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Chapter 1: The Beginning
Entry 1.

I am writing this journal in an attempt to document my quest for Sovngarde, a reward that has been withheld from me purely because I was born as a Mer and not a Nord as I lived in my first life and I shall live with this second chance I have been gifted.

I awoke from the Dreamsleeve, to find myself bound and in the back of a cart alongside three Nords; two of who were busy talking about our destination. From what they were saying we were bound for the headman’s block. At first, I could not believe it, was this some cruel trick of the gods? Had they given me this second chance to just torment me by taking it away just as quickly?

While I cursed them for their cruelty, we arrived at Helgen. It was a town I did not recognise, and as I looked around we were lined up before the block. The first to be called forward was a redheaded lad, with the heart of a true Nord. He faced his death bravely and was surely welcomed by those in Sovngarde.

How I envy him.

Next it was my turn. Just before the headsman’s axe was about to strike, the sky was blackened by a beast that I can only call a dragon. In the resulting chaos, I made my escape alongside a Nord dressed in the same armour as those who had tried to kill me. As we fled through the tunnels below the town’s keep, we encountered soldiers who the Nord called Stormcloaks. I took from their bodies what gear I could and continued on.

The moment we finally emerged from the tunnels, the Nord pulled me into the shadows and we watched as the Dragon flew away to the north. I walked with him for a time, until we came upon a group of three standing stones. Deciding to try my luck I approached one with an image of a warrior carved into it. As I touched it a beam of light burst forth and pierced the heavens.

It was at this moment that I became aware of something calling to me from the east. Realising that I could not ignore it, I bid the Nord farewell and retraced our steps back towards Helgen in search of a road heading east.

Golden Fool's Album: Journal of an Outsider

DESCRIPTION : This album serves as a journal; written in character, of my playthrough of Lissette's character build The Outsider. Throughout the playthrough I shall be using a number of mods; including but not limited to Ordinator, MorrowLoot Ultimate and Smilodon.