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  • Golden Fool We've got a new character build feature in the form of Furrion's Witch Arrow, so if you've yet to give it a look you can find it above :)
    June 3
  • Dragonborn2121 Whoo, managed to actually record gameplay on PC :D Going to be uploading some gameplay from my current playthrough/character over the next few days (hopefully until I finish it in a few weeks/months but I'm not really sure).
    May 23
  • Paws Just a quick reminder that ESO's Fifth Anniversary Event starts at 10:00 EDT (15:00 BST). Remember to consume cake every two hours for that sweet xp buff :)
    April 4
  • Paul Went into my local game store yesterday, they had Fallout 76 at 35% off and more than 20 traded-in copies for sale or trade. It was actually really sad to see :(
    November 25, 2018