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Character Build: The Berserker

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  • June 19, 2012

    Update: I am currently playing this with the intention of joining Ulfric @ 20th (I'm currently in my mid-teens).  I am having a blast; although he's had a couple of close calls.  The fighter/alchemy combination is fun, poisons and fortify two-handed are my mainstay.  Of course the healing potions and resist potions help as well.  He has never cast any spells, nor used staffs/scrolls, nor enchanted.  He has equipped magical items as he acquires them (eg. Savior's Hide).

    Particulars: Nord w/Lord stone (had atronach for a while, but decided to run with the lord stone for extra AC and magic resistance - plus it feels 'right').  Armor:  Savior's Hide - this looks perfect for a berserker, and adds to my magic resistance. I will keep SH as my ending armor.  Difficulty = Master, Ironman (dead=dead).  Weapon:  Steel Battleaxe (exquisite).


  • June 21, 2012

    A nice sight from the berseker for enchanting should you pick it is a blessing of the gods sort of, not exactly magic, hehe, nice build man, I think it will look nice with stormcloak set + savior's hide, I will definately try it I was building a similar build but with magic, and the potions were all for fire, frost and shock defense.

  • July 4, 2012

    -> sleeping tree sap is another great "combat-drug"... plus it has this "drunk" effect that perfect match the roleplay

  • July 4, 2012
    Love it, dude. Awesome picture too. As soon as the Dragonbone Warhammer came out I made a Barbarian build devoted to its use and, lo and behold, what I see here is essentially the same damn build I came up with! Great minds think alike? ;) Alchemy is especially amazing with two-handers so you don't have to worry about sheathing your weapon to cast spells. I've since moved on to create a sort of Bone-Shaman that functions like a Berserker meets Witchdoctor build, which I may yet post here, but this Berserker build has a special place in my heart now as one of my most fun playthroughs. There's really not much cooler in all of Skyrim than some of those spectacularly brutal two hand weapon kill animations; they're in a league of their own.