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E.S. Series. Funny Short Stories and Tails

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    January 16, 2020

    Paws said: Lol Sotek :D Haha Meli an invisible bridge is a new one to me. Was it a glitch? Or Alessia Bridge in Cyrodiil after being destroyed?


    It was during the New Life festival - Signal Fire Sprint in Bergama. It's a really weird glitch, seen entire cities disappear, and everyone is walking around as normal lol

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    January 16, 2020

    Sotek said: Haha I done nearly thr same thing. Edana GF and me... Edana jumps off a cliff into a river. GF jumps off the cliff ... into the river. I'm on my wolf mount. Straight offvthe edge, smack into the dock the other side just as they were going up the dock ramp..... " Where's Sotek? " ... CRASH!!!

    There was also that time when we were touring Paw's Pariah's Pinnacle house and we all jumped down from the Throne to our deaths.

    Paws said: I haven't got anything particularly entertaining to share, although there was that time when Goldie and I did Vet Scalecaller and it took four hours to complete. You know when a joke goes on for so long it stops being funny but when it goes on longer it becomes funny again? The experience was like that.

    I'd forgotten about that, the laughter followed by pain and then more laughter... we should do it again some time.



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    January 17, 2020
    Ah ha I think I have experienced that, Meli. For me it has happened in Coldharbour's Hollow City near the bank. The land just became featureless and green, iirc. Good fun! That's fair, @Golden. I've jumped to my death from there, too. The water below is deceptively shallow.
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    January 20, 2020

    Once when I started Skyrim, we were in the carts, travelling along the track. A guard, who was too busy drinking mead, failed to open the gate. The leading cart crashes into the gate and flips over. Seconds later the remaining cart crash into it resulitng in a two cart pile up of twisted wook and leather reins.

    I'm sure thats when Ulfric escape


    One horse was unfortunatly injured in the incident.