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Character Build: The Dominator

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    December 19, 2017


    The Dominator

    I hope this is a better version of the last one. Enjoy


    It was a late shadowy night and the Dominator was out hunting in the lands of Solstheim. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw an ash hopper, small locust looking beasts. He drew his longbow and shot an arrow he fletched himself at the beast. It penetrated the eye and killed it instantly. He grabbed the meat and dragged it back to his camp shoving a metal stake through its head and roasted it over a small fire. He longed to be in the lands of Skyrim killing the vast amount of elk and sabre cats. He sliced off the legs and bit into the dry flesh.

    After a while, the Dominator walked back to his village and looked around at the plaza. There was a small sign pinned to the always empty notice board. Passage to Cyrodil 10 Septims. Leaving tonight Sundown. Ten septims was all he had but to get to the mainland would be a dream come true. After grabbing his money he sprinted to the docks just as the crew were coming down to untie the ropes. "Wait," he called.He passed over his gold and boarded the ship.

    When he arrived he immediately left the city and started towards Skyrim. Upon reaching the border he was captured and carted off from Helgen.


    Archer Men Warrior Green Arrow Hood headgear Movies fantasy weapon wallpaper


    Race and Statistics

    Race: I would pick a Dunmer (Dark Elf) as with you being a vampire it cancels out all weaknesses to fire and it fits in nicely with the backstory. Or a Breton would also be good for the magic resistance but any would be okay.

    Stat Spread: 0 Magicka, 1 Health and 2 Stamina

    Standing Stone: Lover Stone early on then switch to the Atronach Stone when your sneak and archery are both above fifty.

    Shouts and Powers: Aura Whisper (if playing stealth archer), Cyclone ( Use Unrellenting Force till obtained),

    Skills & Perks

    Archery: Your main way to decimate your opponents where they stand.

    Perks: Overdraw 5/5, Eagle Eye for long ranged shots, Steady Hand to slow down oncoming opponents so you can get a clear shot, Power Shot to stagger oncoming enemies so you can loose another arrow and possibly kill them, Quick Shot, Bullseye, Critical Shot 1/3, Hunter's Discipline, Ranger

    Sneak: To get in position to kill someone before they know you're there.

    Perks: Stealth 5/5, Backstab, Deadly Aim the most impotant perk in this treeallowing you to do 3x sneak attack damage with a bow, Muffled Movement, Light Foot, Silent Roll, Silence, Shadow Warrior this perk is amazing if you have been detected, you run away sneak and then kill the enemies from afar.

    Light Armour: To protect yourself when you're exposed and to defend against dragons.

    Perks: Get all perks in this tree although this isn't a priority.


    Stealth Archer: Position yourself in a position where you can see all your enemies and draw Auriels Bow. First use the Throw Voice shout to bring them into an small area and use a Sunhallowed Elven arrow to hit one person and the effect will explode onto the others possiblyy killing multiple. Then move in closer and pick them off one by one. If against a dragon shoot a Bloodcursed aroow into the sky and then keep your distance but keep shooting the dragon to interrupt its shouts.

    Combat Archer: Enter the room or area with your bow drawn (if oustide use a bloodcursed arrow straight for the sun). Attract one enemy by using shouts or shooting them so you can pick him off. Remeber to keep your distance as you aren't very tanky and will die after a few warhammer power attacks. If against a dragon use teh same strategy as the stealth archer as you can't hide from dragons so combat both ways.

    Against Dragon: Facing against a dragon at high levels is hard and even harder for a stealth archer as you can not really sneak attack them. Prepare your Dragon Aspect Shout and use it. Oonce your cooldown has finished hit the dragon with dragonrend. Now equip a shout (Fire breath/Ice breath) that is opposite to the opponent dragons. Shoot a Bloodcursed Elven Arrow at the sky before knocking a Sunhallowed Elven Arrow and releasing it towards the beast. With this strategy you can take down most dragons but it does take some getting used to.

    Against Vampires: As erradicating vampires is your primary goal you will be ruthless and kill anyone who stands in your way. Make sure you don't fire a bloodcursed arrow at the sky or the opposing vampire will get the buffs also. Mostly you don't have to worry about your weakness to fire as opposing vampires don't usually use fire spells but there are exceptions. First off use the Fire Breath shout at the toughest so he will retreat to heal. Then take out the weaker vmapires or thralls with your bow before heading to the Master of high level vampire. Try and stay moving as he will have a harder time hitting you but stay hitting him with arrows. Never fight vampires in sneak as it isn't something the Dominator wants, he wants vampires to fear the name.

    Special Moves

    Blinding Flash: Bloodcursed Arrow (to the sun), Sunhallowed Arrow to the enemies
    Tornado of the Sun: Cyclone shout (1/3), Sunhallowed Arrow at Cyclone
    Lord of the Shouts: Unrellenting Force/Cyclone, Vampire Lord Form


    Auriels Bow when you have it otherwise just an elven bow or a crossbow.

    Dawnguard Light armour (with Helmet)

    Sunhallowed Elven Arrows
    Bloodcursed Elven Arrows
    Iron Arrow (Until acquired slow time shout just shoot the arrow where you want them to go)


    Dawnguard: You hate the evil filth of the vampires even when you become on yourself. Side with the Dawnguard but when Serana offers to change you into a vampire before you go into the Soul Cairn accept that. Always accept quests from the Dawnguard members about killing vampires.

    Main Story: You will embrace your roll as Dragonborn and find it as a new way to kill vampire scum.

    Dragonborn DLC: You think Miraak is a disgrace and wish to rid him from this earth. You also wish to learn the Bend Will shout as controlling a fire breathing dragon sounds like a sure way to kill vampires.

    Role Playing

    Your primary focus is to destroy the vampires no matter who gets in the way many lives for the price of a few deaths. You will save people when you can and do sidequests for people especially if it involves killing vampires. You will only kill wild prey and will only eat slain meat not pre-made as you're a hunter by nature.


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