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  • Pestilence Is anyone familiar with editing meshes in NifSkope? I have some minor clipping issues with a mod I'm using and I'd like to fix it, but I have very little experience doing that.
    May 20
  • Chris Next Event build should be up in twenty minutes
    December 15
  • Zonnonn Just realised that Creativity Month was a year ago... holy shit time flies
    December 8
  • The Long-Chapper Time for Urag. And can I say I can see the appeal in the slow time perks in Archery? I've never taken them before, but I decided to try something new like I tried Quick Reflexes for the Outsider. They border on over-powered.
    December 13
  • Mercurias Event build at level 20 of 45. Making okay time. It’s fun, too. :3
    December 11