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Profile: Vestok, The Skeleton Archer

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    May 8, 2017

    Greetings, adventurers. This is the roleplay profile for my Skeleton Archer build. What is written here is my personal character which was created to become the Skeleton Archer.


    Character Profile 

    Name: Vestok

    Aliases: Vestok Eccentric, Divine Arrow, Savage Scholar, Vestok of Youth (He was able to maintain the appearance of a fresh 20 years old young man even though he was older because of his magic before he became undead)

    Sex: Male

    Race: Nord

    Birthsign: Lord

    Class: Arcane Archer / Summoner

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Titles: Dragonborn, Monster Slayer, Undead Slayer, Dungeon Master, Bane of the wicked, Light in the Black, Archmage

    Age: 47 - The day he became an undead, 58 - The day he came to Skyrim.

    Place of Birth: High Rock

    Likes: Archery, Music, Alcohol, Gourmet Cuisine

    Dislikes: Anything that is not the way he wants it to be

    Favorite colour: Black




    Skin Tone: Pale/White

    Height: 6'5

    Build: Athletic with a good amount of muscle

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Black reaching down to his neck (simillar to the image above)

    Apparel: Usually Black cloth/light armors made from materials of the finest quality.

    Tattoos/Scars: Tattoos covering his back and arms. He acquired them in Hammerfell after he managed to recover his body. Scars, none.

    Abilities: Vestok has boosted defenses against physical and magical attacks. Due to his nordic blood and his undead nature he has developed resistance to physical and magical frost. When he is revealing his domineering nature he can induce fear in his enemies. Being Dragonborn he can use the power of the Voice.

    Weapons: Vestok is a deadly Archer and his favorite weapon is the Bound Bow. He is also making use of any other interesting enchanted items that will increase his success and survivability in battle like Staffs and the Spellbreaker.



    Vestok in his childhood due to his high level of intelligence wasn't able to socialize easily with other children and he was even labeled from some of the people in the household he was living in as a weird or creepy child. His mother was a cook and after spoiling him he gained quite a bit of weight which also didn't help with his situation. The fact that he was left out got to him at first but he got used to it. Due to this it became hard for him to socialize with others.

    During his adolescence he spent most of his time doing whatever his heart desired and he had also started practicing magic and archery these were the only things in his mind every day. His parents didn't hold back and spoiled him as much as they could even though Vestok didn't ask much he was easily pleased with his freedom and some good food.

    Growing up and after he got a few life lessons Vestok strived to make himself better regarding his magic, knowledge, battle prowess and outer appearance. He ended up becoming wild and unrestrained even though his peers respected him greatly for his vast knowledge and mastery of magic there were many that feared him and he was labeled as eccentric, savage and other "titles" like these. The moment he is irritated with someone he would provoke him with his foul mouth and challenge him to duels and even fist fights. He put above all else his freedom and he would destroy completely anyone that opposed him no matter who it was. He also came to dislike dishonest people and those who bullied the weak even though he was also bullying people they were deserving it in most cases and had done something first to provoke his wrath. He is a vengeful individual and many would think twice to get on his bad side since he was the type to destroy you decisively without mercy and laugh about it when you did something "bad" even if you were his friend a moment ago.



    Disclaimer: The Backstory contains some cursing and "edgy" words ye have been warned.

    Note: It came out bigger than I expected so if you are overwhelmed and bored to read all of it I would at least advise to take a look from the 6th paragraph and bellow in the dialogues this is the main part of it.

    Vestok was born in High Rock and lived there before moving to Cyrodiil at the age of thirty eight. He grew up in a rich household. The head of the household was a Breton trader and formidable mage named Valerian who managed to acquire great wealth and titles of Nobility before settling at his family's land in High Rock. His father - Thralgar and mother - Mjolda traveled with this lord since they were youths and forged a strong friendship with him. His father was the captain of the Lord's personal guard and his mother was working as a cook and she was renowned for her skills in the field throughout High Rock. Regarding their friendship they were more like family rather than working under him so Vestok and his family enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle.

    Vestok was their only son so naturally they spoiled him a lot and also had high expectations of him for the future but soon they noticed that he was acting kinda strange. After his father asked the lord for advice Valerian went to see Vestok and took him on a walk to speak with him. After a few hours the lord came back with Vestok all smiles and said to Thralgar "to think that a birdbrain like you who is training even in his dreams would have such a clever and talented son hahaha; fear not old friend the reason for your son's odd behaviour is because his intelligence stands higher than the normal for his age and he also has an aptitude for the Arcane". After that the Lord wished for Vestok to have the best tutors and masters to teach him almost like his own children but Vestok had other plans and only wanted to do whatever his heart desired. Despite that he did practice magic and archery diligently and he used his tutors only for advice when he had questions or was stuck somewhere in his first arcane endeavors. The lord was happy even if Vestok skipped his classes and when his father complained he would just say that geniuses were that way and laugh it off.

    Vestok during his childhood didn't have many friends and he wasn't one to socialize easily either so he spent most of his time practicing magic or archery or doing whatever else piqued his interest. At some point when he was around 14-15 years of age he became acquaninted with a young Altmer girl slightly older than him living in the lord's castle, she was Vestok's first love interest. He did everything he could to win her favor for a few months but one day he overheard this girl saying to her handmaiden "Hahaha don't say such embarassing things how could I consider this fatty as a love interest it 's just funny to have him run around and do whatever I ask of him..." and that was the moment the Savage Scholar Vestok was born while saying "Bitch don't laugh at a man down on his luck the wheel of fate spins and this Master will screw your fates big time! Also, I 'm not that fat just a little chubby so what, damn bitch you should be thankful this lord gave you his attention, damnit!

    After some more events Vestok became almost obsessed with his self improvement and his outer appearence, day in and day out he would train his magic with the castle's wizards along with his archery and battle techniques with his father. It was a bit after this that he met his Master an Altmer wizard named Gandalmo. Gandalmo was an old friend of the lord and during one of his visits the lord introduced Vestok to Gandalmo and seeing his talent he decided to take him as an apprentice since Vestok's arcane talent was simillar to his when he was young. Vestok followed his teacher around and he came to respect him greatly because of his powers and what he taught him. Vestok also came to know that his teacher was an old monster well over eight hundred years old and he also came to know the type of magic that gave him such longevity and power. It was a type of complex meditation techniques, using it the mage was able to absorb the magicka from everything in his environment from the plants to the air, people, animals everything that had magicka and use this to nourish his body. Vestok learned that in the future as long as his magicka capacity and his proficiency with these skills kept growing he would be able to kill with just a thought by sucking his enemies' magicka and life force even their very souls but that was quite far in the future and still the chances to achieve such a level was not that bright. Revealing such a techninque could prove quite dangerous so his master allowed him to use it only when he found himself in danger in the future.

    Some years afterwards Gandalmo revealed to Vestok that he would die soon, at first Vestok couldn't believe it but Gandalmo said that he did whatever he wanted to do in his life and it was time to go and meet his loved ones. Before he died he left his legacy to Vestok and he also gave him a Necklace. Vestok never saw him taking off this necklace all these years. Gandalmo told him that this was an artifact passed down to him by his own Master and that if he were to ever be in mortal danger he just had to break the necklace's seal and then a miracle would happen. When Vestok asked what kind of "miracle" Gandalmo just said that these were his Master's words and even he didin't know. After Gandalmo's death Vestok took a big hit and stayed with his old parents for some time. Then he decided to go to Cyrodiil. There he became a well respected but also notorious scholar for his eccentric attitude. Also the fact that even though he was well into his forties and he was still looking as a fresh 20 year old young man due to his mastery over the restoration magic as Vestok was claiming when asked about it made many people to acknowledge his mastery in magic and also made his enemies jealus and some even accused him of necromancy but these people didn't stay around for long.

    He would often give lectures and teach in various big and minor Academies and take part in many of their arcane experiments and endeavors. Such a case was one day that he went with many of his peers and their apprentices to explore some strange Ayleid ruins. Vestok being experienced in such explorations from his travels with Gandalmo was checking the area to avoid any potential dangers; some of the Masters have been there before and told him to relax but they didn't pay much attention since they knew his eccentric nature. The land around the ruins had a relaxing atmosphere and a beautiful view so many had brought their families along to eat and have a good time since this was not some official buiseness but the personal endeavor of a few masters, scholars and their apprentices. While everyone was relaxed eating or chatting Vestok stood up, run in the front raised a huge magic ward and shouted at the top of his lungs "Run! Leave this place this instant! Run fools, leave now!!" Everyone was looking at the scene flabbergasted but soon the sound of lightning hiting the ward brought them back to reality the masters being more experienced sensed the danger and started urging the apprentices and the others to evacuate the place some went with those who left and a few stayed behind with Vestok.

    Brat what 's going on? One of Vestok's peers asked him.

    Vestok: "Old master leave this place immediately, it's coming."

    What is coming?

    Vestok: Death. Death is coming, you and the rest should leave now, if you don't I 'll kill you on the spot rather than fight your undead ass later!

    Old Master: Brat calm yourself what is coming?

    Vestok turned back to them and started shooting arrows from his conjured bow while shouting "Calm my ass, idiots can't you feel that magic power? This is death, leave before I kill you! Go with your people if this thing gets past me try to at least buy enough time for them with your life there are many fine ladies there for that shit to put it's hands on! I don't give a fuck about a bunch of old men just save the cute ladies one of them might be my future wife fuckers!! Under the rain of arrows the Masters started retreating but it was apparent that Vestok didn't want to harm them and finally the old master cursed and just left with the others while lightning was hitting the ward behind them.

    Vestok turned around again and was looking intently in front of him when it appeared, he only had felt such pressure and power from his master and one or two other individuals through his travels. What was coming towards him was a Lich and behind it a dozen of undead minions followed.

    The Lich stopped, looked at Vestok and said: To think I would meet someone like you with such magic and life force hehe how fortunate, you will make a good servant hehehe.

    Vestok: Shut your filthy hole! This Master is in a foul mood right now! Just answer me this question, how come a shitface like you is here? Aahh dammit all! I went to the trouble inviting the prettiest and most intelligent women of my liking here making my resolve to pick a good and loving woman to make her my wife and you had to fucking come out you piece of shit a fucking lich had to come out from his shithole! Fuck my luck! Gods, are you playing with me? Am I to die a fucking virgin even though I have such superior looks? My whole life all the weird bitches were throwing themselves to me not even once a normal woman showed any interest! Is it my fault? Am I too weird or scary? Is that it? Fuck! I should have played around with all the weird bitches rather than being a romantic fool, shit that 's what I get! Fucking worm for ruining this Master's chance to find a good woman see how this Master will screw you up!

    Lich: Are you crazy, mortal? You are amusing in a way, I desire your servitude! I am the Great Lich Galandra fear and accept your fate! Grovel before me and receive the gift of death.

    Vestok: Fuck! A lich bitch! What fear, you rotten bitch? You want my servitude? Fuck off and put some servitude up your ass! Is it my fate to get all the rotten bitches? Even a lich bitch appeared before me! Really? Fuck my luck! Aaahhh! Dammit! just when things were going well, I was making a lot of coin well I already had but whatever, I was thinking to get a kind and pretty wife to take care of me and love her and keep lording it over my peers damn what rotten luck damn, damn, dammit! Huuh *takes a deep breath* Oh well, haha... hahaha Good! Good then! Come you rotten bitch let this Master screw you up in a grand manner! Don't expect to die a good death since you provoked this Master! Bid your ass farewell cuntface this Master will fuck you up until you beg for death.

    Lich: You arrogant mortal you will suf.. - she didn't manage to finish her words when arrows and light attribute spells started raining down on her.

    Despite all the hype after a few exchanges of arrows and spells between Vestok and the lich the fight came to an end.

    Vestok: Hahahaha how is it bitch, are you feeling comfortable? Did you expect some grand battle or anything like that bitch? This Master's expertise among other things is sealing magic and wards hahaha get fucked!

    Lich: You! Hateful mortal! What is this magic? Uaaaahhh!!

    Vestok: Marvel at my power filthy bitch! Didn't I tell you I 'll screw you up? You have to know this Master is petty and vengeful I 'll fuck you up without mercy even for the smallest grievance.  Hahaha know fear bitch, suffer and scream some more for me hahaha. This ward you are caught into will destroy your body slowly but, rejoice after that since I am a generous individual it will also open a portal and send our little worm princess to enjoy some quality time at Meridia's Colored Rooms, I wonder what kind of rooms Meridia has prepared for the soul of a Lich hahaha bitch send my regards to Meridia hahaha. Know despair and disappear!

    After some time of suffering the Lich disappeared and Vestok took a deep breath and started thinking.

    Vestok: Shit I had to use most of my life force to defeat this damned bitch but I had to save that bunch they are good people and there were so many fine ladies among them oh well, sucks to be me I guess... Damn I can't even stand I will be dieing soon probably. Dammit I still had so many things I wanted to do; I wanted to get a cute wife, go back to the castle see my old parents and lord they rpobably don't have many years ahead of them, I wish they won't learn I died, this fucking lich I hope you suffer for eternity in Oblivion, dammit! Master I wasn't able to become an old monster like you; so many regrets, dammit all! Ah! Yes! Master! The necklace hahaha if what Master said is true it might have some life saving enchantment on it or something like that, ok I think I can at least try and break the seal. Hm I think I broke the seal but nothing happened, fuck, stupid old man the necklace was a scam! Dammit what a shitty luck I have! Fucking necklace! I can certainly feel a peculiar magic from it but nothing will come out, shit I should have just sold it in an auction or throw it away.  

    As Vestok's life force was slipping away suddenly the loud voice of a woman entered his ears. Ah Dearest please don't throw me away!! I am a little shy and didn't come out but from now on we will be together forever don't worry I will take good care of you! Even though it is so embarassing I 'm out now and I can be with my cute Vestok all the time! How fortunate to be with you my dearest Vestok you are certainly my fated one! Just rest and leave everything to me I 'll take good care of you huhu you are so cute when you 're sleeping. Vestok didn't even have the strength to speak as he slowly lost consciousness.

    Suddenly Vestok woke up but what he saw was so surreal that he didn't know how to react and then suddenly a bewitchingly beautiful Altmer woman appeared before him. "Ah dearest you woke up, are you okay? After hearing her Vestok started making sounds but he was not able to speak and the woman said. "Ah I 'm sorry you still cannot speak here, this will help" after that she pointed her finger and a blue ball of light descended on Vestok then he was able to speak.

    Vestok: Wha.. What the fuck is going on with my body! Shit! What did you do to my body? Who the fuck are you? Start answering before this Master makes you know pain bitch! While saying this Vestok had reached for the woman's neck and pinned her down.

    The woman's breathing became faster and she said, "Ah dearest putting me in such an embarassing position already you are so wild; we should do such things after we get married but if you want I... I am ready for you mm!"

    Vestok: You crazy bitch answer my questions! Who are you and what happened to my body? *grips her neck tighter*

    Woman: Ahn, yes dearest I 'm sorry, my name is Leona and you were about to die but I couldn't let such a thing to happen so I saved you by keeping your soul into your body given my state though I am not as strong as I used to be and you became like this but don't worry I will take care of you.

    Vestok: You crazy bitch what "I will take care of you" my ass! I am a fucking skeleton now what the fuck are you going to take care of? Shit! Fuck! Shit! How rotten is my luck! Huuh... After taking a few deep breaths Vestok said - Okay let's calm down and assess the situation. You, Leona, ok I will admit that you saved me, as long as someone is alive or.. undead there is hope I guess. So, is there any way to go back to the way I was? Also what the heck are you? Coming out of the necklace and all.

    Leona: Ah dearest it feels so good when you call my name haha. Well I used to be a great warrior and summoner but at some point I was forced to marry someone I didn't want to and in order to avoid it I thought to hide in this enchanted necklace but after going inside I wasn't able to come out. Father after discovering it tried everything to get me out but to no avail so the amulet was passed down to my family until the day someone would be able to open it.

    Vestok: Ah, I see, so you are an idiot. Anyway why was I able to break the seal and get you out and by the way you are also some sort of undead aren't you?

    Leona: Ah dearest being so harsh to me, well the seal was broken back then hm... it should be a few centuries by now I don't remember when exactly but I was used to being in there and also I was sleeping for a long time and was waking up when something fun like a fight was going on so it was kinda comfortable haha. Yes I am also in an undead state right now, ah but I am not a lich or anything ugly like that I am still beautiful and pure, dearest.

    Vestok: Pure my ass damned creepy bitch you tell me that you were watching me all these years from that necklace? Also why the heck do you call me dearest? Even though you are pretty it's still creepy, curses, another weird bitch!

    Leona: Ah dearest when you are harsh and sweet to me is the best! Huhu saying I 'm pretty, so happy! Hm... should I tell you? But it is so embarassing, I don't know... Well, dearest since I saw you back then I was watching you all the time, you are so wild and unrestrained and even though you are kind you will still take revenge even for the pettiest things, you would kill without hesitation and you are so manly when you start cursing and fighting your enemies ah you are so domineering and you are the type that would do this and that and take advantage of me without hesitation but still love me ahh so embarassing oh and of course you are sooo cute and beautiful huhu! Dearest I think you are my fated one I.. dearest I fell in love with you and wish to become your wife I promise to take good care of you and love you forever! Uwaah, I said it! So embarassing, this is so embarassing my dearest knows my secret now huu.. *moves her hands and covers her face*

    Leona: *opens her hands to reveal her face* - But dearest you shouldn't look for any other woman like you did today when you have me, this is so immoral! I am the only one to be your wife I love you the most! I.. I will fight any other woman that wishes to have my dearest! Ahh so embarassing this is so embarassing *moves her hands to cover her face again*

    Vestok: ... Huuh *leting out a deep breath* I.. Well, fuck this shit... Okay, this Master gives up it 's my fate isn't it to attract the creepiest and most weird bitches; dammit even though you are pretty you are... Aahh dammit! Anyway, creepy woman leave that shit for later and tell me is there a way to recover my body?

    Leona: Yes dearest as long as you pactice the meditation technique and you take the power of other living souls you will be able to recover your body I was also taking some from you ah it is such a good feeling taking my dearest's magicka inside me.

    Veston: ... Your wording bitch, your wording! Dammit you were even leeching all these years off of me. Anyway since I can recover my body that way that 's good enough but I don't think I will go all the way and suck souls from other people, that could cause problems so I will just take a bit of it from them and any other things I might find to kill are fair game I guess. Ok bitch, prepare yourself I 'll work you to the "bone" in order to recover my body and also some serious punishment is in order.

    Leona: Ah yes dearest, your woman has disappointed you so please feel free to punish me anytime and however you want I will receive anything from my dearest and consider it as a reward. Huhi!

    Vestok: ... She laughed there in the end didn't she? Fuck! She's that type isn't she? Of course it's always that type! Fuck it, whatever, I gave up already. Leona prepare your ass we 're leaving we need to make a few arrangements before we depart.

    Leona: Yes dearest but since I used quite a bit of my powers I will be resting inside the necklace; oh, by the way where are we going?

    Vestok: We will travel around killing idiots while I restore my body. There are many bandits, thieves and other things to kill freely if you know where to look.

    Leona: Great, Dearest! Going to an adventure with my loved one was always one of my dreams haha! My beloved Vestok even though I am inexperienced please treasure me from now on. I will certainly take good care of you. How nice now I can be with my dearest forever and do all sorts of things haha.

    Vestok: ... Fuck my luck! But, maybe I should? Oh well whatever beggars can't be choosers... If she really is as devoted as she appears it wouldn't be so bad and to be honest with myself she is kinda my type, she could be a loving wife, even though she's creepy she is also kinda cute and has a great body and especially these two huge mounds standing there majestically damn these are the things to put a man in the wrong path and in the end she is not a shitty lich or anything like that but still... ah ah only the weird and creepy ones right? Whatever on the bright side if there is one I got myself a pretty woman and will go on a grand adventure that 's the thing of tales isn't it? Only if I wasn't a fucking skeleton and had to spend years recovering my body... Fucking rotten luck as always!  Well then, World, this Master is down on his luck so he is coming to claim some of your good luck hahaha!



    You made Leona happy by reading her dearest's character profile!

    Well, this is the odd beginning of Vestok's and Leona's story. I have thoughts of making some blog entries from various moments during Vestok's and Leona's adventures and the funny interactions between them and the things they come across; we 'll see about that in the future though. I am still new and I hope to become better into this type of writing, my main focus is to offer some light reading with a bit of excitement and the most important to me is if I manage to offer a laugh.

    Also kudos to Vilhelm or Alister or Gothmaul (he is a man of many names from the looks of it :P) for his Naming Encyclopedia project all the names in the story were created using them.

    Thanks and Happy Adventures!

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    May 8, 2017

    This is great. I am kind of sad that he is Nord born in High Rock and not a Breton, but other than that I like the background for this character and how you built him. I am glad that you used my guide for this, you have no clue how great that makes me feel. Also, thanks for the acknowledgement and I may just change my name to The Man of Many Names, lol.

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    May 8, 2017

    Gothmaul said:

    This is great. I am kind of sad that he is Nord born in High Rock and not a Breton, but other than that I like the background for this character and how you built him. I am glad that you used my guide for this, you have no clue how great that makes me feel. Also, thanks for the acknowledgement and I may just change my name to The Man of Many Names, lol.

    Yeah I put him in High Rock because I kinda wanted him to discover Skyrim later in his adventures and come to like the land and feel good that this is his homeland.

    No problem, the naming guides are a great tool to use and the name change could be ok I guess haha :P.

  • June 5, 2017

    I like the backstory. I bit big, so I've read it from the 6th paragraph like you said. And a moster hunter is always a plus with me. Hope you turn it into a story.

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    June 5, 2017

    @D3LTAFOX - Thanks D3LTA! We 'll see if I 'll turn it into a story in the future.