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Teaser Image 4 - Alandro Sul

SpookyBorn2021's Album: Project Teasers

DESCRIPTION : What's the Project? Only I know (and those who figure it out using the ridiculously simple hints for those in the know).

  • A-Pocky-Hah!
    A-Pocky-Hah! It's probably just an exaggeration, like most tales are. If you see a man slaughtering a bunch of people, then there's no doubt you would call him a monster.

    I kinda like the idea of a Khajiit Rider with a Senche-raht. I mean it didn't stop Anne and Bonn...  more
    January 7, 2019
  • SpookyBorn2021
    SpookyBorn2021 Eh, might be might not be. I do assume it's exaggerated but they're kind of weird even for an Akavari race, almost a bit like a Frost Atronach mixed with a Mortal, they freeze over when they hibernate (apparently) and just seem...strange.

    That or they co...  more
    January 7, 2019
  • Justiciar Thorien
    Justiciar Thorien So what if they freeze over? Frogs do too.
    January 7, 2019
  • Chris
    Chris Yeah, and well, not the weirdest thing a Rider as ridden. Looking at you Medb, you Celtic Thot
    January 8, 2019