I’m still angry at you!”

    “Fine.” Talvas grumbled as he marched toward the tower, without further word.

    Ciel’nn tensed up for a moment as he waited the mage go. He didn’t even thank us. S’wit! He looked to Teldryn. “Let’s go.”

    Once Tel Mithryn was behind them, Teldryn said. “You did great back there, Ciel’nn.” He still held his partner close to him. “You showed them that the Dunmer are not to be trifled with.” Ciel’nn had grown in his battle prowess. One day he’d be twice as deadly if he wasn’t already.  If we’re to face Sildras one day, he’s in for a surprise.

    The older mer’s words hit home, and Ciel’nn felt the warmth in his chest spreading across his body. He leaned onto his partner. “We showed them, Teldryn.” He thought a moment before he glanced at Teldryn. “The best bladesman.”

    “Of all Morrowind.” The older mer added in a low tone.

    “No. Of all Tamriel.” Ciel’nn smiled at the older mer’s expression. “At least in my eyes, Teldryn.” He added in a softer tone. His partner pulled him closer so he could lean his forehead onto Ciel’nn’s. The gesture meant more than Ciel’nn could say. He only knew that the mer with him was his alone. He placed his hand over Teldryn’s own.

    An affectionate smile spread on Teldryn’s lips during their tender moment. Damn, I’ve made  quite an impression, then. Still, he basked in his partner’s attention. The attention he never had gotten. It was a new experience as Ciel’nn was gentle with his touches. His eyes caught the the young mer’s hand that rested on his. “Your hand. The bruise is gone now.” Of course, it had faded days ago. “Next time, Ciel’nn, let me punch them. Alright?” His partner nodded quietly.

    They put up their camp on the beach, once they passed the Dwemer ruins. Teldryn made the campfire burning while Ciel’nn gazed at the sea. He wrapped his arms around himself when a chilling wind from the sea blew over him. His eyes shifted to the sky. Cloudy. No moonlight. He wanted to see the Moons, but on this side of island it wasn’t possible. A smell of ash yam and horker soup floated from the camp. Teldryn was cooking for them.

    “It’s ready soon.” The older mer said when Ciel’nn sat on the bedroll.

    “Smells delicious.” Ciel’nn smiled. He could stand ash yams only with soups. Otherwise they were good as throwing stones across the water.

    “I was thinking,” Teldryn said in a calm tone, “I would read something for you tonight.” He continued as he took a small bowl and poured some soup into it.

    “What do you like to read then?” Ciel’nn asked, tilting his head.

    “Lusty Argonian Maiden.”

    Ciel’nn kept his expression in control. Usually he’d say no because he thought the whole book was trash, but this was Teldryn wanting to read for him.  And, he couldn’t find a way out of it. Well, heck, it might sound better if he reads it. The young mer smiled. “Sure.”

    He had changed in some way since he had met Teldryn. He realized he could tolerate things better with Teldryn around, and that he felt better that way.



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  • GailOlm
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    I like how Teldryn doesn’t get shaken up by Ciel’nn’s answer when he asked what was on his mind. I hope one day Teldryn will tell Ciel’nn about his experiences. The battle scene at Tel Mithryn was intense! I enjoyed how descriptive you were with the comba...  more
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    Pirates gone crazy, trying to take on Tel Mithryn. But it's so Neloth, not giving a damn about that and just sending Talvas to deal with them. Heh.
    And Ciel has become quite proficient with the sword, constantly improving. Wonder when the apprentice...  more