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  • Overhate After almost 3 years, ESO EU server maintenance is still total crap :D
    February 6, 2017
  • DeltaFox I would love to write down my playthrough of Empire: Total War, I was just wondering if the RPG group would be a good place for that, seeing as Total War doesn't really have a place here.
    March 5
  • Wulfhedinn I'm not happy with what I've got so far - maybe it's my perfectionism, maybe it's my way of writing or maybe it's my uncertainty towards B'okhi's future. I didn't plan out his journey as well as I could or should have and so I have felt it necesary to change things up. I don't know when you can expect whatever comes next, and I can't promise anything, and I'm sorry for once again deleting my own work, but I can't continue on with something that isn't fulfilling to my own views. Thanks for being there to read it, guys.
    Wed at 8:21 PM
  • Wolf-Isa My new character is finished! I made myself a Triggerman and I'll be posting pics of him in my gallery thread.
    March 14