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The Colovian West

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  • September 26, 2016

    Veloth the Vampire-Hunter said:

    Yeah could be Karver. I wonder what way it leans during Skyrim. If the Empire was smart I would think they would have Nibenay ruled being how close it is to the Skyrim border. Wouldn't want any conflicted loyalties.

    Haha yeah Phil that's always the way. You think you know what races you like and what you don't until you dig in to them and find out they are pretty cool after all.

    The bold is exactly what I'm thinking. 

    Karver said: Might be because Countess Carvain is Nibenese.

    Ever thought that she was installed there because Bruma actually heavily leaned Colovian and possibly even was pro-Skyrim? Sometimes leaders are put incharge of a region to "change it". Happens all the time in the real world. Oh Bruma really doesn't have one foot in Skyrim, see, look at its leader, all Nibenese, see, see, looky, looky. See how stable we are. 


  • September 26, 2016

    I've never seen any lore say that Bruma was ever part of Skyrim but the culture and architecture is Nordic. Maybe early Nords who were sick of paying fealty to Jarls decided to pass the Jerrals and founded their own settelment similar to what the Vikings used to do in the UK?

    As for Falkreath, Queen Alessa may or may not have been born there so it might be hard to hold but if the Imperials\Colovians held it that would score big political browny points.