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  • September 1, 2017

    Any Heroic Spirit that can be summoned under the Berserker class only needs to follow a single rule. They have been struck with a blinding rage at some point in the past. Most of the time it has to be an epic rage that far surpasses anything normal, but for Nords and Orcs this Berserker Rage is instilled within them from birth, and even the few that can survive their entire life without flying into a rage, will be able to access that power after their death and be summoned as a Berserker. Actually, that isn't the best way to say it, they will be forced into as a Heroic Spirit summoned as Berserker, generally being completely incapable of anything but mad, insane thought that can best be summed up with the words 'Kill and Destroy'.

    Shalidor was a man of great power, but usually, his morality and great will could direct that power towards good but when summoned as Berserker things like Morality, Intelligence and Strategy are all broken down and replaced with mad, unfaltering power. His Mad Enhancement (an ability that all Berserkers are forced into) allows his magic to be two, three times as strong as any normal Mage's but at the cost of his sanity, of his ability to think and anything but a drive for combat. It is indeed a sad day when the greatest human mage known to Man, Mer, Argonian or Khajiit is forced into a situation where everything that makes him who he was, is replaced by Rage.

    True Name: Shalidor

    Gender: Male

    Race: Nord

    Class: Berserker, Caster (FAKE) - Destruction, Alteration, and Light Armour

    Alignment: ________________

    Title(s): The Mad Mage, Berserker of the Spell 

    Age: N/A

    Skin Tone: Pale

    Height: 7 foot 3

    Weight: 80 KG (a little less than 180 pounds)

    Eyes: Red

    Hair: Long, braided crimson hair.

    Apparel: Shredded Archmage's Robes, barely hanging together around his waist with Leather Boots, Gauntlets and the Diadem of the Savant

    Tattoos/Scars: Upper body is covered in scars and burns, mostly from elemental spells. The most notable wounds are a circular burn on both of his shoulders and an entrance wound from an Ice Spike in his upper left arm. 

    Weapons: Mostly just the Fireballs

    Berserker doesn't really have a fighting style like you would normally think of it. I mean it literally is just the fire and forget approach to combat, overloading his enemies with so many deadly spells that they can't hope to survive. There's no thought that goes into what spell is used, meaning that even if he were to fight a Flame Atronach he might still try and use Fire Spells even if logically we know it won't work at all. He does occasionally resort to just trying to beat the life out of his opponents with his fists when he runs out of Spells but that is incredibly rare, though no less effective. A good dozen punches to the face tends to kill an enemy and nothing else really matters. 

    Basically when you think about what spell Berserker is going to use, think of the most powerful spell that is possible and that'll probably be it. Power is all that matters in the mad haze that is Berserker's thought process, the quicker he can destory his target, the quicker he can move on to destroying something else. 

    So if your wondering why this might be somewhat shorter than a normal Roleplaying Profile, well that's because it's part of the Workshop Commenting Event
    , and also the September 1st, Flash Event I was running over there. Basically the challenge was to create a Roleplaying Profile that had to be written in less than 500 words. I hit about 450 when it was all said and done and if this was a full Profile, well the Fighting Style would be massively expanded on, I would've written some Shalidor Lore in rather than just throw you over with the link, I would've explored some of the more...interesting aspects of the character and essentially just done more of everything.

    But damn was this challenge hard. I'm a really wordy person so resiting the urge to wrtie my normal amount was nearly painful for me. We will be having a bunch of little competitions like this until the 7th of September, so head over to the Workshop and join in if you'd like, it's actually a really good way to understand a content type more in my opinion.

    This is based off of my character, Berserker who has yet to appear in the Fate/Elder Scrolls universe. I can't give the full break down here, but head over to Deeb's Project Thing and scroll down until you find the Classes section and you should be able to get a better idea of the normal Berserker class.

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    September 1, 2017

    A fine example of what can be achieved with 500 words Deebers! 'Weapons: Mostly just the Fireballs' gave me a chuckle which is always nice. Plus this guy is hella cool, so my likey all round!

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    September 1, 2017

    This a great example of a limited Profile. Great Job, amigo.