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Character Build: The Fist of Thalmor

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  • September 16, 2016

    UPDATE October 2016 - When this build hit Mythic I thought I could revisit it, polish some things and give it a nicer look. And I did, I changed ugly Altmer guy into hot elf chick! Beside the presentation there are few minor changes, but nothing drastic.

    I have found out that almost every character on this site has some issues with the Thalmor. Don't get me wrong, I can understand that, but I'd like to break that stereotype. There aren't many Thalmor supporters, so this one will join their not very numerous ranks. I wanted to recreate the classic nightblade from Oblivion, but it ended up more like an unusual classic nightblade, kicking some serious ass whether with stealth, spell or dagger.

    The Fist of Thalmor

    Just as the Justiciars are the official enforcers of  the White Gold Concordate, the Fists are unofficial enforcers of the Thalmor as whole. They work as agents, spies, assassins and infiltrators, doing the dirty work that Thalmor don't want people see. Not only consisting of Altmer but also of Khajiit and Bosmer, they were the ones responsible for the near annihilation of the Blades and they still serve the Dominion as the Dominion sees fit. These agents are now in Skyrim to sow seeds of mischief in the land of the False God.


    Race: Altmer, Bosmer, Khajiit. (I went with Altmer – nothing can beat Highborn)

    Stone: Mage then Lord

    Stats: 3/1/0

    Major Skills: Destruction, Alteration, Restoration

    Minor skills: One-Handed, Sneak, Non-Perked Alchemy,Ligh Armor

    Spells: Fire Rune, Ignite, Flame Cloak, Flesh Spells, Paralyze, Heal, Soul Trap, Wards

    Quests: Black Star, Unearthed, Undercover Job*, Thalmor Assignments*


    The Build

    The build holds nothing complicated, no glitches, just focusing fast paced combat with moderate amount of tools to use when in combat. The overall gameplay concept is based on Oblivion´s Nightblade, which is by far my most favourite one.

    Nightblades are effective assassins and enforcers. Their speed and skills allow them to easily reach places most others could not. Nightblades dispose of opponents with a quick blade and Destruction magic. They are also skilled in Alteration magic, and are proficient in healing themselves.“

    Quick blade, destruction, alteration and restoration. While it sounds like nothing interesting at first, trust me, the use of Ignite, Wards, Paralysis and Flame Cloak makes it very versatile, durable and extremely agile fighter.

    The Fists are infiltrators first, so you can expect that this character can potentionally complete every guild questline. She´s a perfect infiltrator, not playing anything, just being who she must be. Assassin, thief, mage...everything that can sow more chaos into Skyrim. With few interesting items like Bloodthorn, Black Star and Ahzidal´s Ring of Arcana, you can call this character "highly dangerous"





    Alteration - Shaping the reality around your body, making your enemies fall to ground paralyzed, more resistance to magic and small chance for spell absorbation. All this gives the Fist wide variety of effects increasing his defence and even crowd controlling ability for late game. The Fist is agile fighter, combat is all about not getting hit, but you´ll get hit sometimes, and Alteration helps with that a lot.

    Destruction - This is your primary offensive, but not as you think. Fire Rune is used sparingly, Fist just lays it as a trap when enemies are closing in. The main offence here is Ignite, which is in my opinion one of the most powerful spells in the game. The Damage Over Time effect stacks indefinitely, so there can be half a dozen of enemies under its effect, eventually running away in fear because of Intense Flames. The only downside is that Ignite doesn´t penetrate Wards, so you´ll have to get close to mages, with Flame Cloak on

    Restoration - As I said, you will get hit sometimes, so Adept Healing spells will keep you in combat longer as well as restore your stamina (you don't have much of it). Power Attacks are mostly avoided, relying on fast strikes when you get near your enemy and then dodge again. Wards are also very useful against mages that can be difficult sometimes, because as I said before, Ignite doesn´t penetrate your opponents´ Wards, and you need to get close to them somehow.

    One-Handed - Using just a dagger doesn't do much damage, but little something always helps. Your opponents might laugh at you and „your little sting“ but what about thousands stings? Your main damage will come from magic, but that doesn't mean you will not be using your weapon - quite the opposite. Utilizing Bloodthorn with it´s hidden Absorb Health effect is actually quite potent.

    Sneak - What kind of agent would the Fist be without the ability to skulk in the shadows? Assassin's Blade wasn't used as main form of attack, but as an opener. Locate the most dangerous enemy and take him down. Plus scouting the area ahead, counting the enemies and memorizing their locations and paths they can reach the Fist gives this agent a neccessary edge.

    Light Armor - While there are perks in Mage Armor, the point is that you will be switching between equipment often, depending on a faction you decide to infiltrate, but overally, Light Armor combined with Flesh Spells increases Armor Rating by huge amount, and when you add Wards to that, your agile, acrobatic duelist suddenly becomes much, much more durable.


    Non-Perked Alchemy

    I used alchemy just for giving the Fist a little edge, using only two poisons and one potion. With no perks in Alchemy the potions aren´t the most powerful, but with gear enchanted with Fortify Alchemy they can get stronger and more efficient, so if you´ll see some of that gear in Radiant Raiment or any other shop, don´t be afraid to spend your money on it.

     - Potion of Invisibility (Chaurus Eggs + Luna Moth Wing) – At the beginning it will come in handy when your sneak skill is low. Later use it just before the enemy is going to detect you.

     - Poison of Weakness to Magic (Jazbay Grapes + Creep Cluster) – Both ingredients are plentiful in Eastmarch, so from time to time go there for a big harvest. This will increase damage of all your offensive means - especially Bloodthorn - against almost every living enemy.

     - Poison of Paralysis (Canis Root + Swamp Fungal Pod) – Until you will get your hands on the Paralysis spell, this will be your lifesaver. Furious giant is ready to stomp on you – cut off his toe!




    I just love when characters are defined by some magical artifacts and Bloodthorn is a winner for me in this case - such an underrated weapon. As far as I know only Albino used it with his Thrall of Vile. For those who don´t know this dagger, the Bloodthorn is located on an altar in Hag's End.

    It has 3 seconds Soul Trap and hidden 10 points health absorb. It might not do as much damage as the Blade of Woe, but it is much faster and for me it is a dagger that has roleplaying potential. Sapping the life force of your foes a stealing their souls...every Thalmor's wet dream. It has only one problem. The number of charges. One can only dream about an infinite soul gem...Oh wait. There is one. Black Star. This was an awesome solution for Bloodthorn's problem. And as a bonus you can spit in the face of Daedric Prince. I just had some rules about recharging Bloodthorn.

    And lastly Ahzidal's Ring of Arcana. I wanted a nightblade with a focus on flame spells, but throwing around fireballs can be to magey. It didn´t fit my hit-dodge tactic. So I again opted for Ignite. It doesn't have good burst damage, but doing 4 damage for 15 seconds is 60 – that is more than fireball. Plus you need to count burning damage doing 20% of immediate damage for the spell over 2 seconds. And most of all, Ignite can be stacked indefinitely. So you cast 3 Ignites on enemy and you can just dodge his attacks while he slowly dies.


    Undercover Identity

    The reason why I didn't talk about gear is this roleplaying aspect. This character is an agent, one of many, and I don't want to tell you how she feels about things. Are you with Thalmor because you believe in their agenda? Or you were forced to work for them because they keep your family as hostages? Will you turn against them? Do you have family in Skyrim? Do you have Thalmor friends or just superiors?

    Your backstory is pretty much your business, but in the end, you serve the Thalmor. Fists are not inherently cruel, but they follow orders. They are just soldiers in a war of shadows and daggers. Their superiors scheme and Fists are at their disposal – in this case, you serve Ambassador Elenwen. And your job is to infiltrate and turn to your advantage. Your job is to infiltrate Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Dawnguard, College of Winterhold, Companions or simply be a Bounty Hunter (That means doing only bounty quests), one at a time.

    Also, this allowed me to finally use Face Sculptor. Everytime I completed guild questline, I got a "new face" and infiltrated another guild, repeating it as many times as I wanted. So yeah, this character can basicaly complete all questlines, be anyone and anything.

    But remember, Fists are the best. They are not just agents infiltrating some faction. They become one of them. They act like them, dress like them. They make friends and enemies. They share their goals. But the invisible hand of Thalmor will always hang over Fist´s head. You will live a double life.

    Just don't forget. You can choose just one Identity at a time. That´s the reason why there isn´t a more dedicated equipment section. You would wear what you are expected to wear. Thieves Guild rmor, College robes, Dawnguard armor, Dark Brotherhood armor (or robes) and when it comes to´s up to you, because all their armor is heavy, so you can choose some Scaled armor.



    What is so awesome about Nightblade is that it combines all three branches of TES combat, being able to skulk in shadow, blast enemies with magic and fight them in close range, being very versatile and athletic force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

    Cloak and Dagger

    Sometimes, fighting isn´t the only one option. Avoiding the fight, or reducing it to minimum gives the Fist a strategic advantage above her enemies. Shadows are Fist´s friend, allowing him to sneak past her enemies to reach her objective without a single drop of blood, or to strategicaly take them out. Potion of Invisibility is a powerful tool, even without perking Alchemy, making you literally undetactable. With it, Fist can go all Predator on her enemies, eliminating mages first, setting Fire Rune before other enemies can reach him. 


    There are moments when stealth isn´t an option and Fist has to fight her opponents toe to toe. With Flesh Spells, Ignite and Restoration it´s no problem. Fist is an agile fighter, dancing around her enemies, tossing fire spells around and using Paralyze to take the most dangerous ones out of combat. Mages has to be reached up close, because Ignite doesn´t penetrate Wards, so Fist relies on her own wards to reach mages. Two-Handed wielders can be dangerous with their big weapons, but they are slow. With enough Armor Rating, the Fist should survive more than one hit, which can be healed very easily later.



    I think that most of us played through every quest in Skyrim at some point, so I wanted to create my own chain quest. Sort of. This is that invisible hand of Thalmor I talked about. As a first quest you will have to help Ondolemar in Markarth so you can access the Thalmor HQ in Solitude. This building will act as dead drop for your assignments. You don't have to report after an asignment but to receive new orders, you have to go there.

    And let's talk about Talos now. Talos worshippers are Justiciar's job, but you can help, because as member of the Thalmor, you don't have sympathy for that god. If you learn about some worshippers in hiding, report that in Thalmor HQ. Or kill them. Your choice.

    The Thalmor's (My) agenda in Skyrim is to destabilize that land. Creating chaos between Legion and Stormcloaks, gaining trust of people who could help you and removing important individuals. This is your job, and you will succeed. So let's take a look at assignments from Elenwen.

    Stage 1 Assignments (Level 15)

    One of our Justiciars is having some problems in Markarth. Help him“

    Agent, I have an assignment for you. In Dawnstar, there are two mines owned by a Nord couple and we want the Quicksilver mine, which is owned by Leigelf. I would like you to make his miners unable to work. He cannot afford to hire new ones, so he will have to sell the mine.“

    We have got a word, that a traitor to our people took refuge in Skyrim, namely in Falkreath. He is an expert conjurer and we believe he is responsible for opening one of the Oblivion Gates on the Isles. He goes by the name of Runil now. Make him pay.“

    Romlyn Dreth. That is name of your next target. We have learned, that he is stealing from Maven Black-Briar in Riften and if we are able to make this little problem go away, she might be a grateful and powerful ally. Just make sure, they will never find the body.“

    We have located another traitor to the Dominion in Riften. The Bosmer Valindor was an apprentice to a master armorer in Silvenar. He killed his master and sabotaged his work – which was supplying Dominion soldiers with best weapons and armors. I think no one will be very interested in why he is swiming in a lake face down.“

    Greta of Solitude is a Talos worshipper. We know it, and the Imperials know it. But they are protecting her, so our Justiciars cannot just come for her. I believe that you will be the best solution, Fist.“

    This orc – Kharag gro-Shurkul - works as a laborer in Solitude and he is an annoyance. I want you to drown him. Without questions.“

    I want you to kill dogs, Fist. Yes, nothing wrong with your eyes. Tulvur in Windhelm has these two beasts and I want them dead. It is a message for Tulvur. Trust me, he will understand.“

    Seems like Skyrim is full of traitors to the Dominium. But there are also loyal Mer. Arivanya in Windhelm sent me a message that her husband is willing to sell secrets about the Summerset Isles to Ulfric. That cannot happen. Make it look like Stormcloaks did it.“

    Those Redguards still oppose us. Even when we make an offer – a very generous offer – to the beggar, he refuses to spy for us. I am speaking about Brenuin in Whiterun. Sweep the filth from this world.“

    We have learned that Redguards are looking for one of our spies in Whiterun. I want you to kill the mercenaries and if you find that spy, kill her too.“

    Agent, I would like you to find three new recruits for our spying network. Gain their trust and bring them to Solitude Headquarters.“

    Stage 2 Assignments (Level 25)

    We have found a captain that is willing to transport our quicksilver from Dawnstar, but he does not have the guts to beat his own man back to line. We have to do it instead of him. Dispose of Ravam Verethi.“

    Fist, our spies located an Imperial veteran from that unfortunate day in Imperial City. It seems he went mad, but he might remember some things, we do not want people to know. He is in Riften somewhere in the sewers. His name is Salvianus.“

    I have invested some coin into a promising Redguard in Riften, but he let himself get robbed. It seems I will not get my money back, but I can get a good feeling about his disappearence.“

    We are trying to get our voice in Solitude's courtyard, but Tulius guards his Jarl well. However, we might have found a way. Or two. If you can remove Sybille Stentor, our agent Melaran can take her place as court wizard. Or you can become Thane. I will leave this in your hands.“

    Another traitor to the Dominion. Endarie in Solitude has to die.“

    Dark Elves might not be our allies, but we can use them to further our goals. In Windhelm, Idesa Sadri serves a Nordic family – Clan of Cruel-Sea. If we can make it look like her masters beat her to death, the Dunmer might invoke their wrath on the Stomrcloaks. I would like to see Ulfric squirm on his throne.“

    Heimskr in Whiterun is pretty brazen-faced, don´t you think? Well, he should be. I hired him. If he can persuade Nords to openly worship their false god, our Justiciars will have some other victims. So help him, find some amulets of Talos and leave them in his house.“

    Ysolde in Whiterun is an ambitious one and we can use it. Gain her trust and then remove Hulda. I think we can arrange for the The Bannered Mare to be taken care of by Ysolde. We can always use an innkeeper´s ears.“

    Our agents report Forsworn activity in Markarth. I believe you could turn that to our advantage.“


    Stage 3 Assignments (Level 35)

    Calcelmo´s nephew is making trouble. He is „bored“ spying on his uncle. The Thalmor will not negotiate with an extortioner. I will not negotiate. But your dagger will.“

    We were able to place our agent in Bolli´s bed and he even married her. Now it is time for Nivenor to take over her husband´s business.

    There is a prisoner in Solitude. Her name is Bjartur and she was on the wrong place in the wrong time, she saw some of our activities, but got caught by Imperials. Now she wants to buy her freedom by singing a sour-sweat song. I do not want her to sing.

    I do not know how it is possible, but Captain Aldis of Solitude knows who you are. We can´t let that secret slip from his mouth.

    Jora and Lortheim think they are untouchable in Ulfric´s city. We should let those Nords know, that everybody is within our reach. I want a massacre in the Temple of Talos.

    It seems that all Gray-Manes and Battle-Borns are not enemies. Olfina and Jon have something special between them. What if they both die? Who would the families blame? Each other? Definetely.

    Vignar Gray-Mane keeps his lapdog Brill close. Maybe too close. What if the Brill went mad and tried to kill Vignar? I believe you can arrange that.

    Stormcloaks and Imperials established camps in the Reach and I would like to see them struggle to hold them. Could you persuade your Forsworn friends to do the dirty work? Or you could make it look like Forsworn attack. Just let the officers live. Someone has to tell the story.

    It looks like Imperials and Stormcloaks are looking for some crown of old Nords. If they acquire it, the civil war might end. And we do not want that. I want you to steal the crown out from under their noses.“



    Final Words

    Thanks to everyone who put their input on this new, refined version of the Fist back in Workshop, and especially thank you to Lissette for...well, everything!


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    September 16, 2016

    Goddam sexy elves. Especially Ancano :P

    Seriously, well presented and easy on the eye - a great use of the space for a great build.

  • September 17, 2016

    Bloody hell the perkspread looks good as does the arts! 

    The Ancano peeechurs were my favorites. I love the one with the bake sale. :)

  • September 21, 2016

    Nice post.

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    February 19, 2017
    Ok so you have made some improvements!! Nice, though I still think that there is room for male Fists. So now my question is what light armor would you suggest that they wear? And what if the Black star is gone or destroyed? I'm thinking along the lines of there being more than one pc Fist agent or a mmo world.
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    February 19, 2017
    And here..."Just as the Justiciars are the official enforcers of the White Gold Concordate, the Fists are unofficial enforcers of the Thalmor as whole."- do you mean the" Dominion as a whole"?
  • February 20, 2017

    Thalmor is the ruling body of Dominion, guess who makes the laws and rules. :)

    And I suggest they should wear a light armor that is required for infiltrating certain faction or citizen class. (I like the Summerset Shadows armor)

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    February 20, 2017
    I get that the Justiciar run the Dominion. But they are not every Aldmeri member or faction of the Dominion. They are like a Warlord or a Prime Minister ruling in the stead of the royal family. Oh I just found the answer... "The Thalmor are the political and diplomatic representatives of both the Summerset Isles and the Aldmeri Dominion. They are responsible for almost every aspect of the Dominion on the mainland, and have the authority to do whatever is necessary to win the war. Despite a shared name, the Fists of Thalmor are not affiliated with the group, despite widespread misconceptions. The Fists are the military arm of the Dominion government, though not the Dominion army. The misconception has caused problems for Thalmor who visit a location after the Fists have been there. The Thalmor have proposed that the Fists retake their previous name, Justiciars, to ease these problems." So the Fist are a seperate para-military commando arm of 5he Dominion Military. Not a sub group of the Thalmor Justiciars. So the Justiciars would or should have their own combat and spying arm because the Fist are a separate faction.
  • February 21, 2017

    What are you looking at on UESP is 2E Dominion. Considered mild. This is 4 Era. Thalmor aren't only diplomats, they pull the strings. Thalmor Council is ruling over the Dominion, there is no queen, no king, only Thalmor. Just as ESO has Eyes of the Queen so Thalmor in 4E have their own agents. So these Fists were inspired by the original ones, but I shaped them to my purpose. Basicaly just giving a name to nameless agents of Thalmor. Justiciars are law enforcers, Fists are agents, Thalmor is a political movement ruling whole Dominion. That's a 4E Lore. :)

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    February 21, 2017
    I got it now. What I was confused about was that I thought that the Thalmor Justiciars and the Thalmor Fists were the same group. I Have been trying to figure out who is head of the Thalmor Council (prime minister or warlord) if there was still a high elf king or queen? Who are the heads if the great families or Houses. I'm Role-playing A Knight if the Crystal Tower (At least a slightly altered one) and part of his quest eventually brings him directly into conflict with the Dominion. So as I gather information I need to know some things. Like Who are the Fist. I was trying to find a fist agent mod. That kind of things...