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Contest Build: Jo’ji and the Rogue

Tags: #Character Build Rogue  #Character Build Mage  #Character Build Mage Armor  #Race:Khajiit  #Rank:Mythic  #Contest5  #Contest Gold  #ShinJin Build  #MM 2016 Winner 
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    December 14, 2017

    Darn straight! xD

    Actually, the build got a lot more likes than I expected back on the old Ning site, but likes didn't transfer over with the move to SE. Some members have been very good about going back through builds and re-liking them, but I have not been among them (I figure this is simply karma xD). But in all seriousness, participating in the contest and all the conversations that month was the real payoff.

    As always, thanks for the kind words... it's nice to know when old builds get an occasional read every now and again ;D