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Character Registry

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    June 18, 2015

    Introduce your ESO characters to the group! Tell us a little bit about them - what's their specialty? Feel free to include a screenshot!

    Be sure to include your username as well - this thread also serves as a listing of everyone's platform/factions.

    • PC
      • Ponty: @P0nty (AD/DC)
      • TheIronBank: @Avispon (AD)
      • Leon: @Cloudxi (EU server)
      • Ksart Arryn: @ksart-arryn (EP)
      • Joshua Primrose: @JPrimrose (EU server)
      • Tae-Rai: @Tae-Rai (EP)
      • Jo'Daro: @CarlosCaminha (AD)
      • Golden Fool: @GoldenJester (AD/DC)
      • Ash: @Hoodedbird (AD/DC/EP)
    • PS4
      • Tae-Rai: Tae-Rai (EP)
      • Lolindir: Tallahassee044 (DC)
      • Oneness: x_oneness_x (AD)
      • Gollum: korbinkreme (DC)
      • Henson: FlyinHawaiin813 (DC)
      • Curse Never Dying: HJL14J (EP)
      • Teccam: Nohadon (EP/AD/DC)
      • Alpha: AlphaGrimmy (EP)
      • Joe Pickup: pschojoe (DC)
      • Leon: Cloudxi
      • Snowgirl: snowgirl223 (AD)
    • Xbox One
      • Zemni Redoran: Kordigoth (EP)
      • EllMarie: Ellmarie (DC)
      • Patriarch: PatriarchaLex (AD)
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    June 18, 2015

    My main character, Shade-Step, Nightblade DPS. Focusing in stealth, this Argonian was captured when he was raiding a house for the Thieves Guild and is now suffering from amnesia. While he is slowly regaining his memories, he is still quite cautious and curious of the world. He joined the war effort mainly for profit and to travel to the other regions, hoping to find some lost friends.

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    June 18, 2015

    Maybe one day I will learn to do things like post screenshots. Or take screenshots. Until then.

    In ESO my name is Avispon - I run several characters at V14 in the Aldmeri Dominion. A Breton Magicka NB (Avaspon), a Khajiit Stamina NB DPS / Tank (Avispon), an Imperial DK (~Avispon), and currently leveling an Imperial Templar at v6 (Lanza Destino, fooled you there).

    My current main is the Breton Magicka NB, Avaspon. I am trying other classes but I have LOVED LOVED LOVED nightblades since the game's launch. The abilities are so cool - we can cast AoE fear, we can absorb health from enemies, we can invisicloak and for god's sake our execute involves shooting out a 20-foot long tentacle of death into our enemy's face. I also find that the SYNERGY - our blog's favorite word - between this class' skills and passives is fantastic. We ALSO make terrific tanks - always surprises people but our Siphoning Attacks ability alone makes it almost impossible to run out of resources so in almost any situation we can just block and hold aggro forever.

    Magicka nightblades are no longer an optimal choice for DPS, but I can pull 14-15K DPS on trial bosses which is plenty competitive and our main damage abilities also heal us and others around us, plus our Veil of Blades is the best group damage mitigator in the game, so we make great additions to any group.

    Anyway, I roleplay very little in ESO.  I do greatly enjoy the questlines, and generally just play my characters as travelers in the world that are soaking up the rich lore of Tamriel, simple folks swept up in the grand events around them. FOR THOSE JUST STARTING OUT - BE PATIENT IF YOU LIKE A SKYRIM-ESQUE EXPERIENCE. THE FIRST ZONE OF YOUR FACTION IS FILLED WITH A BAZILLION PEOPLE STARTING THE GAME OUT - AFTER YOU MOVE FORWARD INTO THE SECOND AND THIRD ZONES, THE CROWD THINS MEASURABLY AND YOU WILL OFTEN FIND YOURSELF ABLE TO ROLEPLAY THE SOLO ADVENTURER IF THAT'S WHAT YOU LIKE.

    My build if it helps, I am set up purely for max DPS: Front bar - Destruction Staff: Merciless Resolve, Funnel Heath, Crippling Grasp, Structured Entropy, Inner Light, and Shooting Star Ultimate; Back Bar - Dual Swords (never swing them, 2 swords just provides max spell damage right for whatever goofy reason): Impale, Sap Essence, Refreshing Path (Flex spot here, you can run anything really), Siphoning Attacks, Inner Light, and Soul Harvest Ultimate. I can get into gear and my skill rotation if (AND WHEN!) this group takes off or if people ask. Happy to talk about what I've learned after a year of hard playing, in terms of setting yourself up for long-term success in the game, learning crafting, how to make money, etc etc etc. There's a LOT to do in this game! 

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    June 19, 2015

    Thanks for sharing, Avispon - I also have a Breton Magicka Nightblade named Eva Monaire in the Dominion that is one of my favorite character.

    I refuse to go stamina with her, even though I agree that Magicka Nightblades are in a much weaker place than prior to the 1.6 patch. Alas, the days of Sap Essence + nearly 100% Veil of Blades uptime are gone - I enjoyed the utility of that build and being able to "solo Veil" Trial runs. 

    I've not quite been able to hit that high of DPS numbers as you, I'm more or less stuck in the 11 - 13k range. I suspect it's because of my gear - would you mind sharing your gear setup? Thanks!

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    June 19, 2015

    Thanks for sharing your build, I hope to see you post more guides like this.

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    June 19, 2015

    I'll share my characters:

    First off, my main - Alethian Firyinel, a VR13 Altmer Templar in the Aldmeri Dominion. This guy was pretty much as hybrid as you can get - hardly an optimal build but I could switch between Destruction staff ranged DPS, Restoration Staff healing and Heavy Armour/Two-Handed DPS pretty much at will.

    My second character, Marcellus Halfmer, is a VR1 Breton Nightblade tank (in medium armour) from the Dominion. My build's pretty much dead due to changes since I stopped playing in October last year, haven't decided what to do with him yet.

    My third character, Hun'Sel, is a level 24 Redguard Sorcerer also in the Dominion focused around melee DPS. Similarly to Marcellus some important parts of his build (relying on high critical chance and Critical Surge for some strong heals) don't work in the current state of the game, so he's shelved for now.

    My latest character which I'm playing at the moment is a Nord Dragonknight in the Daggerfall Covenant. Planning on going with a mostly weapon damage based build with some support skills for use in groups. Level 8 and going great so far!

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    June 19, 2015

    Well, I will only talk about my main right now. He is an Orc Dragonknight named Barack gro-Bama , and he uses Heavy Armor and a Two Handed Sword mostly.

    I guess you could call him a DPS character, but he is quite tanky with a stat distribution of 0/1/1 (M/H/S).

    Barack gro-Bama is a devout follower of Malacath and his code, meaning he is a very honorable warrior (at least in combat, he isn't afraid to intimidate weaklings for extra info or gold!).

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    June 25, 2015

    Hi all, this thread now also serves as a registry of everyone's gamertags/alliances! I've gleaned what I could from this post and the Guild Registry but feel free to give me more info here so I can update the main discussion.

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    June 25, 2015

    You can put my faction as DC if you want.

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    July 1, 2015

    FlyinHawaiin813 (NA - DC - PS4)

    I haven't gotten around to posting pictures I took from my PS4, but should do so soon or maybe wait until I get some cool looking gear.

    I currently have a level 21 Breton Templar in the NA DC on PS4 named Honsen (some douche took Henson...!) I really can't say enough how much my view of this game turned around. Don't get me wrong, it was never in a negative light to begin with, but physically playing it has made me realize how incredible it is.

    Honsen is currently a trained healer and support character through and through. I quickly realized that the role I enjoy the most in MMOs, since this is my first one, is that of a healer. Everyone loves a healer!

    He is currently swapping between two restoration staves. The reason for this is for the magicka payback from heavy attacks turns me into a magic battery! The first skill bar is a full healer specialized load out. This includes a combination of the Restoring Light and Restoration Staff skill lines and they complement each other nicely with some instant and AoE heals. The second skill bar is dedicated to some respectable DPS in case of a situation arises I need to fill which is usually rare or if I am playing solo.

    I do have a bit of RP that I am trying to stick to but might include that in a later profile or build. I have been mixing and matching armor types to make sure they all level pretty well but in the end I might stick to either all light armor for the passives and boosts or may go for a 5L/2H split not only for some sweet battlemage aesthetics but also for a bit more survivability with a boosted armor rating.