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Contest Build: The Herald of Dagon

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    January 25, 2016

    So for my minibuild, I wanted to make the strongest possible character at the lowest possible level, I certainly didn't achieve the best, but what I did create was incredibly strong, the result was a Mehrune's Dagon worshipper that uses all the power of Oblivion and the Deadlands to his advantage to overpower all of his foes. This character uses Dual-Wielding, Conjuration and Daedric Armor for the ultimate offense. 

    My name is Maloc, I am a citizen from Daggerfall, my family has had ties with the Mythic Dawn years in the past, my great grandfather's father was a member of the Mythic Dawn, a group of Mehrune's Dagon worshippers that were defeated by the Grand Champion of Cyrodiil when they attempted to allow Lord Dagon to enter Mundus.

    When I was a young child I had a vision, Dagon spoke to me, my father had always worshipped Lord Dagon in secret, upon hearing of my vision he was overjoyed and began to teach me the ways of Daedra Worship. Years later, I heard of the Shrine to Mehrune's Dagon in Skyrim and decided to travel there from my home in High Rock. Upon the borders of the Fatherland, I was caught and sentenced to death. I am in Helgen now... And I swear that roar is not in my head...

    Race: Breton, for the Magic Resistance, this character truly needs since this build was played on Master Difficulty.

    Stone: The Mage/The Warrior --> The Lord and the Steed - The Lord is ideal for the stacked magic resistance and this build doesn't hit armor cap, so the AR is very helpful, the Steed is good because it allows us to save perks in the Heavy Armor skill tree and use them elsewhere.

    Stats: 2/2/1

    Major Skills: One-Handed, Conjuration

    Minor Skills: Alteration, Heavy Armor

    Powers: Ethereal Spirit, Bones of the Earth, Companion's Insight, Mora's Boon, Root of Power

    Shouts: Become Ethereal, Fire Breath, Dragon Aspect, Cyclone, Drain Vitality

    Spells: Bound Sword, Ebonyflesh, Conjure Dremora Lord, Conjure Storm Atronach

    Weapons: Bound Sword, Mehrune's Razor

    Quests: College of Winterhold, Lost to the Ages, Conjuration Ritual Spell, Pieces of the Past, Main Quest, The Volkihar, The Final Descent, Ironbind Barrow, Reluctant Steward, Black Book: The Hidden Twilight, Black Book: The Winds of Change.

    The Daedric Armor is forged in the Atronach Forge, meaning we don't need to put any points into Smithing. The Necklace of mending and Ring of Conjuration can be bought from the Radiant Raiment in Solitude.

    You can be sporting this Daedric Armor as early as level 20, complete Pieces of the Past as soon as it is added to your quest log and you should find 4 Daedra Hearts, along with several Ebony Ingots, presuming your Conjuration is at least 90 you can then go to the College of Winterhold and speak to Phinis Gestor, he will give you a quest to summon an Unbound Dremora to receive a Sigil Stone.

    Once you have completed this quest, go to him with the Sigil Stone, he will return it, after that go into the Midden and find the Atronach Forge, by placing the Sigil Stone of the Pedestal and putting 1 Daedra Heart, 1 Greater Soul Gem (Or anything higher), 1 Ebony Ingot and 1 Void Salts into the Offering Box, you will spawn 1 Random Piece of Randomly Enchanted Daedric Armor.

    Quicksaving before pulling the lever allows you to farm through Daedric Armor until you get the enchants you want. It took me about 1 hour of farming to get these, be warned.

    At some point in this playthrough you will want to obtain the Vampire Lord form, using the Vampire Lord Stacking Glitch. Activate this by getting a follower and transforming into a Vampire Lord whilst activating the "I need you to carry something" dialogue option, this will allow you to wear your Daedric Helmet and your Aetherial Crown.

    You can heal your Vampirism afterwards with no ill effects, BUT be warned, if you remove your helmet or crown you will need to repeat this glitch (You can get Vampirism from Serana if you haven't healed her).

    One-Handed: Used to wield your dagger and bound weapon with deadly efficiency. Key Perks are Dual Flurry, Dual Savagery and Fighting Stance.

    Conjuration: Used to summon your minions from Oblivion and wield your Bound Sword. Key Perks are Twin Souls, Mystic Binding and Expert Conjuration

    Alteration: Used to give you extra Armor Rating, since this character does not hit Armor Cap. Key Perks are Stability and Expert Alteration.

    Heavy Armor: Used to boost the rating of your Daedric Armor. Key Perks are Juggernaut and Well Fitted.

    Level 29 Perks

    (Sorry, Art Group, but I realized at the last minute that the Perkspread was incorrect)

    Whilst wielding Mehrune's Razor, your chance of an insta-kill is 1.98%, when it is wielded in the offhand whilst dual-wielding when you power attack you will strike twice with Mehrune's Razor, effectively doubling both the damage output (Which is massive as well as fast when combined with Dual Savagery, Dual Flurry and Armsman) and your chances to landing a 1-hit-kill.

    With our Daedric Armor of Revival in hand and our Necklace of Mending we have a nice Health Regen rate of 80%, combine this with Ethereal Spirit then when we have Become Ethereal active our Health Regeneration spikes to 105% faster! Meaning we can remove ourselves from a fight and regain a large amount of health whilst our Storm Atronachs or Dremora Lords do the work for us.

    I opened every encounter with Ebonyflesh, to increase my AR, since this build, once again does not hit Armor Cap, with 3/5 in Juggernaut, Well Fitted and the 25% bonus from wearing full Daedric Armor I came out at about 226 AR.

    226 + 50 from the Lord Stone creates 276 AR, combined with Ebonyflesh you get 376 and then when using Dragon Aspect 476 Armor Rating!

    You can make yourself hit Armor Cap using Bones of the Earth after cleansing the stones of Solstheim, but you will have to get the blessing again immediately after using it, so I saved this for enemies such as Giants and Dragons.

    Undead: Dremora Lords and the Fire Breath shout work best on these opponents, since Dremora Lords have incredible attack potential and they also deal fire damage with their greatsword, combined with your Fire Breath shout and the Companion's Insight ability and they will be absolute pushovers.

    Living: Fire Breath, Cyclone and Dremora Lords work well, Dremora Lords for their massive damage, Fire Breath for its equally massive damage and Cyclone for its ability to control large swarms of Forsworn, Bandits and other such opponents.

    Living: Living Mages can easily be taken down with Storm Atronach's from afar and Dual-Wielding them in the face with your bound sword and dagger, Drain Vitality will allow you to glitch their Magicka resources to not regenerate, making them absolute pushovers when they use up their energy.

    Undead: Fire Breath, once again, is incredibly against these opponents. You can use a Storm Atronach and a Dremora Lord against these enemies so as to damage them greatly with fire and drain their magicka pools. In addition, Drain Vitality is just as useful against the dead as it is the living.

    Archers are probably this builds main weakness, since they have the advantage of range coupled with massive damage, especially on master or higher. 

    I summoned my Storm Atronach  so that they would be taken out from a distance. Alternatively, you can summon a Dremora Lord to kill them up close, either way, Archers should be taken down first. (As you all probably know by now, I hate Deathlord Archers)

    Fire Breath can also be utilized against these opponents, especially against undead, however it requires being rather close to them whilst using it.

    With a 50% magic resistance you should be well enough against their insufferable long-ranged flame attacks.

    Drain Vitality works on Dragons in the same way it does on Mages, preventing them from breathing fire or using their Thu'um. Storm Atronachs should be used whilst dragons are flying and once the Dragon lands you can switch into Dremora Lords and dual-wield Mehrune's Razor with your Bound Sword.

    "When I will walk the earth again, the Faithful among you shall receive your reward: to be set above all other mortals forever. As for the rest: the weak shall be winnowed: the timid shall be cast down: the mighty shall tremble at my feet and pray for pardon." - Mehrunes Dagon


    This is my contest minibuild guys, I hope you have enjoyed it and please leave your comments and criticisms below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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    January 25, 2016

    Aawesome job Morti, 

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    January 25, 2016

    Thank you, Chris, I'm glad you enjoyed it

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    January 25, 2016

    The presentation is awesome, the character is powerful, and you building skills are phenomenal for a fairly new builder

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    January 25, 2016

    Aw, you're gonna make me blush xD Thank you, Chris.

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    January 25, 2016

    No prob dude

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    January 25, 2016

    this is a pretty cool build, I am getting a Sorcerer/Warlord vive from this. this is a really cool and unique build.

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    January 25, 2016

    Thank you, ShyGuy, glad you enjoyed it.

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    January 25, 2016

    not a problem, I was thinking about D&D when I made that class combo example. it just fits in with your theme.

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    January 25, 2016

    You might want to re-size the first picture. I can't fit it on my screen. Other than that, excellent work!