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  • Duvain Sup everyone, I 'm back and will be active for a few days before I have to take another "leave" again. Hopefully I 'll get to post my Sorcerer Class analysis (D&D/Pathfinder/ ES?) and my sort of "legacy" go to Skyrim build and maybe a character profile. Hope you all doing well, have fun!
    May 28
  • Merillous the Blue I have returned from my long Hiatus!!!!
    January 24, 2018
  • The_Lex A few questions for you fine people: 1) If I started an ESO stream, would anyone be interested in watching? 2) If so, what type of content would you like to see (general questing, group dungeons, trials, PvP, etc). 3) What times are bes tfor you to sit and watch?
    January 29
  • aFjallvarg I just made writer for Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr!
    July 20, 2018