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Event Build: The Vile Champion

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  • Joe
    February 25, 2016

    A man believing himself spurned and forsaken by the gods, now turns to Clavicus Vile in his desperation. To his new-found champion, the daedric prince of wishes offers many gifts of unfathomable power. But power offered by Vile always has a price, and only time will tell what terrible price the Champion will pay.


    The High Elf grew up in Summerset Isles with a family of beggars, they were struggling to stay alive and resorted to stealing from rich houses in the city of Cloudrest. He prayed to the divines to help him and his family get a roof over their heads but no answer came instead his family found it even harder to persuade people to give them gold, when his family passed away from sickness he truly believed the divines abandoned him and his family, he went into a rampage and destroyed shrines in the temples. He wanted the power that he and his family never had. He then turned to the daedric lord Clavicus Vile when he was banished from Summerset, Clavicus gave him power in forms of two weapons. The weapons given were so powerful it controlled his mind and forced him into a killing spree for the joy of Vile and is being hunted down in every hold in Skyrim. 

    Other Info

    Race: High Elf. Having a boost to magicka will help you cast basic flesh spells at low level

    Stone: The mage stone to level enchanting and alteration then I swaped it for the Lord stone for fifty points of armor rating and 30% magic resistance

    Spells: Ebonyflesh, Fireball

    Stat distribution: 2 magicka/ 2 health/ 1 stamina

    Major Skills: Alteration, One handed, Two handed, Alchemy 

    Minor Skills: Destruction, Enchanting

    Gameplay: During your early levels as soon as you leave Helgen find any battleaxe and sword to get both one handed and two handed skills increased. The only spell you will be using is flames (later Fireball) and when you can get oak flesh (Later Ebony flesh) to level alteration because you will be using a rough spun tunic until you get ragged trousers so you need armor rating. You will use poisons you find until higher level (frostbite venom) and casting flames when your sword is equipped. No matter what you will always open combat dual casting ebony flesh to get three hundred armor rating. Become Ethereal will be used to close distance to an archer if your not casting flames or to run away so you don't take damage when fleeing from a bad situation.

    Warriors: Easy equip your poison and cast fireball putting you and him at a distance so he can't hit you and deal damage to you. If your battleaxe is equipped then open with a power attack to stagger him if he is blocking or just to deal more damage plus the damage from the poison.

    Archers: Easy cast fireball to deal damage to him while closing distance to him and finish him with your sword  or use become ethereal if your using your battleaxe to get to the archer while not taking any damage, by then he should have equipped his dagger and finish him with a swing of your battleaxe.

    Mages: We all know they cast wards so Fireball won't have much effect besides the burn damage so what you can do is become ethereal and take no damage and kill him with a stab wound or a deadly blow.


    Alchemy: For later levels to make deadly poisons for what lies ahead and a poison for almost any situation.

    Potion of Fortify One Handed One handed weapons do 60% more damage for 60 seconds.

    Requires: Hanging Moss, Bear claws,

    Potion of Fortify Two Handed: Two Handed weapons do 60% more damage for 60 seconds. Resist 45% of fire damage for 60 seconds 

    Requires: Fly Amanita, Dragon's tongue, Troll Fat

    Damage health: Deals 30 of extra damage to the target.

    Requires: Deathbell, Nightshade, 

    Paralysis poison: Paralysis the target for 15 seconds.

    Requires: Briar Heart, Imp Stool, 

    Damage Magicka: Deals 45 points of damage to Magicka.

    Requires: Hanging Moss, Hagraven Feathers, 

    Damage stamina. Deals 45 points of damage to Stamina. Causes 30 points of poison damage 

    Requires: Blue Butterfly wings, Bone meal, Nirnroot

    Damage Magicka regen: Decreases the targets magicka regen by 100% for 75 seconds, Health is increased by 48 points for 60 seconds, Increases one handed damage by 48% for 60 seconds


    Perk spreadOne Handed: In case you decide to slash and stab your way to victory as well as roast your enemies alive. Your main goal is to get arms man maxed out.

    Two Handed: In case you want to use your rueful axe. Your main perks are sweep and to max out Barbarian.

    Alchemy: For you to make your kit of potions/poisons. Your main perks are poisoner,concentrated poison and alchemist maxed out

    Destruction: To case Fireball and roast them alive. You main perks are augmented flames maxed out.

    Enchanting: To enchant your gear and have an advantage in a fight. Your main perks are insightful enchanter, corpus enchanter, extra effect and enchanter maxed out.

    Alteration: To boost your armor rating from zero to three hundred. Your main perks are Mage armor maxed out, Magic resistance 2/3. stability and atronach

    Role play:

    Here are some points of what to do for role play.

    To get Umbra (Ebony sword) Clavicus Vile sent you to retrieve it from a Draugr Death lord and enchant it with soul trap to send him mortal souls.  

    Soul trap someone everyday and send their soul to Oblivion.

    Umbra is known to slowly take control of the wielder so when you have it equipped role play that it forces you into a killing spree. 

    To enter a city you have a pair of commoner clothes including a helmet to cover his face so the guards don't know about his identity

    Kill anyone that you see as doing so pleases Vile



    A Daedra's best friend: Clavicus guided you to Skyrim to help him. When faced with the decision to give up the axe or kill Barbas knowing it will please Vile you kill Barbas and keep the axe.

    The Dark Brotherhood: You like to kill people so Joining the Brotherhood will help your need to kill and make a load of coin in the process.

    The White Phial: This is a good quest for Alchemists as it gives you a potion and you have to go around the world for the ingredients. After this you will be getting the healing potion to restore 100 points of health so keep reloading the save until you get it.

    Hit list:

    Nazeem: Lets be honest this is on everyone's hit list, kill him and send him to the Cloud district.

    Vigil of Stendarr: These guys hunt Daedra and Daedra worshipers so turn them from the hunters to the prey.

    Priests of the nine divines: He hates the divines and their priests, what better way to please Vile then to kill a priest of the divines.

    Every traveler you see: Who will help them their in the middle of nowhere that is easy prey.

    Guards: They want you dead or behind bars and you take joy in a challenge 

    Thanks for reading

  • Member
    February 25, 2016

    Despite on how short this build is, its a short playthrough that covers alot of ground. Ground that several other builds don't have. I'll give that to you. Take up another element in destruction to save yourself trouble against foes who are strong against Fire.

    In your pictures, your character looks more like a dark elf and for your equipment picture, it looks like something from a past ES game. Could it be? I think that was a nice touch. Sure, you have my like.

  • Joe
    February 25, 2016

    Thanks man

  • Member
    February 26, 2016
    I like it. Despite having a few grammatical errors here and there, I think you did an awesome job. The first screenshot is so cool!
  • Joe
    February 26, 2016

    Thanks Noodles

  • Member
    February 26, 2016

    I really like this, Clavicus Vile is an overlooked prince in my opinion. Good work.

  • Member
    February 27, 2016
    You could make alchemy a stand alone section. Also you could pad the perk and equipment spread with some text in between. To many images to close to each other kinda throws things off balance.
  • February 27, 2016

    I feel like what hurting this build the most is the grammar. That, and a slew of perks that arent entirely necessary, but more on those later. 

    My suggestion is to have someone assist you with editing this build to make it easier to read. As of now some sections are harder to follow than they need to be. I'm willing to help you there if nobody else is. 

  • Member
    February 27, 2016

    I can help you also, if you want!

  • Joe
    February 27, 2016

    If you can help that would be great