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  • Dragonborn1921 Huh, site's looking real strange for me at the moment. Is that just me or is it just looking strange?
    January 20
  • Noodles Wow... look at those gigantic banners...
    October 14, 2017
  • Wulfhedinn Thinking of maybe doing a blog or at least definitely a screenshot saga for my squeaky-clean brand new Hunter, Arksis-6 the Fallen Exo!
    January 16
  • The Long-Chapper Can I say that Fallout 4's Defiant Legendary effect + the pipe shotgun from Pipe Weapons Overhaul = So. Much. Awesome. If you make the shot that is. :D
    January 16
  • Mercurias Build at level 22/35, and seven of those levels will be rapidfire from Enchanting. Home stretch.
    January 7