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Ordinator Tip - Enhancing Warrior's Flame

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  • July 23, 2017

    If you've been around for the last day (yeah, that's right, day) I've been making a bit of an effort to really delve into how Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim works and looking at how insane the various combinations within the mod can be abused, or well just used to create some really powerful powers, abilities or passive boosts that can turn your character from a guy looking at a new, interesting perk to a powerhouse of a character capable of creating thee Apocolypse (see what I did, it's a reference to another of the guy's mods...I'm very funny).

    Today I'm going to be looking at Warrior's Flame, a fun little perk in Restoration that allows you to randomly boost allies (including yourself) or drain enemies of their stats, oh and the usual burning of the Undead.


    I want to leave a disclaimer here. I haven't manually tested or checked anything here, and I'm purely going off of a few things. First is Enai Siaion's change logs and his literal notes/videos. All of the actual numbers either come from him, or in one case with Stones of Galen, from a reddit user that went through the Creation Kit. I have faith in the numbers, but there's always the chance I fudged up some maths here and there (it's fairly easy stuff, but there's a lot of it to do. I mean, really all that I need to do is add percentages of numbers to numbers with ocassional things like doubling 7...that gave me the most trouble :P) but where I do want to admit going into this blindly is how everything works together. I don't know for sure whether everything works the way I say it, and I do make that fairly clear but I have no idea how the Apotheosis perk really works, I have no idea if Warrior's Flame is boosted by things like Fortify Restoration potions (though I have some firm evidence for saying that it does) and whether or not Shalidor's Insights boosts it further. I make a fairly solid case in my opinion, but I can be wrong, and I don't have all the facts.

    Also if you want to avoid all of my explaining and maths, then I'll be colouring the actual results in a rather distinct Green so it's easier to find. 

    Fun fact: Afterglow, Crusader's Fire, Warrior's Flame and Wheel of Life are Restoration spells and therefore benefit from spell scaling (Restoration Mastery, Chalice of Tears)! 

    From what I can tell, Warrior's Flame can become just downright insane, I mean it's base form is restore 20 M and S for 5 seconds on allies, drain same from enemies but if it's effected by spell scaling (and I'm going to take a quick look and see exactly what that means, maybe the two perks that Enai mentioned have something specific about them). 

    So, Restoration Mastery gives a 50% boost at Level 100, which would (probably) boost the rate to 30 Magicka and Stamina Restored/Drained (but it might also boost the duration, or might only boost the duration).

    Chalice of Tears is more interesting, it would boost the damage by 15% which would be 23 Magicka and Stamina Restored/Drained (34 with Restoration Mastery) but also increases the duration by 50% meaning that you'd end up Restoring/Draining 23/34.5 Magicka and Stamina for 7 seconds leading to 161/241.5 drained/restored which is pretty insane.

    From what I can tell there's no reason that other effects (Fortify Restoration Potions, that Lighthouse Power) and anything that boosts either the duration or power of Restoration spells shouldn't have an even larger effect on the perk. It's quite possible that you could turn it into a truly powerful perk capable of filling upp just about any amount of Magicka/Stamina, or instantly draining enemies of their Magicka/Stamina. 

    Now here's where it could get even more fun. Ashes to Ashes and Sacred Flame both add Health into the mix at an even faster base rate than the Stamina/Magicka effects of the base perk. If (and they only wouldn't if they were made as seperate effects, but as far as I can logically tell they should all work in a similar manner to Respite, which is boosted by perks like Regeneration and Dual Casting so logically speaking I think that Ashes to Ashes and Sacred Flame should be boosted as well) they're boosted, then we're just getting into some rather insane territory. The largest possible amount of damage healed/dealt would be 51.75 damage over 7 seconds or 357 damage overs 7 seconds. But wait, that's not all folks. That's right, suprise attack with even more perks that boost Warrior's Flame. Eternal Flame doubles the duration (no need to freak out) meaning that it literally doubles our damage, draining and restoring.

    All Warrior's Flame Boosts = 724.5 total damage dealt to undead sources

    All Warrior's Flame Boosts = 724.5 Health restored to living allies

    All Warrior's Flame Boosts = 483 Stamina/Magicka Drained/Restored to Enemies/Allies

    And the kicked of all of these insane effects. Apotheosis, which is a power that lets you use Warrior's Flame on all nearby enemies for 20 seconds...At the cost of 250 Magicka (and I say, who gives a flying F, your going to literally regenerate that within a second, with a whole lot to spare). Well I believe that what it means any enemy that gets close for 20 secondss will be hit by a single boosted Warrior's Flame, but it is possible that it boosts the duration on any enemy close to you, in that case then your going to get some awesome numbers.

    Apotheosis + All Warrior's Flame Boosts = 1035 damage dealt to Undead Enemies

    Apotheosis + All Warrior's Flame Boosts = 690 Magicka/Stamina drained from enemies

    That's insane enough from a single enemy and doesn't even take into consideration more than one enemy, other sources that boost Restoration Spells, or anythign like that. 

    This section is dedicated to examining whether his other mods Imperious - Races of Skyrim and Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim have any effect on boosting Warrior's Flame.  

    Looking at the mods is slightly easier, but there's plenty of maths involved. From what I can tell, the only Race in Imperious that should have any effect is choosing a Breton and that's purely through their Stones of Galen power which really means that we're focusing on Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim.  The only two Standing Stones that should have any effect are the Mage Stone (both with and without Stones of Galen) and the Apprentice Stone (with Stones of Galen).

    Aurora's Mage Stone

    The Mage Stone boosts your spell effectiveness or duration by 10%. That or is important, because technically it could be either effect (or neither). Warrior's Flane could have a boosted duration or the effectiveness could be increased and I'll just do the math for both. With Stones of Galen, you get a straight 10% boost to the effectiveness on top of the normal boost.

    In total that would basically mean that we get a 20% boost to damage or a 10% boost to damage and duration depending on the base effect of the Mage Stone. I believe a 20% boost is more likely, so that's what I'll focus on but do note that damage might be slightly decreased, or increased actually, an extra 1/2 seconds is a fair amount, so it's all pretty much going to be around this level of damage dealt, health restored or the various Stamina and Magicka effects.

    Mage Stone (Stones of Galen) + All Warrior's Flame boosts =  579.6 Magicka and Stamina Restored/Drained

    Mage Stone (Stones of Galen) + All Warrior's Flame boosts = 869.4 damage dealt/health restored

    Apotheosis would look like this assuming that it is a boost to duration.

    Apotheosis + Mage Stone (Stones of Galen) + All Warrior's Flame boosts = 828 Magicka and Stamina Restored/Drained

    Apotheosis + Mage Stone (Stones of Galen) + All Warrior's Flame boosts = 1242 damage dealt/health restored

    So yeah, we're starting to get to some pretty insane numbers at this point (I mean, they were already insane enough). Now on to the Apprentice Stone (imagine that my voice was super epic here). 

    Aurora's Apprentice Stone

    Now I'm not sure how some of the more...interesting effects of the Stones of Galen racial ability would effect whether or not Warrior's Flame would trigger (basically the Apprentice adds a spell failure system based on getting hit) but for now we'll focus on the truly intense 25% boost to effectiveness that Warrior's Flame gets. True, it's only 5% better than the Mage Stone and there are weaknesses involved in this stone, but it is ever so slightly more powerful than the boosted Mage Stone.

    Apprentice Stone (Stones of Galen) + All Warrior's Flame boosts = 603.75 Magicka and Stamina Restored/Drained

    Apprentice Stone (Stones of Galen) + All Warrior's Flame boosts = 905.625 damage dealt/health restored

    And now for Apotheosis

    Apotheosis + Apprentice Stone (Stones of Galen) + All Warrior's Flame boosts = 862.5 Magicka and Stamina Restored/Drained

    Apotheosis + Apprentice Stone (Stones of Galen) + All Warrior's Flame boosts = 1293.75 damage dealt/health restored

    The Apprentice Stone is actually better, by a bit more than I was expecting, a good 20-60 point boost is rather excellent and can be extremely deadly, especially once a day with Apotheosis. 

    The final thing to examine is going to be Vanilla Powers/Items, which unless I've forgotten something includes Sailor's Repose, Fortify Restoration Potions and Shalidor's Insights. Now rather than do a bunch of indivudal math, I'm just going to combine the three into a 'Vanilla Boosts' section because otherwise it'd take far too long to delve fully into. At this point the highest level of math is probably going to be the following, which will also be broken down a little bit to show off the maximum effect with and without Imperious/Aurora.

    Warrior's Flame (with all boosts) + Apotheosis + Stones of Galen Apprentice Stone + Vanilla Boosts

    So the first, will be simply Warrior's Flame + Vanilla Boosts. Now I say that but the Vanilla boosts have the potential to be absolutely insane. Sailor's Repose is just 10% but Shalidor's Insights is a 50% boost to Duration while the best potion gives a 75% boost to magnitude (or damage in this case)...Yeah, so we're about to get insanely crazy up in here.

    Warrior's Flame gives 34.5 to the Magicka and Stamina drain and 51.75 to the damage against undead or health restoration effects. A 10% boost gives you 37.95 and 56.925 respectively. The duration boost from Shalidor's Insights gives you 21 seconds and the Fortify Restoration Potion would boost the total drain/restore/damage to the following

    66.4125 Magicka and Stamina drained for 21 seconds = 1394 Magica and Stamina drained/restored 

    99.61875 Damage dealt/health restored for 21 = 2092 damage dealt/health restored

    Well there's only two final steps. Apotheosis (and we're assuming for now that the Shalidor's Insights boost does apply to the duration as well) is going to be insane and after that is just the final possible result of Warrior's Flame boosted to hell and back. So really the most important thing to consider here is that I'm not 100% sure how Apotheosis works, whether what it does is inflict Warrior's Flame to every enemy in range when you use it for 30 seconds worth of damage/restoration/drain or whether any enemy that's within range at any point over 30 seconds is hit with a single 'normal Warrior's Flame' (which lasts 21 seconds with all boosts). I think the former makes more sense based on how Skyrim works but I could be wrong, and if so most of the math for that skill is useless. Anyway here's the math.

    66.4215 Magicka and Stamina drained/restored for 30 seconds = 1992 Magicka and Stamina drained/restored

    99.61875 damage dealt/health restored for 30 seconds = 2988 damage dealt/health restored

    The final calculation is the next one, but holy hell is that awesome, I'll shut up now and make this quick.

    Surprise Image. Are you surprised? I'm not, but I knew I was posting it so... SURPRISE

    All Vanilla Boosts + Imperious/Aurora Apprentice Stone + all Warrior's Flame boosts = 83 S/M for 21 seconds  and or 124.5234375 Health/Damage for 21 seconds

    1743 Magicka and Stamina drained/restored

    2615 Damage Dealt/Health Restored

    All Vanilla Boosts + Imperious/Aurora Apprentice Stone + all Warrior's Flame boosts + Apotheosis = 83 S/M for 30 seconds  and or 124.5234375 Health/Damage for 30 seconds

    2490 Magicka and Stamina drained/restored 

    3735 Damage Dealt/Health Restored

    Closing Notes

    So that's it...In the theoretical world where I didn't bugger up a step of the maths (which I'll admit is somewhat unlikely, but I feel 80% confident about it), that Enai hasn't changed anything ever about Warrior's Flame and I didn't miss anything or just generally make a mistake we should be looking at over 3500 damage dealt to ALL undead targets once a day, the same amount restored to all nearby allies and you can restore upwards of 2000 Magicka and Stamina and drain the same amount. So, I'm not kidding, this is all kind of insane back when it was just in the hundreds but once your talking about thousands of points of damage, 100 foot range and then also restoring health to yourself and allies. Well this theoretically has the potential to be awesome.

    At the moment I am 85% sure that I'm mostly correct on what I've said, if not entirely but I don't mind being proven wrong. Actually it leads to more discussion so that'd be really good. Please let me know if you have any questions, want to point out anything I did wrong (including maths, assumptions, spelling, grammar, etc.) or really just want to say "Heyo Deebs, this is flipping batshit mate"...Actually please never use that sentence, I might delete it later...