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Teaser Image 2 - Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal...uh jokes?
PART 2! Yep this fella is next up after Abnur Tharn, with a completely different character that literally can't be much more different to my first guide. Not sure when I'll finish this one but expect it by the Weekend (or tonight possibly).

Dragonborn2221's Album: Project Teasers

DESCRIPTION : What's the Project? Only I know (and those who figure it out using the ridiculously simple hints for those in the know).

  • A-Pocky-Hah!
    A-Pocky-Hah! I'd rather question why he started screaming "Freedom or Sovngarde!". Freedom... Freedom of what exactly?

    But, I've always been skeptical about this kind of subject since this bandit had done all sorts of terrible things in his life and he thi...  more
    December 11, 2018
  • Justiciar Thorien
    Justiciar Thorien Freedom as the opposite to imprisonment? He is a bandit after all.

    Well, while I've heard people interpreting it in various ways, but judging by what I've found in the lore, it maybe that in the Nords opinion one goes to Sovngarde if one dies in battle, ...  more
    December 11, 2018
  • Chris
    Chris Ada'Soom eh? Quite interesting
    December 11, 2018
  • Dragonborn2221
    Dragonborn2221 Forgot to say that I've finished the guide related to this teaser -
    December 11, 2018