Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 45



    Ciel’nn was resting in the bed while Drovas had brought him some tea. He winced at the bitter taste, but he didn’t complain. The mer wasn’t as good a tea brewer as he was. Unless I show him the magic. He nodded inwardly and sighed. “The audacity! He can’t give me a task when I hadn’t volunteered, let alone asking him!” I’m not even fully healed!

    “That’s what I meant. He’s a real taskmaster.” Drovas drawled and felt the young mer’s misery. “He’s been tasking everyone as of late.” I don’t even know how I’m suppose to get all things done before the evening.

    “That’s because Master Neloth is doing very important work.” The mage said from the door once he closed it. The disbelief reflected from their eyes, Talvas could see that even with the dimly lit house. Ciel’nn was openly staring at him and Drovas was about to shake his head. His gaze met with Ciel’nn’s, but he didn’t waver from it. “Master Neloth needs everything at his disposal to finish his experiments.” He said matter of factly as he walked towards the table.

    Ciel’nn’s brows knotted together. Something is going on with him. Could it be the mage was angrier with him than he was? Could he change over a night or two? But, anything was possible when you lived with Neloth. “Talvas. I’m not really mad at you.” He decided not to mention about the rescue from the pirates. After all, The Telvanni won’t thank anyone for anything.

    “Well, I need to go and see if Ulves has his list ready.” Drovas took the cup for Ciel’nn with a nod. Then, he hurried out of the house.

    “Where’s Teldryn?” Ciel’nn asked. He hadn’t seen him in the morning yet. He’s probably somewhere nearby. The encounter with the group of reavers still remained in his mind. It was an all too close encounter.

    Talvas turned to the young mer. “He’s with Ulen. For what, I don’t know.”  He sighed. “So, you’re not mad with me? That’s good to hear.” He cast his gaze down. “I’m also sorry for being—”

    “A thankless s’wit?” Ciel’nn offered. He couldn’t resist it. The mage raised his gaze at his eyes and the young mer gave crooked smile.

    “Well, in any case, I’m sorry, Ciel’nn.” Heat crept on Talvas’ cheeks. “Will you accept my apology?”  He needed Ciel’nn to be his friend for a reason. There were times when living with Neloth was too intense and the mage thought he’d lose it if he hadn’t had a friend to keep him grounded. I might end up like Master Neloth. I want to learn all what he knows and become a powerful wizard like him. One day, but I need my nerves intact.

    The young mer studied the mage. It seemed Talvas needed something from him. Look, the Wizard can’t you give everything it seems. “Alright, Talvas. Apology accepted, but you have to teach me how to make spell scrolls.” He flashed a smirk at the mer. “I can’t run here every time I run out of them.”

    Talvas blinked. “Scrolls? It will be hard for a non-mage person, but I’ll try my best.” A smile crept on his lips as he walked next to the bed where Ciel’nn was resting. His hand extended, “I’ll try my best.”

    “Awesome!” Ciel’nn shook the mage’s hand. “This is exciting. You see, I heard my long gone ancestor was amazing with scrolls.”

    “Really? Then we have a hope that you learn faster this time.” Talvas smiled.

    “Ha ha! You better hope so!”

    Teldryn opened the door just to hear his partner’s laugh. “What are you two plotting behind my back now?” He asked in a low tone as he closed the door. On the tray that he carried was a cup of herbal tea and some loafs of sweet bread. Somehow he had manage to get some from the Wizard’s own pantry. He put them down on the nightstand. The young mer seemed to be feeling better and in good spirits.

    “I promised to help him with scroll making.” Talvas straightened up with a smile. I’ll do my best.

    Teldryn cocked his eyebrow and looked to Ciel’nn. The young mer nodded. “Well, that’s good, but after he’s healed. Do you understand me, mage?” He sat in the chair close by. The mage nodded to him. “Good.”

    “I’ll leave to you two at it. Rest well, Ciel’nn.” Talvas gave a short nod to the young mer before leaving the house.

    Ciel’nn looked to his partner. “Plotting? What did you do at the Kitchen? And, thanks for the food. I was starving.” He took the cup  from the tray and the scent of herbs made him more relaxed as he leaned against the head of the bed.

    He watched his partner sipping tea with his eyes closed. It meant that Teldryn made tea with Ulen’s help and it wasn’t that bad. After all it was Ulen’s own recipe. I’ll have to thank him later since Ciel’nn’s really liking it. “I asked Ulen if he had a better recipe for tea than canis root.” He replied after a moment. “He gave his own recipe and guided me to brew it properly. I hope you like it.”

    The herbal tea reminded the young mer of his mother’s garden and alchemy study. Especially when the plants were fresh in the warm sunny day. His mother would be preparing the potions with a steady humming when father wasn’t around. Ciel’nn bit his lip as his eyes threatened  to wet as he remembered the better days, then he sighed as he looked to his partner. “It’s wonderful tea. Thank you, Teldryn.” He thought a moment before he reached out to take a piece of sweet bread. “My mother used to make herbal teas and such, too. I miss her.” She probably would want me to move on and find happiness when in the past there wasn’t any of it.

    Teldryn reached out to put his hand on Ciel’nn’s shoulder. “I remember you have said she was an alchemist and her favorite plant was Stone Flower. She must have been a wonderful mother.” His partner was sad by the looks of it, but when he looked at him again — Ciel’nn smiled. He’s struggling with memories. The older mer smiled warmly back. “We can talk about it if you want to. If it helps.”

    A warm smirk crept on Ciel’nn’s lips. “She would have warned you about several things.” He took a bite on the sweet bread. Such delicious bread. “Such as?” His partner asked. “Well, not to anger me as I know how to use poisons.” He allowed a mysterious smile to dance on his lips. “And, not to hurt me like the old shit did.” Ciel’nn winced inwardly at those memories. Perhaps, one day he’d be over them. The young mer sighed.

    His partner needed healing, Teldryn knew that now. Healing from the wounds of the past. Such wounds took a long time to heal, if at all. “I can’t take your memories away, but I can help you to heal. I’m here for you, Ciel’nn.” He gently touched the mer’s cheek and watched the mer’s smile spread again.

    “Thank you, Teldryn.” Ciel’nn said in a softer tone. “You really help me a lot.” He enjoyed the gentle touch, and he knew he’d be safe with Teldryn. He’d heal eventually and he would get better memories. Ciel’nn drank the rest of his tea, savoring the taste. “You need to teach me or show Drovas’ recipe for this tea.”

    They spent one more day at Tel Mithryn when Ciel’nn decided he had rested enough. He was eager to travel and find the Deathbrand treasure. His leg felt better as he tested walking around inside the Steward’s house. Thigh is still sore, but at least I can walk. He stepped towards the chair and grabbed his gear. One of the reavers is probably dead by now. I wonder how they take it. After he had geared up in his chitin armor, Ciel’nn opened the door and walked down the stairs.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” Teldryn frowned as he was coming to see his partner.  He had had hunches that Ciel’nn might get bored with all the resting. Still, he couldn’t blame the young mer. “I’m escaping this place.” Teldryn heard Ciel’nn replying. The older mer flashed a grin as his stance shifted to something bold. “Can I accompany you, sera?”

    Damn him! Ciel’nn bit his lower lip as Teldryn’s act came from out of the blue. Lightheaded and breathless, he managed to stand straight with a silly grin that bloomed on his lips. There was something endearing about the older mer whenever he did something unexpected, and Ciel’nn would take it all in. He strolled close to Teldryn. “Certainly, bladesman.” His voice was light as a feather.

    The silly grin was all Teldryn needed to see. The warmth had spread to his chest while he was aware of his eyes shining with affection. He put his arm around his companion’s shoulder and pulled him closer gently as Ciel’nn’s leg might be still sore. Not too much stress on it. Bladesman. He remembered the night when he stopped Ciel’nn going to the Retching Netch because of the Orc, and Ciel’nn had called him the bladesman. Back then, the older mer hadn’t been certain if the word was a spell or not. For Ciel’nn had said it in a mysterious way that had caught him off guard afterward.

    Teldryn gazed into the young mer’s eyes. He might faint if I kiss him. It was tempting. Ciel’nn was tempting with his lips parted like that. Still, he leaned in and smooched into the corner of his partner’s mouth. A soft smooch.”Let’s leave, daelha.” He whispered. “Before the mage finds us something to do.”

    The young mer still felt dizzy, but nodded. “Alright.” He took Teldryn’s hand into his own, and they strolled down the hill.

    Talvas opened the door only to see the yard empty. He swore he had heard voices a moment ago. Gazing down the hill, the mage sighed. Ciel’nn and Teldryn were gone somewhere, and he was supposed to take them to Neloth. Now he would have to explain to his Master why he’d return empty handed. He’ll be all weird this evening. Talvas shook his head and returned inside the tower.

    “He’s dead.”

    Sendel had said to Casseth when they had stopped for the night. Arnas had died before they managed to build a small camp. He had to admit to himself, that it stung. Their scout had died by to a virulent poison, according to Feranos. He had known him for a long time. They used to be friends. Sendel would miss the scout. This will not go without vengeance.

    His eyes found Casseth who was brooding others on the other side of the camp. The group leader’s eyes were in flames and hatred toward the young mer. Sendel shared this feeling. They should have killed the kid when they had a chance. But no, we have ‘an order’ to not kill him. The reaver scowled. What kind of leader really was Sildras? Was he playing a game with the kid at a cost of their lives? He glanced at Dals nearby. The ranger was quiet and an alertness reflected from his eyes.

    Then Sendel looked to Feranos, who was sharpening his blade. The rogue looked back to him with, We should do something, without Sildras’ blessing. Sendel’s nod was barely visible. Indeed, they should, but he wasn’t sure of Casseth. Maybe we can persuade him as Arnas’ death has shaken him.

    Sendel glanced at the wrapped body nearby, and gritted his teeth. We’ll be avenge you, Arnas. I swear it. Once we’ve disposed of the bladesman. Then, it shouldn’t be a problem. I can’t wait to get my hands on that brat.

    This is fucking personal now.



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  • GailOlm
    GailOlm   ·  November 25, 2019
    I like how Teldryn was looking out for Ciel’nn by warning Talvas not to help with scroll making until Ciel’nn was healed. It was sweet of Teldryn to bring Ciel’nn herbal tea and sweet bread. It’s touching that the herbal tea reminded Ciel’nn of his mother...  more
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    It's nice to have antagonists with actual camaraderie, especially typically faceless ones like bandits and pirates. A regular band of brothers!
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    Ah, curious about the scrolls writing. Always enjoy other people´s take on the mechanics of that. And it should absolutely push Ciel´s level of dangerousness up a notch. Heh, and the two lovebirds are so absorbed by each other.

    And t...  more